Romulan Rank Explanation

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Rank in the Romulan Star Empire is less structured than in the militaries of other governments, and it is also less rigid. Two Riovir (Commanders) may hold the same rank, but depending upon their loyalties and connections one may have more power and authority than the other.

Officer Ranks of the Galae s'Shiar (Romulan Imperial Fleet)

Points Required Rank Graphic
0 - 3,499 erei'Erein (Sub-Lieutenant) Rom-mil-SubLt.jpg
3,500 - 7,499 Erein (Lieutenant) Rom-mil-Lt.jpg
7,500 - 28,799 Arrain (Centurion) Rom-mil-Cent.jpg
28,800 - 57,599 erei'Riov (Sub-Commander) Rom-mil-SubComd.jpg
57,600 - 71,999 Riov (Commander) Rom-mil-Comd.jpg
72,000 and up Enriov (Admiral) Rom-mil-Adm.jpg

Enlisted Ranks of the Galae s'Shiar (Romulan Imperial Fleet)

Points Required Rank Graphic
0 - 3,499 erei'Uhlan (Crewman)
3,500 - 7,499 Uhlan (Senior Crewman)
7,500 - 28,799 erwhi'Uhlan (Petty Officer Second Class)
28,800 - 57,599 khre'Uhlan (Petty Officer First Class)
57,600 - 71,999 erei'Enuhlan (Chief Petty Officer)
72,000 and up Enuhlan (Master Chief Petty Officer) Rom-mil-Enuhlan.jpg

Ranks of the Tal'Shiar (Imperial Police)

Points Required Rank
0 - 3,499 Uhlan (Uhlan)
3,500 - 7,499 Arrain (Lieutenant)
7,500 - 28,799 Enarrain (Captain)
28,800 - 57,599 Aendeh (Major)
57,600 - 71,999 Ssiebh (Colonel)
72,000 and up Riov (General)

Rank Caps

Players are capped at Arrain with the exception of the FO and CO. The FO is capped at erei'Riov. The CO is capped at Riov unless the CO is a Fleet Commander, in which case they may be promoted to Enriov. If the CO is at the rank of Enriov, the FO may be promoted to Riov and Division Heads may be promoted to erei'Riov. Exceptions will be made on an individual basis.