SFCE Chain of Command

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Engineering Command

Chief of Engineers - Commander Oliver Ashton
Assistant Chief of Engineers - Commodore Connor Harwood

Consisting of the Chief of Engineers and the Board of Directors, this is the top tier of the Star Fleet Corps of Engineers. All engineering related decisions come through the SFCE office. The Chief of Engineers reports directly to the Commander in Chief of Star Fleet.

The Star Fleet Corps of Engineers Headquarters is in Berlin, Germany, Earth.

Administrative Services

Director - Captain Ahikar
Deputy Director - Captain Thomas O'Malley

All engineering issues are channeled through Administrative Services on their way to Engineering Command. Responsibilities of this division include determining which wing of the Corps of Engineers is best for handling a given situation, and channeling important information directly to the Chief of Engineers.

Civil Works Division

Director - Commodore Alice Mason
Deputy Director - Captain Dominick Hearth

The Civil Works Division is committed to serving Federation citizens by providing comprehensive engineering, management, and technical support.

Construction Division

Director - Rear Admiral T'Anroma
Deputy Director - Captain Scott Tamanaha

The Construction Division is the work horse of the SFCE. It is here to provide HQSFCE staff support; to direct the technical aspects of engineering, construction management, operations, maintenance, and repair activities of Star Fleet and SFCE missions Federation-wide.

Emergency Services

Director - Rear Admiral Gema Gostomski
Deputy Director - Commodore Sydney Yurchak

Whenever and wherever disaster strikes, many planetary agencies rely upon the SFCE to provide an extensive range of expertise.

Interdivisional Services

Director - Commodore R'Mori Delana
Deputy Director - Captain Alexa Chisholm

Provide premier engineering, construction, and stability operations and services for other Star Fleet Divisions.

Logistical Administration

Director - Captain Tobias Stant
Deputy Director - Commander Jonathan Brody

Logistical Administration provides logistics planning and operations support, supply and maintenance services, facilities maintenance services, transportation services, and regional logistics liaisons to SFCE command and activities Federation-wide.

Inspector General

Director - Commodore Baerga Minix
Deputy Director - Commodore Sarah Bermuda

Determines the state of discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training and readiness throughout SFCE while providing the commander a continuous, objective and impartial assessment of the operational and administrative effectiveness of the command.

Research and Development

Director - Rear Admiral Jonah McKiver
Deputy Director- Commodore Miles Daugereau

The Research and Development Division creates and shapes policy and performs strategic planning, direction, and oversight of any and all research and development for Star Fleet. They advise the Chief of Engineers on matters of science and technology (S&T) and set conditions for success in all S&T conducted in the Corps.

Special Operations Division

Director - Commodore Norah Balko
Deputy Director - Commander Ehli

The Special Operations Division deals with specialized engineering problems that are too complicated, or take too much time, for a larger starship crew to handle.