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Galan Savek
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Biographical Attributes
50% Romulan, 50% Human
75 kg
Eye Color:
Has the deep, mysterious icy dark-blue of the northern Scandinavian people
Hair Color:
Brown bordering to black
Has it cut classical Romulan-style
Slender, yet athletic. Has the body of a runner more than a heavy-weight lifter
Pale, a result of too much time spent indoors
Facial Hair:
Deep, dark and mumbling at times
United Federation of Planets
Vulcan, The Capital city
Familial Relationships
Arne Thomssen
Mijne Savek
Status of Parents:
Both deceased, his father out of old age (as well as too much work) and his mother perished in an attack from Orion pirates (and is presumed dead)
Saeihr (sister), deceased. Sander, 26 (brother). Is a carpe-diem musician on Risa, and experiences modest fame there
Marital Status:

Personal History

Born as the youngest of three, Galan was not given the easiest life. He carries no clan-name, but his mother being from the lower middle-class, that’s not surprising. His father refused that his children were to carry Romulan surnames, and as a compromise, they settled with that the children would choose a surname themselves, from either their father or mother, when they got older (he eventually chose the Romulan surname, not because he loved his mother more, but because it felt right). Savek constantly thinks that his family was not supposed to be. His mother, Mijne, herself escaping a dark past, married Arne, who was working as a diplomat for the Federation (on Romulus) and fell in love with Mijne, out of panic to find a refuge away from her chaotic family, and so, eventually, with no real love involved, they married. They returned to the Federation where the three children eventually were born. But, Savek was born only 9 months before they got divorced, and so, was made with least love involved. It is something that often burdened him in the past, thinking that he was merely the final payment to his father from his mother, as a thank you for taking her away from her own world and family. They lived on Vulcan, his father working there at the time and his mother having settled there for it’s similarity to Romulus (at least with the people), and yet she did her best to make him as ‘Federation’ as possible (and succeeded). On Vulcan, Galan received Vulcan mental training, and is quite good at controlling himself today, but not nearly as close as a ‘real’ Vulcan is.

Even though no implications about lack of love in the family ever were made, Galan was an introspective and thoughtful young boy, and often got to hear from his mother that he was too serious. But, considering what thoughts were moving in his head, who could blame him? And, being a superstitious boy and young man, he believed in the meaning of his name: ‘Seeker’. What it was he was destined to seek, he does not know to this day. From a young age, he was always one of the best students in many of the subjects he was studying, but he did it all to earn respect and love from his parents, and for them to be proud of him, but to no use. His father, constantly busy, would merely smile and say ‘Bravo!’, and his mother, suffering from severe depressions, would not even smile towards him. He constantly, year after year, spent many lonely nights thinking about how to best hide his Romulan heritage and his family, because he was ashamed of it all. His brother, Sander, was almost identical to their mother in both appearance and behavior, and so, she spent all her love on him, rather on the complex and serious Galan.

His sister, Saeihr, one day, having experienced the same treatment as Savek, eventually killed herself. Galan would never forgive his parents, even though he would never stop loving them either, for that is his curse. They are his family, after all, no matter how bad they are.

Following his sister’s death, he began to study for himself, rather than for them, only receiving A’s and B’s. His primary subjects were language and biology. Not long after his graduation from high school, he spent a year getting in shape and deciding about what to do with his life. Being the last one out of the house, his mother soon vanished, leaving only a note saying that she would seek the solitude she never found as a parent. Galan, although saddened, accepted her choice.

Eventually, Galan decided to apply to Star Fleet, and was accepted at his first try. During his time in the Academy, his father grew permanently sick and Galan hurried to Vulcan with his brother to see him, fearing the worst. They arrived in time, but only in time to express their love, and then, their father passed away, having expressed his love to his children as well, and he went in peace. He is buried on Earth. During his second year in the Academy, he received a message from Star Fleet that the ship his mother had journeyed with had been attacked and destroyed by Orion Pirates. With no body to bury, he did not leave his studies this time, but instead his brother came to San Francisco, and they drank all night to her memory and shed tears together. So, his past buried, he now speaks of his family and past without shame, having finally moved on, even though he remains introspective, quiet and suspicious of most people

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Physics; Time and Space-theories. Languages; Latin and Germanic languages
Academy Minor(s): Security, Warp-core engineering
Hobbies and Pastimes: Enjoys writing and reading, and is a very skilled pilot, although he only dares to fly on the holodeck. Is also a devoted and skilled swimmer and climber (mountains)
Short-Term Goals: To be useful on his ship
Long-Term Goals: To be promoted to a higher rank, to find friends and to find a purpose with his life. To visit Romulus. But his major goals in life are to find pity for all things and to do good
Personality: He has his ups and downs, sometimes very friendly and talkative, other times (especially when his mind is preoccupied with something) he can seem to be very introvert, moody and unhappy. Galan despises parties and various events where one is expected to mingle – he considers such things to be a huge waste of time. He can always find pity in his heart (especially for animals). Is constantly bitter over not having any connections with his Romulan heritage, and thus, not being seen as a Romulan by other Romulans, and, being part Romulan, not being seen as a human by other humans. But he is a steadfast being, and will pursue his goal to the death, if necessary. He is afraid to love, afraid that his feelings might not be strong enough
Sense of Humor: a kind sense of humour, although at times it can be a bit cruel
Phobias: Rotten flesh. He can’t be around it without thinking about all the diseases that are flourishing within
Likes: Ancient, pre-Federation literature and literature that exists outside the Federation, like Cardassian or Klingon. Also enjoys reading different aspects of history, from different races. Also enjoys solving and telling riddles, even though he isn’t very good at it
Dislikes: People who are disrespectful or too cocky
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Injustices committed towards him or someone else
Achievements: Being able to express his deep love to his father before he died
Disappointments: he and his mother were so far apart from each other
Illnesses: Except being paranoid and slightly neurotic, none
Strengths: His intelligence and sense of empathy
Weaknesses: His feelings of not belonging anywhere
Fears: The return of the Borg
Prejudices: Has no particular prejudices against any race, but values humans and Romulans higher than others
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Prefers dark clothes, mostly created after Romulan militaristic designs
Distinguishing Features: Has the pointed ears and the characteristic V-shaped ridge on the forehead, but it’s lines are soft and only the trained eye can distinguish him from a Vulcan, while a quick look simply mistakes him for looking angry most of the time. And, other than the beauty of his blue eyes, none
Pets: Has a gray cat named Oskar, and has a great soft spot for cats
Friends: Alexander Polinov, 25. Is a young but rather successful diplomat working for the Federation

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Loss of his father. His feelings – love and shame – collided and forged Savek into an entirely new being
Best Time: His time in the Academy. The lack of prejudice was wonderful
Most Crucial Experience: Loss of his sister. Her suicide forced Savek to step out of his parents’ shadows and tread the first steps upon his own path
Role Model: His father. A simple, good man who never used violence and almost always was willing to compromise, but had his flaws and in spite of this was a good man through and through

Career History

Stardate 02096.29 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy, Science Devision, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 02098.01 - Awarded Roleplayer of the Month, USS Sheridan, DD-4086

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