SFSOCOM Procedures

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General Procedures and Disciplines

Omega Signal

The Omega Signal is issued as a last resort when a mission is on the verge of catastrophic failure. Simply put, once the Omega Signal has been issued it is every Operator for themselves. Operators scatter and attempt to evade pursuit and capture before rendezvousing at a pre-arranged "Omega Site".

Starship Procedures and Disciplines

Blacklight Protocols

An extension of the standard Grey Mode, Blacklight Protocols are engaged when the utmost Stealth is required. Exterior Lights are extinguished, heat-resistant sheaths are extended over the Warp Nacelles and Impulse Exhausts and shutters are automatically closed over every viewport.

Combined with the black hull-plating of most SOCOM Vessels, this allows the ship to be rendered virtually invisible against a starry backdrop. Sensor scramblers fitted as standard aboard SOCOM Vessels may be engaged, giving the impression that the vessel is simply a sensor ghost or a hole in space.

Ground Forces Procedures and Disciplines