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Jakob Nygard
Career Occupation
Security Officer
Biographical Attributes
230 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Jet Black
Crew cut
Tall and wiry
Deathly pale, with gaunt features
Facial Hair:
His own natural voice is harsh and clipped, but he can take on other accents and voices at will
Familial Relationships
Jorgen Nygard
Ana Nygard
Status of Parents:
Still alive and together, but haven't spoken to their son in 30 years and neither he nor they have any intention of changing that
Marital Status:

Personal History

Jakob Nygard was born in the extreme north of Finland, a bleak and frozen place that produced people with a similar outlook. Even when he was very young, Jakob had something about him that was deeply unsettling. His parents were never able to bond with him, and after an incident when he was 6, they gave him up for adoption. The family pet, a husky pup, had broken its leg and was howling for help. Kneeling down by its side, Jakob thought about how best to quieten his pet, and then reached out and broke its neck.

Afterwards, Jakob found himself going from foster home to foster home, between families and never settling. In order to survive he taught himself how to blend in with groups of people, going unnoticed as much as possible. His keen intellect helped him understand the differences between groups, and by the time he ended up in San Francisco aged 19, he was able to go just about anywhere without anyone commenting that he shouldn't be there.

Although his cynical streak remained, Jakob's academic grades were exceptional. Having never been able to make friends he had simply adjusted and spent any and all free time studying or working. Star Fleet came to his attention that way. Although he had no goals to serve anyone or make the Universe a better place, he did want to improve himself and protect those who, like himself when he was growing up, had no-one else to protect them. He passed the entrance exam without raising a sweat, but the interviewers who met him were unsure whether or not to allow him access. When Jakob was later found in Academy Superintendent's office, having slipped past Security procedures without a problem, they realised his skills would be useful enough to counterbalance his personality and he was accepted into the Academy.

Jakob served with distinction after his graduation and assignment to the USS Liverpool, a frigate assigned to watch the Klingon border. Although never popular with his crewmates, they at least grew to respect him. He was a strong fighter and cunning enough to think of a way out of most situations. Things took a turn for the worse shortly after he turned 25, when the Liverpool was engaged in battling pirates. One of the renegades got on board the Star Fleet vessel and held the ship's counsellor hostage. As Jakob stormed the room, the pirate threatened to kill his hostage unless the Security officer left. Without so much as a second though, Jakob shot the counsellor to take away the pirate's advantage, and then blasted the pirate too. At the following court martial, Jakob refused to acknowledge that he had done anything wrong. The counsellor died, but Jakob was of the firm opinion that the pirate would have killed her anyway and then taken further hostages. He had only speeded up the process and then prevented further deaths. Deeply worried about having someone that cold-hearted amongst a starship's crew, Star Fleet Command found a new way to employ him.

Jakob Nygard was moved to the Intelligence services, and given deep cover missions amongst remote colonies. His ability to blend in without being noticed was invaluable, and his bleak outlook on life didn't particularly matter as there wasn't a crew morale for him to upset. Often his role was simply to report back and gather information. That was until he was given a wetworks mission. A known secessionist agitator was moving amongst colonies on the edge of the Neutral Zone, and he had to be removed. Other members of the division refused the mission but Jakob accepted without a second thought, and shot the man through the head the next time he emerged to give a speech. On debrief, his superiors found Nygard to be totally unphased by the kill. Psychiatric evaluations showed him to be no risk at all to the general population of a location - he would never kill for the sake of it, but if asked to via the proper channels he had no issue with doing what needed to be done.

He spent the next few years doing whatever needed to be done, often working alone on deep cover insertion or being present at a flashpoint and able to guide others in, whether it be directing a Marine strike team to their target or briefing a Star Fleet Captain on the modus operandi of a given group before meetings. When the decision was taken to form a Special Operations team based on the USS Gettysburg and operating around the Romulan border, Jakob Nygard's name was initially dismissed twice as a risk to morale before he was eventually assigned. He knew the colonies and Federation outposts in the area inside-out, and although not necessarily a 'team player' he had extensive experience at passing on information to others and working with them to achieve goals.

Jakob himself has refrained from passing judgement. It will be difficult for him to adjust to being based amongst a crew again after so long away, but he looks forward to the challenge and will do the best he can

Personality Profile

Hobbies and Pastimes: None. If he's not on a mission, Jakob is training or sleeping
Short-Term Goals: Integrate with the other members of the Spec Ops team
Long-Term Goals: Lead the team
Personality: Cold and detached. Not a big talker. If his point of view is shouted down, Jakob will often just do things his way anyway. His respect must be earned, and until it is he can be downright insubordinate. However, get on his good side, and his loyalty is unswerving
Sense of Humor: Black and morbid
Likes: Things going to plan
Dislikes: Complications
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Coveralls or tatty jeans and shirts
Distinguishing Features: Nothing that would make him stand out

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