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Cellest Rubi
Cellest rubi.jpg
Career Occupation
Chief Medical Officer
USS Chin’toka, CA-1375
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.)
60 kg (132 lb.)
Eye Color:
Azure blue
Hair Color:
Light, freckled
Deep, considered, feminine
United Federation of Planets
Rubicun III
Familial Relationships
Lest Rubi
Cel Rubi
Status of Parents:
Marital Status:
Edos do not believe in marriage – though, she could be described as single.

Personal History

Cellest Rubi grew up with her parents on Rubicun III. Her parents ran a resort specialised in water therapy combined with herbs, plants, minerals and rare plant based essences. Cellest quite early showed a talent for growing and maintaining the plants needed to create the therapy based water and oils. The coming and going of people and the rare alien visitors normally visited this resort as it simply was the most respected on Rubicun III.

When she was instructed to create an ice bath one faithful evening, all she could remember is setting the bath as asked - and almost instantly as if it was a blink of the eye - waking up in a medical clinic chilled to the core. It seemed that she fell in, bumped her head lost consciousness and was rescued by an alien visitor who was at that point sitting at her bed. A human she came to learn, from the Federation she then came to learn, serving aboard a starship called the USS Morningstar she then learned …

After that event, Cellest was burdened with a death terror crystallising from cold water yet she owed her life to humanity and out of this came an almost obsessive interest in humans.

Though it’s not a habit of Edos to leave their planet, Cellest now felt a deep connection towards the Human Race, and requested as much information about them as she could. Her parents were uncertain how their society would respond to their daughter gathering this knowledge, and feared that it would eventually be looked at as if it was a criminal act compromising the Edo society, eventually the inevitable was requested… Cellest wanted to leave and join the Federation. Though leaving – she would have to make a choice… By leaving Rubicun III she would be treated as a criminal, and this status in their society would plainly mean execution; she accepted the terms. The guardian entity known as the Edo God would tolerate her leaving, but not her return. Alas, she left on a traders Ferengi vessel, the exchange being a few tons of an Edo aphrodisiac and her safe transport of the planet. The ferengi vessel contacted Star Fleet Command as part of the deal, and she was granted asylum.

Her asylum was almost instantly accepted, she believed this was because of multiple reasons. Her strategic, cultural, diplomatic and scientific knowledge were of course a vital asset to the federation, though she never felt she was being abused for her somewhat unique position. At first there was a certain interest in Cellest, hoping that she could act as an ambassador of the Edo race, but due her conditions of leaving the planet, this seemed unachievable at the current moment. She needed a more subtle position; a Starfleet Officer. This would of course open a door to further negotiation with the Edo race and the entity guarding the planet and she was assisted, tutored and educated to ready her for Starfleet Academy.

The road to enrolment was tough. She struggled with math, natural sciences, advanced subspace geometry – in other words, all the courses that would have her calculate but yet she managed. When it came to psychology, botany, biochemistry, exochemistry etcetera she flourished and reacted as if she was a sponge greedily soaking up the knowledge. Eventually she was accepted into the Academy, and made her way through the academy not as the best of her class, nor as the worst. She enjoyed every moment of it and loved the amount of knowledge that laid at her disposal.

USS Chin’toka - boarding the ship.

Before boarding the Chin’toka, Cellest stayed upon Delta for quite some time, here she got to know a small part of the crew, the person she felt most connected with was Commander Hunter, the at that time, CEO of the Chin’toka. On Delta Cellest learned a few etiquettes and behavioural ‘skills’, helping her understand how to behave around a higher ranking officer, even an admiral – in retrospect awkward, yet, educational situations.

On Delta she also met Midshipman Hendrick Isore, who is a medical analyst aboard the Chin’toka – this bolian on a social level is extremely closed and quite hard to interact with, but as an Edo, Cellest had little trouble connecting with him. She considers him a friend.

When she was requested to board the ship, Cellest almost ran to the vessel. She was extremely thrilled to board the ship, and start her new life as an medical officer. Upon entry she was requested to introduce herself to her new CMO, Doctor Macleod. To her surprise, after introducing herself and explaining her skillset, she was promoted to Ensign, not actively attending any mission, or project Cellest was confused, the reason she was promoted was due her academy period, it appeared that a few side-projects had very fruitful outcomes promoting her to ensign.

Cellest had a lot of trouble understanding how to behave. It appeared that finding friends was harder then she first pictured. Separating rank, off-duty, on-duty, etiquette, and general social ‘federation’ behaviour, not being able to have a descent emotional vent, created a division in her own mind resulting in quite a few emotional breakdowns when alone in her quarters. In such episodes she despised her federation status, and longed for home. In her desperation, she attempted to befriend the ship’s computer: Daystrom Industries HSCS-2, Cellest ended up calling the computer Daystrom. The computer did learn to listen to this name, to Cellest’s satisfaction of course.

USS Chin’toka – Cellest’s first mission, a gravity based weapon.

The federation gained, how and through what way was unknown to Cellest, a new weapon. In her understanding this weapon was able to disrupt the gravitational properties of an object, apparently shattering the object fired upon.

Now, this weapon had an extremely bitter flaw. When fired on a low setting, it produced a wave back into the Chin’toka, disrupting the ships own artificial gravity properties. This resulted in ship wide nausea, people being smashed into the ceiling in other words, not a pretty sight.

Cellest, together with head-nurse Mike was appointed to Engineering to medically oversee the department. It had her deal with multiple cases of extreme nausea, dislocated fingers, disgruntled moral due sickness and eventually a knocked out CEO, Commander Hunter.

Here she got to know Ivanova Kuznetsova, the ship’s MCPO immediately taking over engineering. Cellest devoted herself keeping Commander Hunter safe, yet, eventually she felt that she was wasting energy, and should be placed to work here in engineering. Luckily, the MCPO thought the same and had Cellest repair a relay down engineering. Though a minor repair, Cellest thought she could take on the universe when she successfully reset the device. Euphorically after her victory she crawled back up to Engineering.

Due Commander Hunter’s condition, a new CEO was appointed. Lieutenant Robert Simmons. After introducing herself, and being thanked by engineering she was dismissed back to sickbay. She requested Commander Hunter being beamed to sickbay, and returned to her own post. This experience had given her a deep respect for the MCPO, and engineering.

What awaits her further at this point, is still unknown – but she has embraced her position as a Starfleet officer with all of her being.

‘Memorable situation.’

As the energy systems on the Chin'toka began to generate the phenomenal power - similar to that of several supernova - the air almost became electric. If people felt dull or sluggish, the perceived power in the air would have caused even the very dead to turn...

“Chief, I know I can function as a meat-shield, but I think I can perhaps function better if I would be placed to work here! I know how to operate a panel, give me a task!” called Ensign Rubi out to the Master Chief.

Ivanova turned to look at the Medical Officer with a twinkle in her eye, and gave a very slight but detectable smile on the corner of her striking red lips. The Master Chief liked it when women showed a bit of, for want of a better word, 'spunk' about them. Long gone were the days of the helpless dame, this was the age of the femme fatale. Ivanova knew the woman was skilled at what she did, and they would need her delicate hands to perform surgery on the crippled relay systems - she always appreciated a volunteer, even one was far better than ten pressed men!

"Vell of course, ve need your skills, and my brains! Over here!" she said imperiously.

"I vill call you Doctur, only because it is easy to say in a crisis! Ve need to begin patching up the relay systems here in engineering so our computers respond faster to their stroking of keys up on the bridge. You vill need to vear this headset, I vill instruct you on vot to do" she said handing Rubi a headset identical to her own.

Immediately the Russian began pulling up systems data and putting it onto a PADD. It started with the relay systems closer to engineering - down Jefferies tubes, in the guts of the ship.

The end.

The Comet.

Cellest had installed herself as the CMO of the USS Chin'toka after her promotion. She was thrilled at the given opportunity and instantly made work of redecorating sickbay into something more humane, though, of course according to her own definition of that term. Sickbay now held different plants, works of art, spot-temperature regulators, a reconfigured greeting as people entered sickbay and her pride and conjoined effort with Hendrick Isore: A laboratory focused on botanic research.

As the mission manifested itself, they neared the comet they were ordered to examen. When they neared the massive object – it dropped out of warp. Many theories and methods of approach were speculated, but one: hailing the object.

Cellest patched herself through to the bridge and asked to do just that. To everyone's surprise, the comet returned the hail. On screen a pale and calm figure appeared. He himself Elon. In Cellest's observation the man withheld something. She for some reason wasn't able to trust this person and developed a sense of fear toward the massive comet-like ship, adding to her fear the Chin'toka started to register a decline in lifeforms aboard the comet; many lifeforms.

Elon many times displayed what Cellest thought to be a sensation of haste. As if he was expecting something. Eventually Cellest had enough, and forcefully patched sickbay's communication through to the Comet. Lieutenant Commander Cristina Fiore was able to cut this transmission and ordered her to the Bridge pronto. What Cellest wanted to confront the pale man with, was why there were so many lifeforms vanishing. She had trouble understanding why this wasn't asked of the man by Captain Gagarin herself. Of course, Cellest's motivation for her action was that she attempted to safeguard the Chin'toka's crew.

Upon entry on the bridge, she was disciplined by Fiore who made it clear that such behavior was unacceptable. To make things even worse, they were invited to the Comet and Captain Gagarin made up an away team. Fairly convinced that due her slip-up she wouldn't be part of the away team Cellest had already appointed T'pril for that task – but to her surprise, she too was ordered to come along.

A beam out wasn't possible due the disruptions accompanying the Comet, and a shuttle had to be used.

The officers in the team were Patrick McMillan, Mitsein Erigneis, Valentina Gagarin, Cristina Fiore, Robert Simmons and Jordan Donovan.

When the shuttle had successfully docked the team entered the comet. There was something about the climate inside the exotic ship. The scent was sweet, relaxing and foremost lust inducing. Cellest had trouble focusing, her mind kept being distracted by an almost blinding need to be with Elon.

When they exchanged a few words it all became more than apparent why this was. The ship was inhabited by Deltans, and they pumped pheromones throughout the ship. At this point Cellest 'broke'.

She wanted to leave everything behind and remain on the ship. After a massive inward struggle she was able calm inwardly and refocused on the mission. As the conversation between the team and the Deltans furthered, Commander Cristina Fiore experienced firsthand that these Deltans were not like their Federation Deltans. They were able to actually mend wounds through touch – not only have the ability to relieve the pain.

Yet – …

Touch from these Deltans induced a maddening feeling of lust to such an extend that even a disciplined person like Fiore – who was touched by Elon – was struck by it. She left the meeting and withdrew.

Cellest followed …

What happened between the two will not be uttered here.

The team was abruptly hailed back to their shuttle and had to rendezvous with the Chin'toka. The Deltans proved no threat, this much was clear.

The Krynar Defense.

When the team returned to the Chin'toka they were ordered to join a Federatin fleet that was attempting to defend the Tellar system against a Krynar attack. The Chin'toka was succesfull in using their Gravity Based Weapon against a Krynar mothership, utterly and completely destroying the vessel without any trouble.

Though. Upon the Chin'toka, even before the ship had entered the battle the bridge was all but well. Captain Gagarin 'vanished.' She was replaced with Captain Yvette. This sparked a movement of pure hatred from Cristina Fiore. She drew her phaser at point blank to Captain Yvetten, and demanded the Chin'toka to drop out of warp.

Because of this First Officer Brodie Codey retaliated and had her removed from the ship. Captain Yvette placed Commander Brodie in command of the ship.

Commander Brodie ordered medical to make sure Yvette was who she said she was and this was easily confirmed. Captain Yvette then left the vessel together with Lieutenant Commander Cristina Fiore.

When Cellest had learned about this she quickly plummeted into a vortex of confusion.

How will she cope? And how will she be able to regain herself?

Well … we'll find out in the next episode.

The end.

Memorable situation

Crissy felt Cellest's hands running through her hair, hear her friend's voice at her ear.

The CTO was trying desperately to stay on top of the impulses that were running through her. Now that the Deltan influence had gotten through, she was horribly vulnerable to it. She had a hedonistic streak running right through her and an attitude towards sex that was more liberal than most Betazoids. To have that part of her mind sent spinning out of control...

Cellest's voice echoed through Crissy's thoughts.

"I'll give you two choices. One, a hypospray and a respirator. Two, a simple touch. Nowhere near a zone you humans would freak out about, and be done with it."

Deep brown eyes met the hauntingly blue stare as the two DHs looked into each other's eyes. The proposition made total biological sense. The pheromones and touch telepathy would, at the very least, be severely weakened if the two officers carried out the act they were being compelled towards. There would be no need for such total restraint. No need to act like 'monks'.

Crissy stopped trying to hold her lust in.

"**** your hypospray and **** your boundaries. Do what you want because you better believe I'm gonna." Her voice was a low whisper as her body tensed up.

She sprang to her feet and bodily hauled Cellest with her. Thrusting the Edo to the wall Crissy pressed herself against Cellest, their lips finding each other's in deep, hungry kisses.

The CTO broke off long enough to kick the medical gear into the nearest room, an empty 'conference' room laid out identically to the one Valya and Elon were having their discussions in, as the CMO brushed past her.

Crissy had just enough presence of mind to lock the door before the two were in each other's arms again. The human's hands dropped to her waist and she pulled at the hem of her tunic and undershirt, hoisting the garments up over her torso and then, as she leant back, over her head and away onto the floor. A split second later her bra followed and ebon hair flowed over pale, creamy skin as she reached for Cellest...

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Biochemistry and Psychology
Academy Minor(s): Anthropology and Botany
Hobbies and Pastimes: She loves to observe people. She has an immense passion for keeping plants.
Short-Term Goals: Hoping to either be assigned to assist, or to construct a botany bay/section aboard a starship/station.
Long-Term Goals: Having the Edo join the Federation.
Personality: High sense of empathy, curious, brave, noble.
Sense of Humor: Bonding humor, meaning a joke that brings people together.
Phobias: Cold water.
Likes: Delving into human history, psychology and behaviour.
Dislikes: Talking about her past – her history.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Shallow interest – not looking one in the eye.
Bad Habits or Vices: Sometimes her so thought knowledge of the psyche of body can get in her way, making her perhaps a bit arrogant.
Achievements: One of the first Edo to have left her planet and beyond.
Disappointments: One of the first Edo to have left her planet and beyond.
Illnesses: None, Edo have an extremely powerful immune system.
Strengths: When things escalate, she will always keep a cool head. Very powerful focus.
Weaknesses: As an Edo, she will always have trouble keeping her lusts and libido in-check. She might easily confuse a well-mannered person as someone who’s making a ‘move’.
Fears: Not being able to make her long-term goal.
Prejudices: Humans are easily manipulated, they lack passion.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: She prefers her uniform, Edo clothing style might be to revealing.
Distinguishing Features: Her legs always seem to move or rock-a-bout.
Friends: She left all of her friends on Rubicun III, though she’s constantly in contact with them, but they’re not relevant to name.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Having to say goodbye to a human visitor whose name she until this day does not know – she only knew he served in the Federation and was a human aboard a starship called the USS Morningstar.
Best Time: Her childhood – her memories, every single one are very dear to her.
Most Crucial Experience: Her leaving the planet without the Edo God refusing her – he simply allowed it to happen. She still believes this was a confirmation of the Edo eventually being accepted into the Federation.
Role Model: Her father and mother – who forgave her so easily for leaving Rubicun III – she misses them with every fibre in her body.

Career History

Stardate 21302.03 - Promoted to Midshipman and assigned as Medical Officer, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21304.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21304.10 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21307.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21307.23 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Chief Medical Officer, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21308.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21311.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21402.17 - Awarded SFAM, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375

Contact Information


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