Phaser rifle

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Phaser rifle circa 2367.

Type 3 phaser

Type: Phaser
Output: Beam, Pulse
Manufacturer: Starfleet & Bajoran Militia
Era: 23rd century & 24th century

A phaser rifle is a rifle variation of the standard phaser used by the Federation.

24th century phaser rifles have sixteen power settings, fully-autonomous recharge capability, multiple-target acquisition, and gyro-stabilization.
They are slightly less powerful than Cardassian phase-disruptor rifles, and are considered by some to be less effective as a field weapon due to their complexity, despite being more powerful than the standard phaser.


Phaser rifles were not standard equipment aboard Starfleet vessels prior to the early 2370s. Typically, rifles were used when firepower heavier than that of the type 2 phaser was required.

Facsimile phaser rifles were created by the Romulan Star Empire in 2367 and given to Klingon rebels in an attempt to destabilize relationships between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

The only difference between the standard Federation rifle and the facsimile was the power output of the phaser beam – the emission crystal had an efficiency rating of 94.1%, eight percent above the standard model, while the initial output spike of the beam was inverted, a sign that the power cell had been charged with a forced pulse used in Romulan disruptors.

The 2360s version of the rifle could be modified with the use of a tracking light mounted on the central body, as well as a shoulder strap designed for ease of carrying.

More advanced phaser rifles capable of firing pulse bursts, as well as the standard beam, were used in the 2370s. These rifles had a pistol grip in back and either an "underbarrel grip" or a second vertical grip underneath the barrel (similar to conventional firearms of times past), and were capable of being modified with various types of scope, barrel and power cell.

Phaser rifles were also used by the Bajoran Militia, based on the design of their own hand phasers.


Phaser rifles of the 24th century were characterized by several components: