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Kahe Oza
Career Occupation
Tactical Officer
USS Copernicus, GSC-9035
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 0
Biographical Attributes
175 cm (5 ft. 9 in.)
61.2 kg (135 lb.)
Eye Color:
Typical Black Eyes like all Betazoids
Hair Color:
Raven black with subtle reddish highlights
Long, usually tied in a ponytail
Type: Slim, lean well-toned
Light to medium depending on how much sun she gets
Light Soprano, with a three-octave range
United Federation of Planets
Betazed, the Capital city of Medara
Familial Relationships
Kubid Oza, a Son of the Seventh House
Teemme Oza (nee’ Igruve), a Daughter of the Fifth House
Status of Parents:
Mother and Father and siblings are alive and living on Betazed
Nennoda Oza (30) - (Sister), Jaxadi Oza (26) - (Sister), Amon Oza (24) - (Brother)
Marital Status:
Single but looking

Personal History

Kahe Oza was your typical young Betazoid female, fun-loving for sure, but also, a serious Scholar. Her family stressed education and service. She was at the top of her class in High School. She did have some difficulty in Math, especially in Advanced Calculus, but she studied hard, got a tutor and did very well. She was a straight “A” student in History since grade school. She would often imagine being a different person, in a different time, a different place. The idea of people exploring their home planet or their home system for the first time was fascinating. Imagining what’s over the next hill, what might be on the next planet in the system. Those early explorers must have been truly exceptional people, to leave the safety and comfort of their homes just to see and find the unknown. Kahe would often daydream in class about being one of those explorers, often getting her into trouble.

Her best friend was Ebbal Azaar, the son of her Father’s Assistant. Ebbal and Kahe would spend hours studying, talking, engaging in the latest Holonovels or attended concerts, the normal teenage stuff. Ebbal and Kahe were very close, if he was struggling in a subject, she would help him, if she was having difficulty in a subject, he would help her; the two were more like brother and sister than just friends. Yes, their fathers worked together, and the two families spent a lot of time together. It’s just Ebbal had a clear idea of what his future was, where he wanted to go and how he wanted to get there. As the two grew older they grew apart. Ebbal was accepted into a Diplomatic Internship after graduation. They exchange communications from time-to-time, but never enjoyed the closeness of their youth.

Kahe loved her Science and Engineering classes and did very well in them, she loved figuring out how things worked to see if she could make them better. Artificial intelligence was her favorite subject, the idea of a computer being capable of independent thought and decisions were incredible. For a computer to do that they needed to understand the Historical precedence of the subject at hand. Kahe loves to sing and was in The Choir in school and had several solo performances. She won several singing competitions. She now sings for fun, or if she feels up to it.

In a telepathic society, a member just shares ideas and thoughts no one really writes anything down. However, Kahe’s mother made her practice her penmanship daily, because nothing conveys sincerity like a handwritten note or letter of thanks. It shows you took the time to care and really put thought into it.

Kahe has one very annoying problem. While her parents are considered gifted Telepaths even among the Betazoids, but Kahe didn’t inherit her parents’ Telepathic skills. She was a talented Telepath in her own right, but as her mother would say, “You are a sloppy Telepath”. The problem is sometimes Kahe will broadcast personal information about herself without meaning to. So, if Kahe was in Telepathic contact with a boy she thought was cute, she would inadvertently broadcast to the entire class that the boy was cute, then suddenly, a dozen other voices would sound in her head, “Why thank you.” Kahe’s mother said she needed to practice her focus and control. When Kahe wasn’t embarrassing herself, she was distinguishing herself athletically.

Kahe was a runner and she was considered ruthless at Tassa’Akai, Tassa’Akai is a Betazoid fighting style which uses the Akai, or Betazoid collapsible fighting baton. The style relies on rapid movement, precision strikes from unusual angles, and dodging, not on brute strength or direct attack. Those facts, by themselves, would do little to set Tassa’Akai apart from dozens of other martial arts styles from around the Federation. What makes Tassa’Akai unique is its reliance on the practitioner’s telepathic powers to improve their fighting skills. Thus, the style can only be learned to full effect by those with certain Telepathic skills. The fighter uses their telepathic abilities to semi-subconsciously determine what their opponent will do next — where they plan to dodge or to block, how they plan to attack, and so forth. They then react to that maneuver almost before their foe has consciously conceived of it, which gives them a substantial advantage. Watching two skilled tassa’akailar fight is almost like watching a ballet, albeit one with deadly intent. The interesting thing was Tassa’Akai almost became extinct, but after the Dominion Invasion of Betazed, it became very popular, as many Betazoids felt helpless during the invasion, at least that’s what everyone’s parents and grandparents said.

Kahe’s father was proud of his daughter fighting skills, but her mother, on the other hand, didn’t feel it was appropriate for a daughter or two such Noble House of Betazed to participate in such things. Kahe’s father being a Son of the Seventh house and was bursting with Pride. As the Seventh House of Betazed is one of the thirteen ancient noble houses on Betazed. To be a member of such a social class in Betazoid culture is to be considered descendants of the Goddess, Karawati, herself and a part of influential ancestry.

The Seventh House is known as the House of Courage, and many of its members have historically been involved in the Peace Keepers (sort of a Betazoid Police Force). The Peace Keepers naturally used Tassa’Akai to protect themselves and to keep order. Several members of the family joined Starfleet after the Dominion was driven off Betazed during the Dominion War. The Seventh House, known for a strong tradition of martial arts such as Tassa'Akai, ties to various enterprises, mining, logging and growing Orchards in the jungles of Betazed, and an interest in music as a form of self-expression. Currently, The Seventh House it is a rather small house, having suffered numerous losses due to the Dominion.

Kahe’s mother, not be outdone was always bragging about being a Daughter of The Fifth House, the Fifth house for some odd reason was placed at the Highest level of Betazoid Society, members of the Fifth house usually held very high positions in the government, Ambassadors, Judges, Government Ministers. Kahe found members of the Fifth house to be rather dull, too caught up in their own image to be fun. The Fifth House was nothing to sneeze at, it had many distinguished members, the most prominent member of the Fifth House was the ancient and noble Troi family; most notably Lwaxana Troi. Lwaxana attended a conference of telepathic species on the world Alaya II when the conference was attacked by the Jem'Hadar. Lwaxana and the other attendees used their powers to aid the Starfleet security detail that had beamed down to Alaya to defend the conference.Lwaxana was at her home on Betazed when the Dominion took the planet right out from under the nose of the Tenth Fleet in 2374. Her elegant ancestral home was destroyed. Her manservant, Mr. Homn, was killed protecting young Barin, her grandson from the attack.

Lwaxana then became a member of the Betazed underground movement to fight the Dominion's presence on Betazed. It was Lwaxana's idea to recruit the telepathic killer, Hent Tevron, to the cause of Betazoid freedom. Deanna had studied Tevron's case as a student and had learned some of Tevron's telepathic secrets before he died. Using Tevron's knowledge, the most powerful Betazoid telepaths were able to empathically overload the Jem'Hadar's minds. Many Betazoids died from the strain of the assault, but it was successful, and the world was liberated. Many Betazoids hold the Troi family and The Fifth house in the highest regards. Kahe’s mother was supposedly Lwaxana’s ninth cousin on her mother’s side twice removed, but to hear her mother tell it, she knew Lwaxana like they were best friends.

The Dominion War was a particularly difficult time for the Federation, millions of people died, were captured or missing, hundreds of ships destroyed, entire planets scarred. Over the last several years many Betazoids felt that the Safety and Security of The Federation had been ignored and Betazed had been especially ignored. Many Betazoids felt that they should upgrade and enhance the Security of their own planet before that of others. The Betazoids began a system wide Security and Defense buildup.

What Off-worlders didn’t realize and what the Noble Houses didn’t want to become common knowledge, was that the noble houses weren’t so noble. In many Instances, the leaders of the Noble House would often take a common average Betazoid into their noble house, by the twenty-fourth century ever common run of the mill Betazoid claimed ancestry in this house or that house. Many a shop keeper could be heard saying, “My third great grandmother was Fifth House, or a School Teacher would say, Sixth House Ancestry going back ten generations. Not that stuff like that was important to Kahe, but to her parents it was.

Kahe’s father Kubid is a Big Man, in fact, he looks like what the Terrans call Santa Claus. He is a powerful telepath; warm and friendly he claims he never had gray hair or a weight problem until Kahe came along. The truth was Kahe’s mother was an excellent cook. He always calls Kahe his problem child, just because she would daydream or take apart something she wasn’t supposed to touch. Kubid probably spent more time in the Principal’s Office than Kahe. Kubid Oza is a devoted family man and a patron of the arts. Kubid loved going to Art Galleries and Museums. He was formidable at Tassa’Akai in his younger days. Kubid would do anything for family or friends, he feels that it is one’s duty to help others.

Kahe’s mother, Teemme is a lovely lady while she tends to be House Proud, she really is a down to earth woman who welcomes everyone with a smile and a kind word. He mother is a medical Doctor; she loves taking care of people who were sick of injured. Teemme is a brilliant woman, she graduated top of her class in medical school but, her specialty was Biomechanical Replacement part, if a person lost a limb or an organ was too badly damaged, she would replace them. Teemme was on the research team that developed an artificial heart with zero rejection co-factors and lead the team to create a universal blood conversion unit that allowed any species to donate blood to any other species.

Kahe was proud of her parents and her parents just assumed she would go into the Diplomatic Core or into Medicine, they were livid when she announced she wanted to join Star Fleet. Kahe wanted to be the one to see new cultures and civilizations, meet new and interesting people.

However, the Oza family was unique in the respect that they are family of Diplomats, at least her father is. Her father Kubid was the Federation Diplomat to the Gorn Confederation, The Tellarites and The Denobulans at one time or another just to name a few. If dad’s assignment were too dangerous or short term Kahe and her siblings would go with their mother. Sometimes, she would spend two years with mom doing research in this sector or lending her skills to disaster recovery in that sector, her mother was a regular Angle of Mercy.

However, Kahe loved Diplomatic Protocol. Life was different for Kahe and her sisters and brother. They attended the Diplomatic Schools on the various worlds her father was assigned to when and if the circumstances allow it. They were fine schools to be certain, the Children of the Diplomats could be nice, but starting a new School every couple of years could be difficult. Having to say good-bye to a friend you just made was not fun, but the Parties at the Embassies were like something out of a fairytale. People dressed in their finest clothing. women dressed in Andorian Silk, wearing Rigelian flame gems, their hair was done up in the most stylish hairdos. The men dressed in Smart Military Uniforms with their medals for bravery or valor clung to their chests. To see Klingons in Dress Uniforms was something to see, Black shiny leather and bright silver metal framing the leather, and the Klingon Daggers were works of art, often detailing a Klingon’s house, they were very impressive indeed. To see the Klingon General with her thick wavy black hair tied in an elaborate ponytail secured with shards of metal wrapped leather was an attention getter. The Cardassian Delegations were decked out with bits of Obsidian and Jade, a very stylish culture. Sadly, the life of a Diplomats daughter isn’t all formal Balls and Parties, she was always expected to be on her best behavior. Always smiling and greeting people even if she didn’t want to or wasn’t up to it. Nodding and laughing at the same old jokes got boring quickly.

After Kahe and her parents came to a mutual understanding, they relented and fully Supported her decision to join Star Fleet. Kahe had to admit her time at the Academy was a bittersweet experience.

Freshman year at the Academy is usually the make or break time, people are trying to figure out if this class is Advanced Warp Field Technology, or First Contact 101, Freshmen year was called, “ The Year of Spinning Heads”, but Kahe was able to settle in quickly; being bounced around from one diplomatic assignment to another with her father made settling in to a new place easy. Her Freshman year saw her win the Academy Marathon, she was so proud, she even beat out Seniors. Academically, she was a bit disappointed in herself. Yes, she did a great job, but to be competing with so many brilliant minds, made her work the hardest she ever had in her life, but Freshmen year was also when many cadets succumb to the pressure’s and many of them resign. Freshman year was when Kahe discovered acting, she joined the Academy’s Shakespeare Troup, she played Juliet to a Klingon Romeo, it was thrilling and got rave reviews.

In Kahe’s Sophomore year she had finally won a spot on the Academy Debating Team, she loved it. The Academy’s Debating Team had twenty-seven wins and only one loss, they lost because they were debating a team of Tellerites, Kahe hated to generalize about any species, but Tellerites love to argue, it must be their national past time. She was not prepared for debating her Tellerite opposition. Kahe developed a new respect for her father, he memorized biographies of the other delegates he was meeting with as knowing small pieces information about the other side helps in negotiations.

In her Junior year, Kahe’s beloved Grandmother was killed in a shuttle crash. Kahe and her family were vacationing on Risa, Kahe had been napping in the aft compartment, the shuttle went in and everyone was injured, except Kahe. Once Kahe made sure everyone was stable. She ran for help, but by the time she got back her Grandmother took Kahe’s hand and said, “Goodbye, my little Imzadi.” Kahe was devastated she was very close to her Grandmother. She felt if she had run faster, the help would have arrived quicker, and her Grandmother would be alive. Kahe was so upset that she fell into a deep depression, it was so bad she almost flunked out of the Academy.

The senior year finally arrived. Every Cadet's dream, Final Year at the Academy is always a melancholy time. On one hand your glad the exams are over the pressure lessens, but the friendships you built over four years come to an end. You hope you and your friends all get posted to the same ship, but the chances of that are very remote.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Tactics & Star Ship Operation
Academy Minor(s): Federation & Universal Law, Security
Hobbies and Pastimes: Kahe has an affinity for old Terran music circa the 1980s to current. She enjoys reading, Martial Arts / Self Defense of all types from Klingon, Vulcan, Terran feeling it is better to know several different ones that way she was unpredictable in hand to hand combat. Kahe likes swimming.
Short-Term Goals: To be the best Tactical Officer she can be
Long-Term Goals: At some point, Kahe would like to be a Diplomat, like her father and being a member of Star Feet would give her the knowledge and experience she needs to achieve that goal.
Personality: Kahe has been described as fun-loving, not taking things too seriously, but can be serious when needed and expected of her. Kahe keeps to herself until she gets to know people then watch out.
Sense of Humor: Kahe has a quirky sarcastic sense of humor which has gotten her into trouble.
Phobias: Darkness, total and complete darkness
Likes: Honest people, likes people who are open-minded. People who give other people a chance when no one else will.
Dislikes: Phony, narrow-minded people who judge others on outward or first appearance.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Rude ill-mannered people. People, who are judgmental, people who belittle others just to build themselves up. People she can’t read.
Bad Habits or Vices: Kahe tends to bite her nails and enjoys old Terran Murder Mysteries, (Yes, they can be dumb and cheesy, but they are addictive.
Achievements: Winning Several Singing Competitions in High School, Winning the Academy Marathon, Graduating from Star Fleet Academy.
Disappointments: Knowing that most people assume she must have read their minds, just because she’s a Betazoid. The truth is most people aren’t that interesting that Betazoids want to read them, she learns more from people’s body language than from reading their minds.
Illnesses: Normal childhood illnesses.
Strengths: Kahe is very level headed, she weighs her options, checks her facts before acting.
Weaknesses: Daydreaming when she should be focusing on the here and now.
Fears: Being in a situation where she can’t read someone and having someone die because of it.
Prejudices: Not overly fond of Ferengi a species that focused on greed and the way they view women is totally barbaric.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Favor's Bajoran & Terran fashions
Distinguishing Features: Her standard solid Black Irises
Pets: She adores animals, especially Terran Dogs, she owns a Black Pug named Gus
Friends: Ebbal Azaar (a Betazoid male)

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Watching her Grandmother pass away in her arms.
Best Time: Meeting the Gorn Ambassador to the Federation and getting the chance to dance with him.
Most Crucial Experience: Watching her father adverting a war between two non- Federation Worlds, through verbal thrust and parry. Her father always said, “Words have power to change the world.”
Role Model: Her parents

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 21906.25 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Tactical Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 21906.26 Midshipman Midshipman
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1

Contact Information

E-Mail: kahe.oza@gmail.com

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