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Note: This page applies only to regular Star Fleet Special Operations Command units. Regular crew on Special Operations vessels such as the USS Columbia do not follow this structure, as they are considered to be closer to regular Star Fleet crew than Special Forces Operators.

Enlisted Rank Comparison

Star Fleet Enlisted Rank Special Operations Enlisted Rank
Int-mcpo.jpg Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO) Master Chief Special Warfare Operator (SOCM)
Int-scpo.jpg Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO) Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator (SOCS)
Int-cpo.jpg Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Chief Special Warfare Operator (SOC)
Int-po1.jpg Petty Officer First Class (PO1) Special Warfare Operator, First Class (SO1)
Int-po2.jpg Petty Officer Second Class (PO2) Special Warfare Operator, Second Class (SO2)
Int-po3.jpg Petty Officer Third Class (PO3) Special Warfare Operator, Third Class (SO3)


An Operator is a single member of the Special Forces, working alone. Operators may be assigned anywhere, at any time, and often undercover. Operators are often given assignments where stealth is key, or used as an advance scout to guide in superior forces.

Operators specialise in ground or space combat, and in very rare cases, both. Within this specialisation, further specialisations are also available, such as Snipers, Gunship Pilots etc.

An Operator can be activated and deactivated depending on the needs of the Special Forces at the time.

Ground Forces


A Team is usually formed of two pairs of Operators working together, though this number can change depending on circumstances. Teams are deployed in situations that warrant a small Special Operations presence, but require more manpower than a single Operator.


A Troop/Platoon consists of between two and five Teams. Often stationed aboard a vessel or base, each member fulfilling a different role in ship's operations until required to fulfil their orders from Command. A Platoon is deployed when a significant Special Operations presence is required.


A Company consists of between two and five Troops. A Company is only ever deployed to high-risk areas where a significant Special Operations presence is required to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Aerospace Forces


A Flight is composed of between one and two pairs of Operators working together. Flights are often deployed on patrols or on small-scale strike missions.


A Squadron comprises between two and five Flights operating as a single entity. Squadron-sized formations are often the backbone of any airborne strike mission, but often split down into Flights to achieve their objectives.


A Wing is comprised of between two and five Squadrons operating in the same sector. A Wing, like a Company, is only ever deployed as a whole when overwhelming force is required.


Traditionally composed of between two and five Companies and/or Wings with accompanying Starships, a Group is the the largest single Special Operations force deployed to a combat zone.


All Special Operations assets assigned to a particular sector are grouped together into Divisions, usually consisting of three to five groups. Division Commands are usually based upon major Starbases, and the Division's designation takes its name from the base to which it is based, for example Division Alpha, Division Bravo, etc.