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Kira Nyechev
Career Occupation
Science Officer
Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
Biographical Attributes
165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.)
49.9 kg (110 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Shoulder length, layered
Slightly raspy
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Nicholi Nyechev, deceased
Alexandra Nyechev, deceased
2 Brothers, deceased
Marital Status:

Personal History

Kira was born the third child of civilians Nicholi and Alexandra Nyechev of Archer 4 on stardate 18111.25. Her early childhood was as normal of an experience as anyone could hope for. Being born on a world deep within the great Federation Frontier there was little if nothing that wasn't within her reach. From an early age she showed a great wonder in regards to the world around her. Every question involved a why and no answer quickly given was ever taken at face value. Knowing her potential her mother and father opted to encourage her to study the sciences.

At first they encouraged both Medical and Natural Sciences but it soon became evident that Kira liked spacial anomolies more than chromosonal abnormalities. Life was good. But at the age of 15 life changed.

On vacation with her parents to view the Wolf 359 Memorial the liner Kira and her family, including her two younger brothers Michil and Alexi, were traveling on was attacked and boarded by Orion Pirates. It happened so quickly that the liner's crew never knew what hit them and so a distress signal was never sent. It would take Star Fleet a week to track down the missing ship and several months of therapy to even get Kira to talk about the things that had happened to her, to her family, at the hands of the Pirates during that week. Even after she revealed, only to the counselor, what had caused the scar on her back she would never say how it had come to happen. Nor what had happened to the ones who didn't survive the brutality of their captors. The Pirates had been the savage sort an the extreme sense of the word.

After spending several months on Norpin Colony at the Star Fleet Psychiatric Trauma Rehabilitation Center Kira returned to school. This time on Earth. Her therapist had arranged for Kira to stay in a foster home.It took a good portion of her four high school years to form a close loving bond with her foster parents. They were the exception to the rule though.Unlike the outgoing girl her old, forgotten, friends on Archer 4 would have recongnised Kira mostly kept to herself during her High School career. Her new friend and absolute confidant next to Ron and Joni. as she referred her foster parents, was Science. It's laws, in her mind, were something that could never be ripped away from her or shamed.

Her self-imposed emotional isolation aside- Kira excelled academically at her new High School and when graduation came she quietly sent her application away to Star Fleet for admission to the Academy. Though there were much safer ways to study the cosmos Kira had developed a strong appreciation for Star Fleet ideals and the Fleet way of life while living on Norpin during the early stages of her rehabilitation and had decided that serving was part of her future before leaving the colony.

When her letter of acceptance came Kira began packing and on a gloomy and rainy San Fransico morning a short week later she began her first march through the Parade Grounds.

Over six years at the Academy Kira continued learning how to form simple friendships with others. But they were never the intimate friendships most of her peers enjoyed. Like in High School there was no dating, no boyfriend, no one to have to lose again- no one to leave her behind. She kept her inner thoughts and her heart closely guarded. Keeping everyone at arms length emotionally. This did give her somewhat of an edge over some other students though. She found it easier to make big decisions in practicals and simulations. It was part of the reason some encouraged her to Minor in Command training.

Kira would go on to graduate with high honors and 4 published papers concerning Spatial Rifts and Artificial Wormholes under her belt. Her first assignment was to the USS Ptolemy. The Ptolemy was a newly commissioned vessel herself then and as a junior officer on a ship of a couple thousand designed primarily to explore both space and science, Kira thought she was in heaven. Over the next three years the Ptolemy would go on to make first contact with two new species and catalogue astronomical bodies on the fringes of the Federation.

Two years after coming aboard Kira made Lieutenant J.G. and was just recently promoted to full Lieutenant last month. The promotion came with a down side though. Kira was being ordered to leave the Ptolemy with her reassignment still up in the air. She had just started to allow herself to bond with one or two of the select few aboard Ptolemy that she considered colleagues and now all that seemed for nothing. That was the life she had signed on for though. That was life serving the Fleet. So with a smile she said her goodbyes and boarded the Runabout sent to ferry her to Starbase 215 where she waits for re-assignment.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Astrophysics and Stellar Cartography
Academy Minor(s): Command
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading, jogging, holo-novels
Short-Term Goals: Get settled in on her new assignment
Long-Term Goals: To have a Scientific Law named after her. To be the first to discover something great about the nature of space and time itself
Sense of Humor: Dry but witty
Dislikes: Arrogance, egos
Strengths: Problem solving, and a knack for Stellar Mechanics
Weaknesses: Guarded sometimes to a fault, trouble allowing close relationships to form
Fears: Being left behind
Distinguishing Features: Four inch scar across the small of her back

Career History

As Commander Nathan May
Stardate 20311.14 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy.
Stardate 20311.14 - Promoted to Ensign, Assigned to USS Yeager SC-8018.
Stardate 20401.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade), USS Yeager.
Stardate 20406.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant, USS Yeager.
Stardate 20412.01 - Awarded SFCM, USS Yeager.
Stardate 20502.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, USS Yeager.
Stardate 20512.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, Awarded GS, USS Yeager.
Stardate 20602.23 - Promoted to Commander, assigned as First Officer, USS Titan CL-2007.
Stardate 20603.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Titan.
As Lieutenant Kira Nyechev
Previous history to be written
Stardate 20801.31 - Assigned to Space Station Sierra-18

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