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Corodel “Coro” Phoenix
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Biographical Attributes
170 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Skinny, athletic build
Facial Hair:
Sonorous voice, with a sing-song texture
Familial Relationships
Ramsey Phoenix
Xera Phoenix
Status of Parents:
Both his father and mother are both alive and currently reside on Delta IV with there sons. Coro’s father is a teacher of elementary education, and his mother is a practicing physician at the local hospital
T’rel (19), and Fermi (23)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Corodel was born on Delta IV as the first of his parents children. His young childhood was mostly characterized by running around his local neighborhood playing with his schoolmates and friends who lived close to him. He was a wild youth, and one of his favorite activities playing with a local rag-muffin gang. It was around this time that all of his friends started calling him Coro, and it stuck. Everyone called him Coro from then on. He and his friends often had many adventures, all of which his parents were not completely thrilled about. Finally, though when he was 8, he started school full time. In school, Coro was bright and adept at almost anything that caught his attention. Several more uneventful years went by, and by the time Coro was 18, he was ready to enter the Academy. This was a slight shock to his parents, who were not completely thrilled about the oath he would have to take to enter, but, more or less, they whole-heartedly supported him. For Coro, on the other hand, the choice was simple. Either stay on Delta IV for the rest of his life or go have adventures in the cosmos.

Upon his admittance to the Academy, Coro took his oath of celibacy and started his studies. He really enjoyed the Academy life. His classes were very entertaining to him, and he was continually amused by the feeble attempts of human males to woo there counterparts. He did nothing to rebuke this though, for his oath kept him quiet. He decided on a major at the end of his first semester. Finally after much deliberation with his counselor, he went into Star Fleet Medical. Coro enjoyed some of the things associated with the field practice medicine as well as many of the Xenobiology classes he took in conjunction with his major. Everything was going swimmingly well for Coro.

During his second year at the Academy, he had progressed to the top 15% of his class at the Academy, showing an extreme aptitude for treating different species’ ailments. He was working in the sickbay at the Academy during this time as an internship. All of the majors were required to do some field work during there time at the Academy, and Coro choose the Academy sickbay. One night, for Coro always worked the night shift, a group of Cadets arrived accompanied by an irate Commodore. Apparently these miscreants had been involved in some kind of act that had all injured them. By the look of the one that Coro dragged over to the bio-bed he was the leader, but strangely he was wearing a bright red uniform with the Star Fleet insignia pointing towards the side. Kiron Hunter awoke on the bio-bed a little later under the careful care of Coro. Kiron was a little dazed, but otherwise kept repeating, “He’s dead... What happened?” He was badly burned and had a few cuts on his uniform, but otherwise was fine after a bit of regeneration. After a while, Coro became friends with Kiron. The two were not in many of the same classes, as they had different majors, but Kiron was in Coro’s Xeno 301 class.

As time went on, Coro became good friends with Kiron. They got to know each other some, and for some odd reason, Kiron started called Coro, Red. Really, no one never really knew why this was because it couldn’t have been for normal reasons—hair or otherwise. But, nonetheless, it stuck, so from that point on his closest friends all called him Red. In his final year at the Academy, Coro was given an award for service to the Sickbay over the last few years. The award didn’t really entail much really. It was a shiny piece of paper saying that Coro had done a wonderful job helping all of the people in the Academy Sickbay. Really though, it meant quite a lot. As soon as he had graduated, he was offered a field assignment on a ship. This really excited Coro because he had thought that some of Star Fleet might be opposed to sending him out in the fleet to begin with. But alas, tragedy struck. One of Coro’s relatives passed away by a brutal murder. Coro, the usually happy-go-lucky kid, was distraught. It wasn’t he had been that close to his Great-Aunt, because, well, in all honesty, he hadn’t. It was more the fact that Coro felt what his parents must be going through. He informed all of his friends one night that he was going to take a leave from Star Fleet to visit his home. All of his friends were flabbergasted. They could not understand why Coro would leave all that he had here—an assignment, friends. When they finally got the story out of him, a few of his friends, among them Adam Reh and Kiron Hunter disappeared for about a week. Still not knowing what they were involved with at the Academy, Coro just waited for them to return. Finally, when they returned after a week, they gave Coro the name of the person that they thought could help him on Delta IV. Still mystified by the enigmatic nature of the others, Coro tried fruitlessly to ask them how they got it. Their only response was to smile and say, “Never you mind, Red.” Resigned to the fact that his friends were involved in something bigger than him, he took the first transport and went home to Delta IV. After a month or two of uncomfortable silence on the front of news, a report finally came in. Coro’s aunt had been murdered because she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She was walking down one of the main streets in town when, she witnessed some illicit and still unnamed activity.

Finding this information, Coro stayed with his parents for a continuation of his leave. He stayed at his house for six more months, and then made his way back to the Academy. When he got back, he looked for his friends. Apparently, Kiron had just been assigned to the Gettysburg as an Engineer, and Adam had disappeared completely. Returning, still hoping that he could get his former assignment, Coro eagerly went to the assignments office who told him that he had been reassigned, at the present to Starbase Alpha, where he was to work until a ship that needed a medic came in dock. Not completely thrilled about this, but determined all the same Coro went to work on Alpha. Most of the time, it was quiet there, really the only time there was any movement at all was when ships came rolling in from other lands, and almost none of them were Federation ships. One day though, Coro was called into a blackened office and told he had been reassigned to a new ship. Eagerly asking what it was he received the short, terse answer, “Gettysburg”

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Xenobiology, Medicine
Academy Minor(s): Biophysical Chemistry and Neurobiology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Coro enjoys playing tri-dimensional chess, wake-boarding, and climbing mountains
Short-Term Goals: Help as many people as he can
Long-Term Goals: Eventually gain the status of a senior officer
Personality: Calm almost to the point of being irritating. Coro is never rattled by anything
Sense of Humor: Coro has an aptitude for dry puns, but has a light and playful sense of humor
Phobias: For some odd reason, Coro is afraid of Terran Spiders
Likes: Spending time with his family, playing the xylophone, and playing in the Holodeck
Dislikes: Terran beets, potatoes, and unfriendly people
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who refuse to have medical attention
Bad Habits or Vices: Coro often rubs his face with his hands when he is bored. It makes people think that he is sleepy all of the time
Strengths: A laid back personality
Weaknesses: Sometimes his ‘chemistry’ puts him in unavoidable situations
Prejudices: Sometimes a nagging superiority issue surfaces
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: A variety of polo shirts and long pants
Distinguishing Features: A complete lack of hair at all

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