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Cardassian Union logo.pngObsidian OrderCardassian Union logo.png
Cardassian Union
Service Type
Secret police, Intelligence agency
Dates active
1831 - Current
Ilusra Kerar
Primary Missions
Foreign and domestic intelligence gathering, covert operations, loyalty enforcement of Cardassian civilian population and military

The Obsidian Order is the primary intelligence agency of the Cardassian Union. One of the most ruthless and efficient organizations in the quadrant, the Obsidian Order eclipsed even the Romulan Tal Shiar in intelligence gathering and covert operations. Almost all Cardassians lived in fear of the Obsidian Order, whose constant surveillance had led to the sudden eliminations of numerous "traitors". It was said that The Order is so efficient, a Cardassian citizen couldn't sit down to a meal without each dish being duly noted and recorded by the Order, down to its preparation and the exact measurement of each ingredient.

Members of the Obsidian Order were taught several techniques for interrogating prisoners by entering into induced illusions. As a last resort, Order agents also carried a Promazine pill to commit suicide in the event they were captured. Their bodies would then turn to dust in a matter of hours.


  • Applied Science Directorate
  • Bajor Division
  • Special Investigations Unit


Foundation and Early History

The Obsidian Order was formed in the 19th century, under the theoretical authority of the civilian Detapa Council. However, in practice both the Council and the Central Command had no control of the Obsidian Order. The Obsidian Order was responsible for matters of security and espionage, and was therefore forbidden from interfering in military operations. The Obsidian Order and the Central Command frequently came in conflict with each other, particularly since members of the Cardassian military were not immune to Obsidian Order inquiries. The only restriction that the Order had was that it was explicitly forbidden to possess military equipment of any kind.

The organization of the Obsidian Order was separated into semi-autonomous cells, which were insulated from each other so that the capture of any particular operative has a limited ability to compromise the organization. Certain agents of the Order were also equipped with cranial implants so that they could better resist torture. They also developed a substance called "promazine," which its operatives used in case of capture. The Order placed surveillance devices in the homes of all Cardassians. However, the devices in the homes of members of the Central Command could be turned off at their occupants' request.

Twenty-Fourth Century

The Order learned of the Bajoran Orbs and sought to attain their immeasurable power for their own use. During the twenty first year of the Years of Deliverance, they received reports of a new Orb present within the ancient city of Bar'trila and attempted to acquire it. However, the Bajoran Resistance struck the location in order to prevent the Obsidian Order from retrieving it. During the skirmish, the Order sent a squadron of fighters to target a nearby dam so that the area would be flooded which prevented anyone from acquiring the Orb.

In 2371, the Obsidian Order was responsible for the abduction and surgical alteration of Kira Nerys (External Link) in an operation to expose Legate Tekeny Ghemor as a sympathizer to the Cardassian dissident movement. The Order also sabotaged the USS Defiant, NX-74205 's attempt to vaporize a silithium-laden comet headed for the Bajoran wormhole, hoping to undermine the peace treaty between Cardassia and Bajor.

The Fall and Rebirth of the Order

At some point in the year 2371 the head of the Order Enabran Tain helped in forging an alliance with the Romulan Star Empire's Tal Shiar with the intention of collaborating in a joint strike against the Founders homeworld in order to cripple the Dominion as a threat. They assembled a large fleet for their operation, consisting of an advanced version of the standard Galor-class starship, the Keldon-class, which was assembled in the Orias system which was unknown to the Cardassian Central Command. They eventually launched the attack in the Gamma Quadrant but their plans were discovered by a Changeling that had taken on the disguise of Romulan Colonel Lovak. The entire fleet was destroyed during the Battle of the Omarion Nebula where the Jem'Hadar crippled the Obsidian Order which effectively ceased to exist as an independent power and was stripped of it in the disastrous loss.

See: Battle of the Omarion Nebula

With the loss of the Order, dissent on Cardassia grew into a civilian uprising which overthrew the Central Command in 2372. This action effectively returned power to the Detapa Council allowing them to handle the Cardassian Union. When the Cardassian Union joined the Dominion in 2373, the responsibilities of the Order were taken over by Dominion security and the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau.

While the Obsidian Order ceased to exist, former members of the organizations were known to have joined several Cardassian splinter organizations. After the Dominion War, one such group in 2375 raided the Federation outpost Sierra VI where they stole top secret technology. This group was stopped by the USS Typhon's Red Squad.

After the end of the First General War in 2395 the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau was renamed back to the Obsidian Order by its new head Rakek. Under his command the Order was able to rebuild itself back to its former glory.


The Order is run in cells so that if one operative should be captured they might not be able to give away information to compromise the entire organisation.

Known Agents