Pulsar Class Battleship Deck Plans

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Regarding the Pulsar Class Battleship:

Saucer Section
Deck 1 Bridge, Ready Room, Observation Lounge.
Deck 2 Conference Room, First Officer's Office, Senior Officer's/VIP Lounge, Transporter Room 1.
Deck 3 Commanding Officer's Quarters, Senior Officer's Quarters, VIP Quarters.
Deck 4 Crew Quarters, Transporter Room 2.
Deck 5 Crew Quarters, Transporter Room 3, Crew Lounge
Deck 6 Crew Quarters, Transporter Room 4, Pilot's Quarters
Deck 7 Main Shuttlebay, Shuttle Operations, Storage.
Deck 8 Main Shuttlebay, Shuttlecrafts, Runabout.
Deck 9 Main Shuttlebay, Fighter Storage, Flight Control
Deck 10 Entertainment Deck, Holodeck 1,2,3,4, Arboretum, Ten Forward.
Deck 11 10-Forward Extension ('Lower Level'), Gymnasium, Holodeck 5,6,7.
Deck 12 Crew Quarters
Deck 13 Science Department, Science Offices, Chief Science Officer's Office
Deck 14 Science Labs, Specimen Containment
Deck 15 Stellar Cartography, Astrometrics, Secondary Computer Core.
Deck 16 Security Offices, Chief of Security's Office,Weapons Storage, Brig, Interrogation Rooms.
Deck 17 Auxiliary Warp Reactor, Warp Core Coolant Systems, Power Transfer Conduits, Secondary Life Support and Environmental Systems.
Deck 18 Main Sickbay, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Counselling Offices.
Deck 19 Triage, Surgery Bays, Medical Labs.
Deck 20 Stasis Units, Morgue, Medical Containment, Storage
Deck 21 Waste Management Systems, Recycling Processors.
Deck 22 Food Service, Galley, Crew's Mess
Deck 23 Banquet Rooms, Main Banquet Hall, Auditorium.
Deck 24 Theater, Gymnasium, Training Holodecks, Salon.
Deck 25 Marine Offices, Marine Commanding Officer's Offfice, Marine Weapon Stoarage.
Deck 26 Marine Barracks, Transporter Room 5.
Deck 27 Cargo Bays.
Deck 28 Cargo Transporters, Cargo Bays, Environmental Containment.
Engineering Section
Deck 29 Strategic Operations,Chief Tactical Officer's Office, Auxiliary (Battle) Bridge/Computer Control, Ship Systems Monitoring.
Deck 30 Intruder Defense Systems Computer and Backup Monitoring.
Deck 31 Main Computer Core, Secondary Science Labs, Secondary Sickbay
Deck 32 Science, Medical, Security, Tactical Computer backup systems.
Deck 33 Secondary Security Offices, Auxiliary Weapons Storage, Interrogation Rooms, Back-Up/Overflow Brig Units.
Deck 34 Life Support and Environmental Systems.
Deck 35 Torpedo Control, Torpedo Storage, Phaser Batteries.
Deck 36 Primary Sensor Control, Sensor Array.
Deck 37 Transporter Room 6, Storage.
Deck 38 Backup Life Support and Environmental Systems. Backup Phaser Batteries and Torpedo Control.
Deck 39 Secondary Sensor Control, Auxiliary Control, Main Computer Backup Systems.
Deck 40 Quarters, Oncall Engineering Personnel Quarters
Deck 41 Main Engineering, Chief Engineer's Office, Warp Transfer Systems, Warp Core Reactor. Engineering Systems
Deck 42 Engineering, Matter Injector Control,Warp Core Maintenance Junctions.
Deck 43 Engineering, Power Transfer Conduits, Coolant Systems, Core Shield Emitters.
Deck 44 Engineering, Replicator Control, Inertial Dampening Systems, Defensive/Offensive Systems Control, Transporter Subsystems.
Deck 45 Engineering, Main Deflector Control, Deflector Shield Subsystems
Deck 46 Engineering, Subspace Systems, Labs, Antimatter Storage, Cargo Loading doors, Antimatter Supply Manifold
Deck 47 Engineering, Antimatter Generator, Tractor Beam Emitters, Warp Core Jettison Subsystems
Deck 48 Antimatter Pod Ejection Systems, Tertiary Computer Core, Storage, Backup Warp Core Jettison Subsystems.