SFSOCOM Chain of Command

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Below are the various sub-sections of Star Fleet Special Operations Command:

Star Fleet Special Operations Command

Star Fleet Special Operations Command oversees the recruitment and training of personnel needed for duties standard Star Fleet training does not provide. Special Operations Command also works closely with Star Fleet Intelligence to undertake operations not suited for line vessels and their crews.

Position Rank Name
Director/Commander of the Special Forces Int-vadm.jpg Paul Braggins
Deputy Director/Commander of the Special Forces Eng-radm.jpg Rear Admiral Mirax
Director of Psychological Operations Med-capt.jpg Captain Alexandra LaHaye
Director of Strategic Planning Com-cdr.jpg Commander Jordan Donovan

Field Operations

Oversees and includes all operations including Special Operations Forces

Position Rank Name
Commander, Aerospace Division Avi-capt.jpg Captain Casan Moore
Commander, Combat Search and Rescue Med-capt.jpg Captain Geminae Celestine
Commander, Armed Reconnaissance Division Int-capt.jpg Captain Abraham Gaunt
Commander, Rapid Response Teams Int-capt.jpg Captain Roberto Gulliman