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Rauqk, House of Turek
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Yeager, SC-8018
Biographical Attributes
203 cm (6 ft. 8 in.)
102.2 kg (225 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
A ponytail for duty but otherwise loose.
Brawny, muscular but tall
Deep, powerful and yet somehow quiet.
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Farang, Son of Tarchong
Kalin, Daughter of Martek
Status of Parents:
Tarlak, 28. N'tina, 17
Marital Status:

Personal History

Born into a moderate but hardly high ranking Klingon house, Rauqk was the son of a HodDom and a Sogh in the KDF, his family were proud of their Klingon tradition and staunchly kept to the ways of honour. Consequently Rauqk was brought up on Qo'noS by relatives in the the ways of the Empire and the Klingon people.

Bright, but disturbed by the wavering of honour among some families, Rauqk was also exposed early to other races when, after his tenth year, he was taken with his parents to serve on an embassy at a remote planet bordering Federation Space.

Once there he found things extremely difficult as the presence of other races was so emphatically different to how he believed life should be and how people should act. Ferengi and other trader races showed him how not everyone followed the Klingon code; although it never allowed him to appreciate their views it did at least teach him tolerance after several run-ins with locals before he underwent the Right of Ascension.

During one of these episodes at 14 he found himself shamed in brawl against a Nauscian who, despite Rauqk's experience with races who did not fight honourably, lied to his face and attacked him from behind after a heated exchange of insults. During this fight Rauqk lost the last knuckle of a finger to a lucky slash from the Nausican's blade. Despite this he went on to toss the Nauscian across the bar, breaking its leg.

This led to Rauqk's first encounter with Star Fleet officers as the bar was in a Federation-administered part of the city. He found himself arrested and humiliated further by, as he saw it, being taken prisoner. Yet surprisingly the experience became a positive one; for as Rauqk raged at the security officers who had stunned him he was calmed by the Chief Security Officer of the base, Lisa Wildar. She had grown up amongst the border worlds between the Federation and the Empire and as such had a greater understanding of Klingons than the men who had arrested Rauqk for his fight with the Nauscian. Instead of berating him she explained many things in terms that Rauqk could understand and ways his parents never could; about how honour was a personal thing and others saw it differently but that their views were their own code of honour.

It took time for Rauqk to accept this but Lieutenant Commander Wildar was a patient woman who had an admiration for the young Klingon and over time, became as much as friend as any non-Klingon could; having responded in kind to his anger rather than dismissing it and earning Rauqk's respect. This contact was not entirely satisfactory with his parents until his mother met Wildar and accepted that she was not as other non-Klingon's were. The result of this was that the woman was, against custom, present at Rauqk's Age of Ascension two years later.

A smart youth, Rauqk at the age of ascension was till much changed from Rauqk who had fought with the Nausiccan. Whilst not reducing his Klingon nature and code in the slightest his time with the Star Fleet Commander had taught him many useful lessons as the two sparred and exchanged stories and ideas about the nature of honour, life, death and the politics of the region. It was however all to come to a sad end in two years.

The planet after all was a hot-bed of smuggling and discontent, the local populace – neither Klingon nor Federation – prone to rebellion. During one such uprising Rauqk's mother was killed and his father captured. The stories of what the rebels did to him for killing many of men who had attacked the Klingon embassy were a dishonour to Rauqk and his house; but Wildar prevented him from throwing his life needlessly away after he was told of his father's eventual murder.

News of the situation however was twisted when it was reported by the local people to the Klingon homeworld out of all proportion. It was said that they had arrested Rauqk's father because he had attacked first without provocation; and for political reasons the Council agreed with that assessment. They stripped Rauqk of all honours and left him adrift and bereft; the culture he had idolised had denied the truth – to even investigate it – all for the sake of politics and money. To see how corrupt some members of the Council had become saddened him and so he took refuge with the woman who had become a friend.

It was because of this and the differing view on the world that his mentor had given him that he accepted her offer to arrange a transfer to Earth and the Star Fleet Academy as she was promoted to Commander and took some time off in the wake of the unrest. With all dreams of joining the KDF now dust – with his dishonour he would never be accepted – Rauqk's newly acquired logic told him the only way to help his people, to restore their honour, would be to show them how a true Klingon should live, although ironically his experiences had made him such that his tolerance at times was almost unKlingonlike.

And so he found himself applying to the Academy as a security officer. Where this would lead him? He couldn't tell just yet, but a unique combination of Klingon and non-Klingon traits made him stand out in the Academy – if only for the way he was so polite in asking people whether they really understood what they were saying and wanted to fight him or not, which usually drove people off and at the very least prevented him from ever being fully responsible for the fights he ended up in.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security Procedures, Investigative Forensics, Interrogation
Academy Minor(s): Federation and Klingon History, Close Quarters Tactics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Klingon martial arts and cultural pass-times, drinking, psychology.
Short-Term Goals: Acquit himself well on his first assignment and integrate into Star Fleet society
Long-Term Goals: To return to the Klingon Empire and make a positive impact, removing the stain on his family's name by finding out who agreed to the lies about what had happened to them.
Personality: Distantly quiet, almost wounded yet prone to being abrupt off-duty. On duty fiercely professional, albeit not without a certain Klingon shortness of temper and tolerance for idiocy. There is also a certain relentless intensity about him that tempers the normal Klingon sense of rashness.
Sense of Humor: Klingon, that is to say prone to bawdy jokes about certain matters but intolerant of personal slights and slurs; this is however tempered by his intense determination.
Phobias: None really, except perhaps a dislike of the race that dishonoured his father.
Likes: Martial arts practice, serious discussion on the nature of honour and Klingon history, culture and traditions.
Dislikes: Romulans and those who prejudge him.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who don't take life seriously enough for his mind, the Klingon High Council (current) and the traditional kinds of people a Klingon dislikes (Ferengi etc)
Achievements: High achiever in his early life and at the academy, his friendship with LCdr Wildar is also something he holds very highly
Disappointments: Dishonour of his family and being outcast from the Empire.
Illnesses: None
Strengths: unKlingon tolerance of other races and their 'failings' in his eyes, a burning determination and commitment to duty and honour as a consequence of his race and upbringing and his slightly unKlingon rationality and ability to take a step back and analyse a situation.
Weaknesses: The same determination is as much a weakness as a strength as if distracted it will not broke being pulled back on track. Equally he is still Klingon and if insulted could quite easily revert to type rather than taking a step back.
Fears: Not managing to reverse what was done to his family, becoming seen as a 'pet Klingon' by his own face.
Prejudices: See Dislikes and Pet Peeves; Traditional Klingon ones along with people who do not live up to his code of honour.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Klingon robes
Distinguishing Features: Missing the last knuckle of his little finger on his left hand. Headridges: Pronounced, triangular style converging downwards.
Pets: None
Friends: Commander Lisa Wildar, Star Fleet Security. (See Personal History). Current assignment: TBD (Hopefully he'll bump into her again).

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The aftermath of his father's death when he was forced to choose between honourably throwing his life away in search of revenge and accepting that it – would – be a greater dishonour not to restore his family's pride. This has often caused him much reflection and agony as he considers whether he made the right decision that day.
Best Time: Age of Ascension ritual with his family and friends, a commitment to his honour and principles.
Most Crucial Experience: The aftermath of his parents death and the dishonouring of his house.
Role Model: Commander Lisa Wildar and his father.

Career History

Stardate 21010.03 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy, Security Division.
Stardate 21010.03 - Promoted to Midshipman, assigned to USS Yeager, SC-8018.
Stardate 21104.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Yeager, SC-8018.
Stardate 21105.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Achievement Medal, USS Yeager, SC-8018.

Contact Information

E-Mail: quandary.labyrinth@gmail.com

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