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Arwen Qi
Qi Arwen Wiki.jpg
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Yoritomo, DD-4019
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 0
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Arwen Qi
1/2 Trill, 1/2 Human
Non-binary (he/him)
170 cm (5 ft. 7 in.)
74.8 kg (165 lb.)
Eye Color:
Warm black
Hair Color:
Dark brown
Curly, shoulder length. Usually worn down or in a low ponytail.
Toned, relatively slender
Olive skin
Soft and clear
United Federation of Planets
Trill Homeworld
Tenebra Province
(N/A) 09.25
Familial Relationships
Hakim Demir
Luanna Qi
Status of Parents:
Luca Demir, 17 (half-sibling)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Arwen was born to Luanna Qi, daughter to a moderately powerful family on the Trill homeworld, and Hakim Demir, a human journalist. Luanna’s family was displeased by her marriage, as they feared that a half-human child would be a less suitable candidate for a symbiont. This tension became a wedge between Luanna and Hakim, who eventually separated.

Arwen remained on the Trill homeworld with Luanna and her family while his father returned to Istanbul and remarried. Luanna’s family treated Arwen well, but strongly discouraged him from exploring his human side. For Arwen’s tenth birthday, Hakim sent him a holographic tutor to help him learn Turkish, Italian, and English. Luanna’s family balked at this gesture and insisted that Arwen also study Trill languages. He found himself talented at every language he studied, and he continued to study more from both Earth and the Trill homeworld until he could read more than 50.

During his time studying linguistics at the Trill Academy of Science, one of Arwen’s teachers procured him an illicit holographic program for learning the Romulan language. Arwen enjoyed the indirect and twisting grammar of Romulan, and it soon became a favorite of his, even though he rarely had occasion to use it.

Arwen developed a romantic relationship with a classmate named Lumis Mara, who was studying speech therapy. The two of them co-wrote a thesis on the psychological effects of various types of universal translator. Around this time, Lumis was contacted by the Trill Symbiosis Commission, who invited him to become an initiate. A short time later, Arwen was contacted by a linguistics professor at Star Fleet Academy, who was impressed by his work and invited him to apply. Disappointed that he had not been selected to become an initiate, Arwen saw no reason not to accept Star Fleet’s offer.

Though Trill were members of the Federation, Arwen’s mother’s family saw his decision to enlist in Star Fleet as a purely human choice. They encouraged him to stay on the Trill homeward for another year and reapply to the Symbiosis Commission, but Arwen insisted that the Commission would be more likely to accept an initiate with an impressive service record.

Arwen and Lumis steadily grew apart over the next year, and they were no longer romantically involved by the time Arwen left for Earth. The two of them still had deep feelings for each other, and Arwen privately wished that they could bridge the space between them.

During Arwen’s time at the academy, he attracted a great deal of attention for his linguistic talent. His proudest achievement was writing a program that enabled the Universal Translator to recognize two Dominion languages, which he assembled based on very limited data. While he was well-liked by other cadets, he was relatively guarded and made few close friends.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Science
Academy Minor(s): Language, Computer Science
Hobbies and Pastimes: Language study, painting, lunar camping
Short-Term Goals: Find a new language worth studying; Tutor someone in a dead language; Observe a society on the brink of linguistic development; Go camping on an asteroid; Learn how to cook something.
Long-Term Goals: Become joined with a symbiont; bridge the gap between Trill and human upbringing; resurrect a dead language.
Personality: Reserved, somewhat skittish. Occasionally displays a mischievous streak.
Sense of Humor: Clever wordplay, appreciation for the absurd.
Phobias: Being alone in a dark space.
Likes: Holonovels (Adventure, Romance); Fashion.
Dislikes: Seriousness; Pretentiousness.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Closed-mindedness.
Bad Habits or Vices: Tenebran Wine (keeps one bottle in his quarters for special occasions).
Achievements: Co-authored renowned paper on linguistics; Programmed two Dominion languages into Star Fleet’s Universal Translator.
Disappointments: Not being selected by the Symbiosis Commission.
Illnesses: None.
Strengths: Communicating with different cultures.
Weaknesses: Being direct, managing time.
Fears: Being a disappointment.
Prejudices: Due to upbringing, has never felt fully at-home with humans.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Dark colors. Loose-fitting robes. Sleeveless tops, flowing skirts.
Distinguishing Features: Dark brown spots running down each side of his body, various tattoos of famous quotes in alien languages on both arms. “Ex Astris Scientia” tattooed in Latin on chest.
Friends: Lumis Kel (fmr. Lumis Mara).

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: On his 12th birthday, he planned to visit his father on Earth. Plans were canceled due to concerns of spatial anomalies in the vicinity. He has rarely visited Earth since.
Best Time: Attending the Trill New Year celebration with Lumis, watching the fireworks over Lake Elgin from the ferris wheel. Seeing the lake from so high up in the dark seemed to lift the weight of the expectations and hard decisions that lay ahead. He always thinks about it when he stares out the window of a starship.
Most Crucial Experience: Having his first conversation in Italian with his father. This was his first time having a conversation in a foreign language. He’s always remembered how natural and vibrant his father sounded compared to the relative stiffness of the Universal Translator, and it cemented his love of linguistics.
Role Model: Admiral Adhara Rin, a half Trill/half Bajoran for whom her mixed ancestry was an asset.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 22012.30 Graduate Graduate
Science Officer USS Yoritomo, DD-4019 22012.31 Midshipman Midshipman

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