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Eden Elizabeth Roth
Career Occupation
Starbase Bravo
Biographical Attributes
110 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Platinum blonde
Layered just past the shoulders.
Slight and slender.
Soft but authoritative
United Federation of Planets
Earth, Canada, Ontario
Familial Relationships
Damien Roth
Eleanor Roth
Status of Parents:
Mother deceased, father retired Security officer.

Personal History

Eden was born the only child of Eleanor and Damien Roth. Just before Spring began to allow the deep snow drifts of Canada to thaw the little girl was brought into the world. The two parents had only ever wanted one child. Knowing they could give more to one than to many. So she was quickly named Eden for she was their paradise. It had taken a long time to find time in Damien's busy Starfleet schedule to concieve a child.

While her father went back to his Starfleet missions, Eden grew up with her mother in Canada. She attended the schools there and excelled greatly when it came to biology and other sciences. Her mother was a nurse at a local hospital and Eden spent a great deal of time there hanging around with doctors and nurses while her mother finished her shift. Often times once homework was done she would ghost around the hospital and watch. Taking in all the terminology and watching how things were treated.

Her love for medicine didn't fade as she grew older but instead grew more pronounced. Once she was in junior high she knew that she wanted to do something in medicine. The doctors and nurses at the hospital had known Eden now for a long time and allowed her to shadow them when the patients would allow.

Eden had always been slight and pale. It was one of her more striking features. As slender as she was it seemed to fit her short stature. Fully grown she only reached five feet three inches and her weight never seemed to fluxuate. People joked she might have albino genes somewhere in her line, but her eyes the bright and striking green said it was not possible.

In high school, Eden joined the team of students that helped take care of the student athletes. She was the one that ran on the field to assess damages and help the wounds of playing high contact sports. She did decent through school though her best grades were in science and any medical classes that the high school offered.

After graduation, Eden knew where she wanted to go. She wanted to be like her father and head into Starfleet. She took her exams and was glad to pass the first time. Going through the Academy was like a dream come true. She loved all her professors and dove into the information and education that all of them could offer. After Academy graduation she was assigned to the USS Sparrow and she began her career as a Medical Officer.

It was her first mission as an Ensign that stuck with her and made her reasses her life. She was sent down with a crew to help a planet plagued with an unknown illness that they could not combat. Many died in front of her as she tried desperately to save the lives of those afflicted. It wasn't just a disease. Before the people died they were attacking one another. Even those trying to render aid to them were not immune to the insane attacks of bloody violence. Several of her own team died down there before the ship could beam the party back on board.

There were scenes that replayed in her mind over and over again. Especially at night. Sometimes at random times. She could be sitting in Sickbay doing her reports and her job and someone could say something and it would trigger the violent memories of the hours spent down there in hell. Eventually, she was ordered to talk to someone. The problem was, some demons weren't easy to get rid of.

She continued to work her best on the ship but constantly the demons got in the way. She rose in ranks trying to get herself under control but the nightmares would not leave her alone. Finally, she was requested to take a leave and heal herself. It was then that she was sent back to Earth to figure out where her life would lead her. Away from the ship, the crew and the memories she began to heal herself as best as she could. It became apparent that she would not be able to return to the ship. She would have to find another outlet.

It was her father, actually, who gave her the guidance she needed. Telling her that there was more than one way to make an impact on the universe. Everyone needed to be taught, everyone needed a guide, everyone needed a stepping stone. It was then that Eden applied to become an Instructor at the Academy and was accepted.

It was there she began her new role. Where she found that even though her nightmares had not truly left they were less and she could continue to do what she loved while healing herself.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Diseases and Afflictions, Treatments and Procedures
Academy Minor(s): Anatomy and Biology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Listening to music, playing the cello, reading.
Short-Term Goals: To jump start great minds.
Long-Term Goals: To make a difference, to conquer her demons.
Personality: Eden tends to be very matter of fact, often blunt, but when relaxed she can be open and have a good time.
Sense of Humor: Dry.
Phobias: The return of the diseased people from the planet. High pitched screams. Gore
Likes: Order, organization, light, plans.
Dislikes: Sudden movements, disarray, liars, and darkness.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Liars and those without ambition
Bad Habits or Vices: Drinking heavily when her demons show.
Achievements: Carrying on with a career despite her issues. Being an Instructor.
Disappointments: Being incapable of continuing on with a Starfleet ship.
Illnesses: Nothing out of the ordinary.
Strengths: Determined, organized, protective, fierce.
Weaknesses: Fears, drinking habits, need for order.
Fears: Losing her sanity
Prejudices: No real prejudices.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Usually form fitted slacks and a nice blouse. She likes to dress nicely even off duty.
Friends: None to speak of.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing her team.
Best Time: Going through the Academy herself.
Most Crucial Experience: Being unable to be assigned to a ship and having to figure out where her path lay.
Role Model: Her father.

Contact Information


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