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Jack Henry Riscoe
Jack Riscoe.jpg
Career Occupation
Academy Instructor
Star Fleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
158 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Short back and sides
Fit and firm
United Federation of Planets
Galargambone (Ga-lar-gam-bone), Australia, Earth
Familial Relationships
John Henry Riscoe
Joan Riscoe
Status of Parents:
Marital Status:

Personal History

Born in the small town of Galargambone (Gal-ar-gam-bone) in the Australian 'outback', Jack was to be named after his father, John, but to distinguish the two his mother insisted on calling him, Jack. Jack's very first memories were dreaming of travelling the Galaxy. He wasn't interested in early school, desiring to play and learn from his Indigenous friends, the aboriginal people and Elders of his community. They taught the Aboriginal celestial guild, constellation like the seven sisters (Orion) and the Big Emu a large dark patch shaped like an emu stretched out across the Milky Way.

Jack, although not interested in school, when he put his mind to it, showed great academic promise, and was sent to boarding school at age 10. After a long first year full of homesickness, Jack met and form a lifelong friendship with another boarder, David Mason and from then on he loved his independent life through his boarding school to university years. He never stopped dreaming of travelling the galaxy. In 2409 he entered Star-Fleet Academy to pursue his dream of travelling the Galaxy. Graduating in 2413 he was assigned to the USS Intrepid under Captain Archer.

Jack's first mission was a water planet that had only one above water city and one island. He was on the away team that discovered mass graves on the island which turned out to be a second intelligent species of that world. During their investigations several Officers including Jack where taken captive and he was injured.

The Intrepid investigating a system with two inhabited planets, one with industrial capabilities and the other with space-faring capabilities. Intrepid found herself in another fight and a moral dilemma involving the prime directive. The industrial planet suffering a plague which turned out to be deliberately caused by a bio-weapons dealer who used the planet as a demonstration. Intrepid was able to arrest the spread of the disease losing some of her own officers to the disease in the process. Jack was unscathed.

Jack transferred to the USS Hood. The Hood was ordered to track a pirate group operating near the Cardassian border. When the pirate ship was discovered the Hood engaged the ship in battle after several attempts to persuade them to surrender peaceably. During the battle, two other pirate ship of the same group joined the affray and drove the Hood into Cardassian space where it was attacked by a Cardassian border patrol. The ship was boarded but Jack, with several other crew was instrumental in repelling the Cardassian borders. The Hood narrowly escaped destruction but was badly damaged. During this battle, Jack was seriously injured.

The injuries Jack suffered where treated on the Hood but due to the lack of power and damaged systems, the Sickbay on the Hood lost power for 3 minutes during Jack's life-saving surgery. The result was that Jack suffered neurological damage and began to present with the symptoms of PTS. There are some things that medical science can not fix. That's why Jack chose not to have his limp repaired. He carries it as a badge of honour for surviving PTS.

Jack underwent counselling and Star Fleet, through its rehabilitation programs, offered Jack a teaching position at the Academy which he readily accepted.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Engineering
Academy Minor(s): Stellar cartography
Hobbies and Pastimes: Travel, reading and adventure holonovels
Short-Term Goals: To be re-acquainted with his childhood Aboriginal friendships in Australia
Long-Term Goals: To travel to the Delta Quadrant
Personality: Serious, dedicated and a bit of a perfectionist
Sense of Humor: Dry, states the obvious
Phobias: Jumping Jacks (or Bull Dog) Ants
Likes: Kangaroo Steak
Dislikes: Pirates and Cardassians
Pet Peeves or Gripes: None
Bad Habits or Vices: Alcohol
Achievements: Achieving his dream of traveling in space
Disappointments: Not still on a Starship
Illnesses: PTS
Strengths: Determination and patience
Weaknesses: PTS and physical right limp
Fears: Surgery
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Turtleneck jumper and corduroy trousers
Distinguishing Features: Walks with a slight right side limp.
Pets: Cat called 'Wilson'
Friends: David Mason

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Death of his mother
Best Time: At Galargambone learning from his Aboriginal friends
Most Crucial Experience: Fighting Cardassians to save the USS Hood
Role Model: Captain Gabriel Archer

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