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Ahri Ri'ven
Ahri Ri'ven 1.jpg
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Titan, CL-2007
Biographical Attributes
170 cm (5 ft. 7 in.)
56 kg (123 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
free when she has a choice but when she is on duty a high pony tail. The length is long enough to whip around and hit her in the face if she turns suddenly and hits the middle of her back when pulled up.
Has a strong yet lean build.
a soft emerald tinge to the skin with blue marking highlights
strong with a slight accent that stems from moving and living in a number of different places
United Federation of Planets
62 human years[3]
Familial Relationships
Mundo Ri'ven
Coppelia Ri'ven
Status of Parents:
Marital Status:
one daughter (deceased)

Personal History

Ahri was born to middle class, hard working parents who were generally good souls. They taught her that the most important thing in life was to touch the lives of others in a positive way. They taught her that, that was the true meaning of life – how we effected each other. It was a philosophy that Ahri took on strongly.

As she entered her later schooling years it became obvious that she was strong at sports, she loved physical activities and pushing her body to its limits.

Weapons also interested her, more as a sport then anything else. The skill required to land perfect shots with different tools, guns, bows etc. along with other activities such as boxing type sports, started to mould her possible future.

While she wasn’t dumb, she wasn't the smartest – or more to the point, she seemed to think abstractly. When she wasn't doing something physical she was drawing, sketching or painting on everything and anything. Her grades were average but her parents knew she simply thought in different ways to the 'academic' minds.

An urge to travel coupled with her skill set saw her apply to Star Fleet Academy. She got in, but by the bare skin of her teeth and on the backs of many friend's testimonies. Once again, academically she struggled, but in every hands-on course she excelled, averaging out her overall exit scores.

It was here that she met a man by the name of Tom Kent and they quickly became good friends. There was a chemistry there but neither wanted to risk their friendship and so nothing eventuated. On top of that it seemed Ahri had different 'tastes' when it came to relationships which forced Tom to a disadvantage.

In her final exit exam Ahri flunked a very important test which meant that she could not graduate and would have to repeat. Tom was graduating and Ahri was restless. Instead of completing her Academy course, she deferred and applied for a security position on Starbase Charlie, where Tom was assigned. It was a private security role and paid very well with flexible hours. However it was on a Star Fleet run base and so Ahri was often treated like a nuisance when anything occurred and was asked to simply “stay out of the way”.

This didn't bother Ahri. With Starbase Charlie as her home she was able to take trips to far and distant places. At times living in other places for six months to a year at a time, only to return to a similar security position on Charlie.

Years passed by and Ahri's life filled with many whimsical relationships and travel related experiences. She worked on a studio worth of art work and was content. One night she and Tom got rather drunk and under the haze of alcohol slept together. It was a one time mistake as Tom was married and had three children already – grown and living lives of their own. Both agreed to never speak of it, which was fine until Ahri discovered she was pregnant.

When Tom discovered this he quickly applied for a desk position back on Earth and he and his family abandoned the Starbase and Ahri. It was a decision she understood and to this day does not feel bad over.

Her baby girl, Nica Ri'ven, was a beautiful little girl and grounded Ahri quite a bit, forcing her to cut her travel and time spent on art. Sacrifices she was more then happy to make.

Still Ahri's life was blessed and she was content. It was then however that her life took a horrible, tragic turn.

The Krynar attacked and destroyed Starbase Charlie. It was a rare time that Ahri had left on a trip to a nearby planet to purchase paints that she couldn't purchase on Charlie. She had left Nica with a Carer. Nica perished in the onslaught.

It was then Ahri realised that she could no long live life so complacent. She could no longer sit by and enjoy life whilst an enemy such as the Krynar destroyed lives by the thousands. It was time she stepped up and joined the fight.

Returning to the Academy she finished her studies in two years utilising experience and passed learning. She served on Stabase Alpha for a time before finally securing a position on Star Ship – the Titan.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Bio & Cyber Terrorism, Criminal Justice, Physical Defence
Academy Minor(s): Sociology, Disaster Response, Weapon Handle and Use
Hobbies and Pastimes: spending time with Kassa, painting and art
Short-Term Goals: to feel comfortable on a ship
Long-Term Goals: to obtain position on a Starfleet ship and play a crucial role in pushing back the Krynar
Personality: very self assured and has a strong self worth
Sense of Humor: light but she rarely jokes and it's hard to make her really laugh
Phobias: fire
Likes: Kassa and walks in open areas, art
Dislikes: bullies and people who force their views. People who abuse their power over the weaker
Pet Peeves or Gripes: perfectionists
Bad Habits or Vices: sometimes she gets caught up in an art project and other things are forgotten. It's her escape and can be consuming
Achievements: her daughter (passed) and graduating Star Fleet
Disappointments: her daughter passing
Illnesses: none
Strengths: she is very well travelled and her extended years give her experience over others her rank
Weaknesses: at times she can let the past effect her current a little too much
Fears: see phobias
Prejudices: she has a very black and white view when it comes to 'breaking the law' or 'doing wrong' at times and can be stubborn on the point
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: cotton slacks and singlets – anything that’s comfortable. She dose like jewellery and usually has a thick gold band around her upper arm when off duty.
Distinguishing Features: very unique markings that look almost like tattoos. A nose ring.
Pets: a Brakay called Kassa (it resembles the Earth bird Ferruginous Hawk but has streaks of cobalt blue amongst it's gold and white feathers. It's eyes are also black. The bird is large and a carnivore but very intelligent and make great pets as they prefer to simply eat and sleep through life with little fuss. Ahri often takes Kassa to the holodeck to stretch his wings.)
Friends: Tom Kent – a fellow student at Star Fleet Academy. There was always a level of chemistry with them but they didn't want to risk their friendship by exploring the option. Later in life Tom married and had a number of kids before settling a desk job on Earth. (see more in history)

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: losing her daughter
Best Time: her time on Starbase Charlie
Most Crucial Experience: meeting Tom Kent

Career History

Stardate 21304.04 - Graduated, assigned to USS Titan, CL-2007 , Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 21304.04 - Assigned as Security Officer, USS Titan, CL-2007

Contact Information

E-Mail: peejskat@hotmail.com

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  2. Please note that familial and historical references to age may be current only to time of retirement.
  3. Physically she looks as if she is in her 20's and compared to Takaran life spans, in a sense she is.