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Adam Ren
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Biographical Attributes
Trill (Joined)
193 cm (6 ft. 4 in.)
81.6 kg (180 lb.)
Eye Color:
Vivid green, almost emerald but less glossed
Hair Color:
Dark brown with slight mahogany and auburn discolorations
Cut short, only a couple of inches long, worn in various styles from spikes to down with bangs. Neatly trimmed in the back
Fairly lean, slightly muscular, shaped athletically only by the Star Fleet Academy standards
Fair complexion, slightly touched by the sun
Deep, even-toned, calm
United Federation of Planets
Host age: 32, Symbiont age: 206
Familial Relationships
Toren Dreh
Terahna Mar (Dreh)
Status of Parents:
Happily Married on Trill, both working in the Ministry of Science. They are both drawing closer to the age of retirement, but they enjoy their work for the furthering of knowledge and aren’t seeking to retire any time soon
Alexis Dreh
Marital Status:

Personal History

The symbiont Ren had 3 hosts prior to Adam, each of the joinings proceeding fairly regularly and lasting to the end of each host’s natural life. The first host was a male Trill, David, who became host to Ren at the age of 35. David Ren was a gourmet chef on Trill, preparing meals for heads of state and scientific elite alike. David Ren took it upon himself to experiment with foods from around the galaxy and to mix styles of preparation with foods from planets where that style didn’t exist. It was in this mixing of Terran peanut butter and a Risan drink that David created the worst amalgam ever put into his body. This terrible experience lent itself to Ren directly via the memory of peanut butter, and from that day forward, Ren refuses to allow the host to consume anything that reminiscent of it. David died at the age of 86, and it was at this point that Ren was joined with his second host, Inarra.

Inarra received Ren when she was 31, and she was thrilled to be chosen for joining because it was the first time that a member of her family had been blessed by the Commission with a symbiont. Inarra was a stellar cartographer for the Science Ministry, and it was therefore from her that Ren developed a tendency toward space travel, or at least its study. As Inarra charted the data brought back by Trill vessels, she impressed her superiors with her efficiency, and she was eventually given an administrative position, during which she began work on an update for the spatial coordinate system employed by the Trill and other space-faring races. While she never completed the project, it was eventually concluded by the Science Ministry and was implemented on Trill to provide a more accurate method of displaying stellar phenomena on one screen, reducing the amount of annotation necessary to relay the same amount of data. Inarra died at 97 in her peaceful rural home to which she retired after she finished her work at the Science Ministry.

Ren’s third host was again female, a short, blonde Trill named Kristine. Kristine was joined with Adam at 33. She worked at a university as a Physics professor, and in the time that such a job allotted her, she researched theoretical physics on her own. She was extremely dedicated to her job because nothing brought her greater joy than to see the minds of young Trill expanding, and she always hoped that one of them would change the galaxy. She enjoyed corresponding with former students as they filtered out into their own professional lives, and she always enjoyed helping them with their own inventions and novel ideas. This exchange of information also sparked new ideas of her own, and she ended up publishing 7 papers on theoretical physics during her life. She died still doing what she loved at age 91.

Finally, along came the current host to Ren, Adam Dreh. Adam was born to two very loving parents; the problem was, they seemed to love his sister, not him. He felt a sense of competition with his older sister, Alexis, his elder by two years, from a very young age, and it was this drive that initially drove him to excel in school and at home. As his sister grew older and progressed magnificently through school, he decided that he too must devote all his effort to his studies in order to make his parents proud. They valued education very highly because they worked in highly intellectually-demanding jobs.

As Adam followed in his sister’s footsteps, she informed her parents that she would not be seeking a symbiont, something that took his parents by surprise, but did not disappoint them because they did not want to place undue pressure on their daughter. She applied to a post-secondary education facility on Trill and went through the rituals of education. Adam saw this as his chance to finally prove himself worthy of his parents’ respect over his sister, and he announced that he would apply for joining to the Symbiosis Commission. This made his parents extremely happy and they asked him why he chose that path for his life. It was at this point that he admitted that he had wanted to make them proud of him, and they questioned that motive further; he was finally forced to admit that he felt that they loved Alexis more than him. While they assured him this was not true, they seemed to respect him more now that he had chosen to become joined.

The Symbiosis Commission accepted his initial application for joining, and the tests and challenges that accompanied such an undertaking quickly presented themselves to Adam. His grades in school were impeccable, but even those only moved him to the top of the waiting list. It wasn’t until he designed a new charting array for the Trill global sensor network that the Commission decided that one so young as he was worthy of a symbiont. His joining occurred at the age of 24, and he left Trill at 25 to become a cadet at Star Fleet Academy.

Adam’s status as a joined Trill essentially guaranteed him entrance to the Academy, but he didn’t want to rely on his greater experience to just coast through his studies. He undertook as many classes as he thought was appropriate for someone with what he considered a potentially unfair advantage; his thirst for knowledge was well-suited to his notion that he should challenge himself to compensate for his symbiont’s knowledge. He chose to triple major at the Academy, and he also chose to study an appropriate array of minors to complement them. All of these degrees were not to boast, however, because some of them were in fields of personal interest, not professional. Now that he is preparing to graduate the Academy, he is mildly amused that his workload took the edge of his grades, but doesn’t regret taking so many classes because he feels very well-rounded in his knowledge and that he is prepared for anything.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Astrometrics, Physics, Mathematics
Academy Minor(s): Warp Field Theory, Macroeconomics, Klingon Linguistics, Inter-Species Relations, Stellar Cartography
Hobbies and Pastimes: Adam spends a great deal of his free time engaged in any activity that will continue to stimulate his mind. He enjoys reading novels, both new and old, as well as playing games that engage the logical parts of his mind. He has recently taken to Kalto, but he isn’t very skilled at it yet. Three-dimensional chess games also entertain him whenever he finds time and an opponent. Musically, he enjoys singing and playing the cello
Short-Term Goals: Improve his game of Kalto, learn to fence
Long-Term Goals: Become a senior officer, publish a paper on mathematical theory, make first contact
Personality: Laid back, inquisitive, and skeptical. Always up for a good laugh
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic, light, cynical
Phobias: Peanut butter and other paste-like foods
Likes: Books, intellectual people Eating new foods, making pancakes and Belgian waffles, performing on stage, open-minded attitudes, humor at others’ expense (or his own, if necessitated by the situation)
Dislikes: Intolerance, brash action, large animals
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who don’t finish their sentences, people who have an unfounded sense of entitlement, intolerant comments
Achievements: Graduated 5th in his class at the Academy with distinctive honors in Mathematics
Disappointments: Rejection of his theory on the generation of prime numbers by an even-perfect-squares additive postulate
Illnesses: None
Strengths: He is an astute man, and through his patient observation, he is less easy to manipulate
Weaknesses: He often forgets that others are not as experienced as he, having the experience of more than one person to draw upon, and this can lead him to be very temperamental with people
Fears: Failure and rejection
Prejudices: None; he refuses to judge others without basis. His careful observation of others can be mistaken for judging, however
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Depending on the situation, anything from jeans and plain shirts to more fashionable clothing, especially those garments made from exotic fabrics
Distinguishing Features: Small mark left from symbiont implantation on the stomach
Pets: None
Friends: Kiron Hunter. Adam met him at the Academy while in his training, and they became fast friends, neither of them entirely human

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: When he left Trill, it was not well-received by his parents that he wanted to join Star Fleet. They believed that he should return the favor of being permitted by his government to join with a symbiont by lending his propensity for mathematics to his own world. His parent’s would have liked to have seen him employed at the Ministry of Science, following in their footsteps, and did not support his bid to join the Academy. He has not spoken to them since his third year.
Best Time: Adam’s most enjoyable memories are of his days during the weekends and breaks from the Academy that he would spend with Kiron Hunter. Both enjoyed the time they spent together, doing anything from talking about their lives and ambitions to discussing the latest scientific theories propagated at the Academy. Such a relaxed and genial person that shared Adam’s sense of humor made those days his favorites.
Most Crucial Experience: Adam realized when he was 21 that he was extremely likely to be joined, and he then began to contemplate what he would do with his life after receiving his symbiont. He decided that he would spend perhaps a year or two on Trill after the joining, but that once he had become comfortable with his new life, he would leave the planet and set out for Earth to join Star Fleet. It was then that his dreams changed from just becoming a joined Trill to becoming an accomplished officer in the organization he most revered.
Role Model: Adam’s role model is his father, who has accomplished so much as an unjoined Trill. His father has managed to make vast contributions at the Ministry of Science and he never allows his lack of a symbiont to discourage him from competing with anyone who does; this sense of determination against those who seem to have a predisposed entitlement has led Adam to respect his symbiont status and to use it to the best of his abilities rather than waste the opportunity.

Career History

Stardate 20808.01 – Graduated Star Fleet Academy.
Stardate 20808.01 – Promoted to Midshipman, assigned to USS Gettysburg, BC-1863.

Contact Information


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