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Below you will find a FAQ about Section 31. Section 31 is not a playable department here at Federation Space, but there are a lot of questions and inquiries into what it is and how it works within the site.

Why can't I play a Section 31 character?

Because of the nature of Section 31, there would be a lot of difficulty in keeping subplots from becoming too far fetched. The tendency would be for the character to be an interstellar James Bond with cool gadgets and amazing abilities. There have only been a few exceptions to the rule of not allowing Section 31 characters and they are always NPC's.

What is Section 31?

Section 31 is a group of officers who work towards the security of the Federation at any cost. They believe that no sacrifice is too big and the laws only apply if they do not interfere with their job. The chain of command is small, each agent only reporting to one person above them and never knowing of other agents or missions. They are extremely secretive and equally dangerous. Section 31 operates with the logic that the ends always justify the means.

Are there any Section 31 characters on Federation Space?

None currently active. Commander Jeffrey R. Blake who was played by Rear Admiral Tam Otlan was a long-running NPC and assigned to Starbase One, though since its destruction he is roaming the galaxy with a rogue EMH named John 'Doc' Holiday. Commander Blake was placed on long term assignment with Section 31 that required him to maintain his true identity (much like Dr. Bashir was used during the 2375 Romulus Conference, though Blake's mission was ongoing and not limited to a single event). Blake's identity was useful to Section 31 as his brother, Vice-Admiral William V. Blake, was a high ranking official with Star Fleet Intelligence. Thus Jeffrey Blake had certain connections as a result of his brother that Section 31 did not wish to eliminate.

What if I have ideas about Section 31, who do I send them to?

Section 31 falls under Star Fleet Security, so you would need to email Vice Admiral Daniel Wueste from the link on the Security Page. Though if you ask to play a Section 31 Officer, the answer will be no.

Is Section 31 like the Tal'Shiar or the Obsidian Order?

Yes and no. They have the same kind of discretionary power, but, under normal circumstances, Section 31 is not typically as brutal (instead preferring a more covert approach), and, Section 31 is NOT recognized by Star Fleet, nor the Federation Government, unlike the Tal'Shair and Obsidian Order (which are officially recognized and granted power by their respective Governments). Star Fleet will neither confirm nor deny the very existence Section 31.

How does Section 31 compare to Star Fleet Special Intelligence Services (SFSIS)?

Short answer (out of the game) is that Section 31 falls under the jurisdiction of Star Fleet Security and SFSIS falls under Star Fleet Intelligence. In game though this is only part of the story, as neither Department, Star Fleet Command, nor even the Federation Council will acknowledge the existence of either. SFSIS tends to employ officers under the guise of Star Fleet Intelligence. Section 31 on the other hand is more likely to recruit from throughout Star Fleet and function using officers with no definite assignment (e.g. Luther Sloan's job was as a Section 31 operative, when his assignment called for him to act as a Star Fleet officer the arrangements would be made, but he had no "day job" posting with Star Fleet). Simply put a Section 31 operative could be undercover as almost anyone and likely would not maintain an alias for longer than was needed to complete a given assignment. Beyond that, members of Section 31 simply don't exist in the public realm (the exception for this would be individuals recruited for specific functions, as was attempted with Dr. Julian Bashir, again though, had Bashir become a permanent member of Section 31, it is likely his true identify would have been erased). SFSIS agents on the other hand typically come up through Star Fleet Intelligence and while their identity as members of SFSIS is kept secret, their assignments and likely their status with Star Fleet Intelligence will not be unknown (as an example, Derrick Grant is known to work with Star Fleet Intelligence, and currently serves as Commanding Officer of the Nova, his connection to SFSIS is classified such that only his superiors within SFSIS are truly aware of his assignments, and, as such, his work with SFSIS is not something with which others would be aware).