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A probe is an automated spacecraft used to gather information. Probes are often used for tasks that starships are not suited to handle.

Such tasks include:

  • Collecting information in environments that are too small for starships to examine
  • Collecting information in environments that are too dangerous for starship to examine
  • Extreme long-term deep space exploration.

Several probes used by Star Fleet are modified torpedo casings, with extended sensor equipment and no warhead.
Some deep space probes have casings that contain radioactive material, which could potentially contaminate the biosphere of planets if they enter and remain in the atmosphere.

Probe Types

Star Fleet Probes:

See main page: Probe Classes with uses

  • Class-1 probe
  • Class-2 probe
  • Class-3 probe
  • Class-4 probe
  • Class-5 probe
  • Class-6 probe
  • Class-7 probe
  • Class-8 probe
  • Class-9 probe
  • Class-A probe

Other Federation probes

Ancient Earth Probes:

Alien Probes:

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