Retired Federation Starship Classes

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Class Name Type Registry Naming Convention
Federation-class Carrier CV Named for types of Governments.
Pulsar-class Battleship BB Named for Weather and Astronomical Wonders.
Avenger-class Battle Cruiser BC Named for Battle sites and Qualities of Humanity.
Avenger-class Heavy Cruiser CA Named for Battle sites and Qualities of Humanity.
Fearless-class Heavy Cruiser CA Named for Battle sites and Qualities of Humanity.
Columbus-class Scout SC Named for Famous Explorers and Scientists.
Marine Combat Dropship Dropship CO discretion.
Type 8 Shuttlecraft CO discretion.
Type 9 Shuttlecraft CO discretion.
Type 9X[1] Shuttlecraft CO discretion.
Fighter craft
A-1 Fighter
F-1 Fighter
Class Name Type First Appearance Retired
Class-4 stardrive Survey vessel 2261
Akira-class Heavy cruiser 2368
Ambassador-class Heavy cruiser 2344
Antares-class Surveyor/Transport/Freighter/Science vessel 2266
Apollo-class unknown 2327
Aurora-class Space cruiser 2268
Bonaventure-class unknown 2269
Bradbury-class unknown 2366
Centaur-class unknown 2374
Challenger-class unknown 2366
Cheyenne-class unknown 2366
Constellation-class Explorer 2284
Constitution-class Star cruiser 2245
Curry-class unknown 2373
Daedalus-class unknown 2196
Danube-class Runabout 2368
Defiant-class Escort / Warship 2366
Elkins-class unknown 24th century
Enterprise-J-class unknown 26th century
Erewon-class Personnel carrier 2360
Excelsior-class unknown 2285
Federation-class Dreadnought 2273
Freedom-class unknown 2366
Galaxy-class Explorer 2358
Gibraltar-class Assault Ship 2417
Hermes-class Scout 2273
Huron-class Freighter 2270
Intrepid-class unknown 2370
Class J starship Freighter 2266
Korolev-class unknown 2320
Lejeune-class Assault Ship 2417
Merced-class unknown 2364
Miranda-class Science vessel/supply ship 2285
Nebula-class unknown 2363
New Orleans-class Frigate 2346
Niagara-class unknown 2364
Norway-class unknown 2373
Nova-class Science vessel 2371
Oberth-class Science vessel 2285
Olympic-class Medical ship 2370
Peregrine-class Courier 2370
Prometheus-class Tactical vessel 2374
Ptolemy-class Tug/Transport 2285
Raven-class Science vessel 2354
Renaissance-class unknown 2365
Saber-class unknown 2373
Saladin-class unknown 2285
Sovereign-class unknown 2372
Soyuz-class unknown 2278
Springfield-class unknown 2366
Steamrunner-class unknown 2373
Sydney-class Transport 2294
Wells-class Timeship 29th century
Whorfin-class Transport 2294
Yeager (2373)-class Scout/Light Cruiser 2373
Yellowstone-class Runabout 2370
Class Name Type First Appearance Retired
Aeon-class Timeship 29th century
  1. USS Columbia only.