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Career Occupation
Science Officer
IKV Dreamslayer
SuvwI' wa'DIch
SuvwI' wa'DIch (Warrior First Class)
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Sarra, Daughter of Qorag
Klingon, House of QalI'qos
172 cm (5 ft. 8 in.)
68.2 kg (150 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Long, pulled back into two braids
Well muscled and curvaceous, a look just shy of being stocky.
Anti-albino (too much pigment), almost pitch black
Facial Hair:
Sharp and raspy
Klingon Empire
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Father death, mother alive on Qo'nos
Qonag (d), GaroQ (d), Qo'roQ
Marital Status:

Personal History

Sarra’s rare skin pigmentation, a form of reverse albinism, occurred in the womb after Regah was exposed to sorium residue late in her pregnancy, while investigating a spate of cowardly attacks upon the house of qalI'qos. Regah was an especially skilled investigator in the department of Klingon Intelligence.

Sarra’s mother decided not to put the possibly damaged child to death, as it was observed early on that the child was very intelligent and a fighter. Sarra was picked on frequently by children and young adults, so she was in fights constantly...never backed down from an adversary; though she would try diplomacy if the option presented itself. Such conflicts produced many body scars and she spent most of her early teens in a wounded state.

At the age of 13, Sarra new she would need to earn official respect, so she went through the First Rite of Ascension, to become a warrior, even while under physical duress and passed her testing.

Shortly after the Rite, Sarra was shipped off to the Naval academy as one of the many recruits from the House of QalI'qos for the empire. There she studied combat and starship functions and systems. Also due to her analytical and hands on skills, she attended every science and engineering based class and seminar that she could. Additionally, she was introduced to psychology and memory extraction techniques.

To prove her worth above and beyond a mere competency with a sword, and her veracity; she allowed the mind-sifter to be used on her, with the highest settings short of killing her or turning her brain to mush. She required several hours to recover her basic wits, and another two days before she felt herself.

After the Academy she was assigned to a border patrol ship, an ancient K’tinga class battle cruiser, Fek’lhr, as Warrior 1st Class. The ship had been a feared name once upon a time, but the 'devil' had been well stripped of size and stature in the intervening century of service.

On the Fek’lhr, Sarra had had the opportunity to show off her analytical side, the ship had come across a spacial anomaly which had snared them like a razor fly to targ droppings. It was a situation where disruptors, torpedoes and hand to hand weapons were absolutely useless. Sarra had the idea and implemented a re-modulation of the ship's warp field to free Fek'lhr

Her diplomatic skills were used, albeit reluctantly, to form a temporary alliance with a Federation starship, when the Fek’lhr found itself heavily outmatched by an Orion Syndicate dreadnaught...instead of dying with a whimper; and not even a footnote of glory...the heavy cruiser, Bunker Hill and the Fek’lhr managed a great victory amongst overwhelming odds. Sarra was part of a joint Klingon, Star Fleet away team where Sarra had two confirmed kills, one with a sidearm disrupter, the other with her d'k tagh.

After the battle, Sarra did her best to explain to her crew why the Star Fleeters were in no celebratory mood after such a hard fought battle was won...humans were saddened by the deaths of their battle brothers and sisters...but as a consolation, the Fek’lhr crew incorporated the honored dead Star Fleet officers and crew into their own songs of glory.

Her Commanding Officer, an older and quite jaded Klingon, put his own needs and desires second, realized that Sarra’s abilities would better serve the Empire in a position aboard a ‘premiere’ vessel.

“You honor your house." he had said.

Sarra received a transfer back to Qo'nos and spent the better part of two years studying advanced science and engineering courses at the Imperial Navy Academy. It was a common misnomer to believe that the Klingon Empire was derelict in the was just that most knowledge gained was used for militaristic purposes.

While at the Academy, she was drilled in holosuite simulations of a very modern Klingon battle cruiser design, one that Sarra didn’t recognize, nor was given information on whether such a ship existed or not. It was about the time when Sarra could traverse the whole of the holo-ship blind folded, when she was suddenly and secretively shipped off to the Kreghar Fleet Yards.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Bat'leth, D'k tagh
Academy Minor(s): Operations (Engineering), Science
Personality: Outwardly unassuming, normally not noticed (save for her ebony appearance)
Sense of Humor: Generally bland
Likes: Klingon operas, technology, psychology
Dislikes: Individuals with no shades of gray, bright-light
Strengths: Keeps to the background, reliable, diplomatic, curious of other cultures, exceptionally intelligent
Weaknesses: Shy, not 100% committed to: “Today is a good day to die.” (Sarra's addendum: “Tomorrow would be better.”), distrustful of others.
Prejudices: None of note
Distinguishing Features: Long facial scar: from above left eye, through left cheek, nose, and lips.
Headridges: 3 prominent horizontal ridges, bisected by 1 central vertical protrusion.
Pets: Albino Targh (Tom'e')
Friends: Dom'thaQ

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Crucial Experience: With her father and older brothers dead, and her youngest brother suffering from radiation poisoning, Sarra had to honor her family’s debt to the house: QalI'qos, where she was one of many of her age group sent to the Klingon Naval Academy. The act of her destiny being out of her control did not sit well. It was then that she realized she needed what all other successful Klingons needed: allies.

It was at the Academy, where a warrior, Dom’thaQ, son of Mo’Qon, had shown interest in her and the two became friends and eventually, occasional lovers. Dom’thaQ was a large, powerful man, with exceptional bat’leth skills. He was also interested in what was behind the headridges. His influence kept the taunts and ridicule to a bare minimum.
Role Model: Her family; her father and older brothers for dying honorably, and her mother for letting her see nuances to situations and behavior..

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Science Officer IKV Dreamslayer 20902.03 Designated SuvwI' wa'DIch (Warrior First Class)
Appointed Science Officer
Assigned to IKV Dreamslayer
SuvwI' wa'DIch (Warrior First Class)
Science Officer IKV Dreamslayer 20904.13 – 20908.31 Battle of Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 Participant

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