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Below are the various sub-sections of Star Fleet Intelligence:

  • Division Head of Star Fleet Intelligence
    • [1] - The Division Head oversees the entire Intelligence Organization for Star Fleet. The Division Head reports directly to the Joint Intelligence Committee of the Federation Council and the Commander In Chief of Star Fleet.
  • Operations Chief
    • The Assistant Head of Star Fleet Intelligence oversees the day to day affairs of Star Fleet Intelligence and Reports Directly to the Division Head.
  • Directorate of Intelligence
    • Commodore Julianna Valdrin - The DI assists the Federation Council in making decisions regarding Federation Security and dealing with foreign policies. They also assist in informing the Federation Council of possible threats, or diplomatic incidents. DI analyzes facts, sources, and incomplete and conflicting information to help the Federation Council create policy. Using specially trained intelligence operatives, they are able to analyze the information and process it thoroughly before presenting it to the Federation Council.
  • Special Operations: Captain Rick Hiller
  • Director of Intelligence Operations
    • Captain Volar - The Intel Ops is in charge of the individual Sector Commanders for Star Fleet Intelligence as listed below. Each of these Sector Commanders reports their findings directly to Captain Volar, who then filters the information to the DI. The Intelligence Analysis officer helps to disseminate the information as it comes in, helping to filter out bogus, or out of date intelligence.
  • Sector Commanders
    • Sector Commanders are responsible for assigning Operatives to various regions of space, or to specific starships. It is their duty to maintain contact with their Operatives at all times and to transmit and receive information as needed. Each Sector Commander than communicates any information to the Intelligence Analysis Officer.
      • Romulan Sector: Commander William V. Blake
      • Cardassian Sector: Commander Alexander Debben
      • Tholian Sector: Commander Rebecca Janos
      • Gorn Sector: Commander Vex Serell
      • Klingon Sector: Commander Be'tal
  • Director of Intelligence Analysis: Commodore Ryan Wade - The Director of Intelligence Analysis reports directly to the Division Head and Director of Intelligence Operations in a collaborative effort with the Sector Commanders to filter through incoming and outgoing intelligence reports. Nearly all intelligence reports will, at some time, travel through the Direct of Intelligence Analysis.
  • Director of Science & Technology
    • Commodore David Klass - The DS&T attacks intelligence problems using technical operations and tradecraft. The DS&T engages in all aspects of the intelligence process. They develop technologies and analytic tools to close gaps in access, processing and exploitation of intelligence. The DS&T is actively involved in keeping up with the changes of concepts and technologies. DS&T brings the latest in scientific and technical innovations to bear of the challenges faced by Star Fleet Intelligence. Our technological support enhances the quality, collection capabilities, and analysis, of information by the Federation Council.
  • Technological Operations
    • Capt. T'var - Tech Ops is responsible for the distributing and tracking of all Intelligence technology as it pertains to the Intelligence community. Tech Ops receives their equipment directly from Research and Development.
  • Center for the Study of Intelligence
    • Cmdr. Savin - The CSI helps to promote the public understanding of intelligence. The make unclassified data available for study to scholars and students. Produce information about the origins of Star Fleet Intelligence and history of intelligence. Encourage and improve the teaching of intelligence.
  • Office of Star Fleet Affairs
    • Commodore T'Cir - The mission of the OSA is to ensure that any Star Fleet officer in the field will have the full range of Star Fleet Intelligence information and operational support at their disposal. Field Operatives are also assigned to each Commanding Officer to assist in disseminating the Intelligence information.
  • Office of Public Affairs
    • Commodore Prainit - The Director of Public Affairs acts as a spokesman for Star Fleet Intelligence and works with the public media to ensure accurate information is being given as well as proper understanding of our efforts. The Divisions objective is to be as helpful as possible, while still protecting classified information, including intelligence sources and methods.