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The Head of Star Fleet Science is responsible for updating all Science information on the site, as well as answering Science related questions and creating content for the site that is both helpful to the players and informative to the Federation Space Science community.

Science Command

Head of Science: Commodore Christoph Birk
Assistant Head of Science: Commodore Veronica Smithson

Consisting of the Head of Science and the Board of Directors, this is the top tier of the Star Fleet Science Institute. All science related decisions come through the SFSI office. The Head of Science reports directly to the Commander in Chief of Star Fleet.

The Star Fleet Science Institute Headquarters is in Seattle, North American Continent, Earth.

Administrative Services

Director: Commodore Randolph Barnsfield
Deputy Director: Captain Glynis O’Donoghue

All science issues are channeled through Administrative Services on their way to Science Command. Responsibilities of this division include determining which department of Science is best for handling a given situation, and channeling important information directly to the Head of Science.

Applied Sciences Directorate

Director: Rear Admiral Harvey Wellington
Deputy Director: Commodore Armstrong Talbot-Maxwell

This directorate consists of Hybrid fields that combine the basic sciences with engineering fields.

Branches Cybernetics, Bionics, Robotics, Nanotechnology,

Fundamental Sciences Directorate

Director: Admiral Katherine Kation
Deputy Director: Vice Admiral Julia Flint

This directorate consists of the basic fundamental sciences.

Branches: Mathematics, Statistics

Life Sciences Directorate

Director: Rear Admiral Salon
Deputy Director: Commodore Alex Maure

This division is for the study of living things, both terrestrial and alien plants and animals, bacteria, fungi and other organisms.

Branches: Archeology, Biology, Botany, Genetics, Medicine, Neuroscience, Paleontology, Xenology, Zoology

Physical Sciences Directorate

Director: Commodore Tier Arooth
Deputy Director: Captain Paul Rice

This directorate concerns the theoretical sciences that govern the behaviour of non-living material solids, liquids, gases and plasmas.

Branches: Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Planetary Science

Social Sciences Directorate

Director: Commodore Valentina Ilianov
Deputy Director: Captain Rosa Maria Tijeras

Deals with the institutions and functions of societies and with the interpersonal relationships between individuals in those societies. Social science personal have training in the areas of their own race, planet, laws and culture as well as those laws and history of the Federation.

Branches: Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Geography, Law, Paleoanthropology, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Theology.