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James Aaron Richardson
Career Occupation
Lead Investigator, CID
Star Base Bravo
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
155 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Grayish White
Short and parted to the side
Despite his age, Richardson still manages to keep an athletic build. Of course, he's still not quite as toned or built as he was in the Corps or Starfleet.
He is clear complected, and shows just enough tanning to indicate he spends plenty of time outdoors.
Facial Hair:
Grayed Goatee
A high Baritone, and Experienced, but not gruff. More like an educator than a drill instructor.
St. Louis, Missouri; Earth
Familial Relationships
Michael (78, living in St. Louis, MO, Earth)
Larissa (deceased)
Status of Parents:
Father living alone in St. Louis; Mother died of cancer 9 years ago
Timothy (59, living on Earth), Rachel (51, living on Earth)
Marital Status:
Seperated; He and his wife Kristin haven't been on speaking terms since he decided to work with the military again.
Chelsea (27, married and living on Earth); Grandaughter Rose (3), and Grandson Jackson (6 mo.)

Personal History

James Richardson was born near St. Louis, Missouri to a family of Ranchers. He grew up with an appreciation for the outdoors and such activities as hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and so on. When he came of age, thanks in part to his Father's inspiration, he decided to join the Marine Corps.

The Marines took a soft-spoken farm-boy from Missouri and transformed him into an example Marine. After experiencing the hardship of warfare first hand, James was recommended for officer school. He led his men well, and rose in rank as time progressed. Once he reached First Lieutenant, James was appointed as the Marine Liaison for Security Matters over his station. His job was to coordinate with the Starfleet Security Personnel who served as Military Police for the Marine base. He held this job for some time, learning a great deal and showing a passion for Justice which caused his Superiors involved to take notice. Both Marine and Starfleet.

He was approached with an offer to transfer from the Marines to Starfleet, and work as a Criminal Investigator, rather than a liason between the investigators and the brass. Jumping on the chance to pursue Justice firsthand, Richardson transfered with an effective promotion from First Lieutenant SFMC to Lieutenant SFCID.

Years went by, and time saw a great many changes for James Richardson. He progressed in rank, yes, but life itself was moving along with or without him. His wife, Kristin, and Daughter, Chealsea, were spending more nights alone as cases and assignments demanded more and more of him. Life continued as it does, but eventaully his eyes were opened. Missing his only daughter's graduation made him realize that he had neglected his family, and forced him to reexamine his priorities.

James resigned his commission, left Starfleet, and became a Criminal Investigator working in St. Louis, while he and his family lived on the Richardson Ranch. Time progressed, as time does, and the strained relationships that Starfleet had created started to mend.

Now, many years later, Chealsea has married and moved out on her own and James is a Grandfather, twice over. He has been approached by an old friend from Starfleet, informing him about a position that has just come open on board a starbase. When he discussed the opportunity with his wife, things did not go over very well. Considering how much strain it put on their relationship the first time, Kristin was not enthused about becoming involved in Military matters again. They seperated. She left him, rather than move with him to Starbase Bravo.

Richardson has now began settling in on the Starbase, has been granted a provisional rank of Lieuteanant Commander, and is still trying to readjust to the Military decorum, and cooexist with his team.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Criminal Justice
Academy Minor(s): Psychology, Forensics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Horeseback riding, Leathercraft
Short-Term Goals: To earn the trust and respect of his team. To re-adjust to a military-controlled environment.
Long-Term Goals: To continue catching criminals and bringing them to justice.
Personality: Richardson has always been a "Justice-Driven" individual, even as he was first starting out in the Marine Corps. When a wrong has been committed, he intends to see that it is corrected, or if that's not possible at least brought to light. He tends to become involved in his work, which often causes strain on his realationships with anyone outside his career path. His friends may be few and far between, but once made those bonds are iron strong.
Sense of Humor: Richardson is of the belief that there is a time for work, and a time for play. And the two rarely coincide. He acknowledges that not all his coworkers and subordinates will follow this, and as such tolerates their antics so long as they do not interfere with their jobs.
Phobias: None
Likes: Richardson enjoys reading, although he prefers a physical book over the impersonal screen of a PADD, or even the immersive nature of a holonovel. He also enjoys spending time outdoors, horseback riding, hunting, and occasionally fishing.
Dislikes: Excessive paperwork, too much time indoors, and most alien cuisine.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Seeing Injustices tolerated due to bueraucratic policies, and those who are unjustifiably confident in themselves.
Bad Habits or Vices: Richardson smokes cigars on a regular basis, a habit he has retained from his days in the corps.
Achievements: Among his greatest achievements, Richardson counts his years of service in the SFMC, SFSEC, his daughter Chelsea, and his grandchildren Rose and Jackson.
Disappointments: His failing marriage is by far his biggest dissappointment, as he knows it wil be a hinderance to his grandchildren as they get older.
Illnesses: Richardson has suffered his share of broken bones, phaser wounds, and gunshot wounds throughout his career, but has no lasting, chronic conditions to mention.
Strengths: Richardson posesses astute powers of observation and intuition which only come from years of experience.
Weaknesses: Although he is slow to anger, sucessfully doing so causes him to make poor, hasty decisions.
Fears: As a man who has spent nearly 10 years as a Marine, more than 10 years as a Starfleet Officer, nearly 10 years in Civilian Law Enforcement, 35 years as a married man, and nearly 30 years as a father, there is not a whole lot that truly scares him. Aside from harm befalling his grandchildren.
Prejudices: Having been both a Marine and a Fleeter at one point in his career, Richardson has a marked dislike of Starfleet Flag Officers, mostly due to their apparent love of beuracracy and red-tape, even more so than Marine Generals.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Richardson wears functional business suits on a regular basis, maintaing an air of professionalism while on the job. In his free time, he dresses more casually: slacks and button down shirt most often.
Distinguishing Features: Richardson has a scar on his chest and his back where he was hit by a physical projectile during his career as a Civilian Criminal Investigator. The wound was a through and through so no lasting damage was done, but the scars were never removed as a painful reminder of that incident.
Pets: None
Friends: TBD

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Finally deciding to retire from the Military, to be with his family.
Best Time: Time spent on his family's ranch in Missouri.
Most Crucial Experience: The birth of his child, Chelsea.
Role Model: His Father, Michael Richardson, as he's always taught him to "Always do what's right, and always stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves." Those words inspired him to pursue a career in the Marines, a transfer to Starfleet, and later Law Enforcement.

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