Nevas IV

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Nevas IV is a mining planet located in the Nevas system of what was the former Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone. Mostly barren rock with sparse vegetation and little water, Nevas IV is a source of several important elements, including dilithium. Mining conglomerates from the Romulan Star Empire, the Federation and other independent worlds have all established operations on the planet.

Before the Neutral Zone was militarized, Nevas IV was noted for its lawlessness. While the Romulans provide security forces for the planet, they did little other than guard the Empire's own interests. Smuggling was the main source of income for many of the world's inhabitants, and the planet became a safehaven for those avoiding prosecution elsewhere. The lack of governance also led to an increased intelligence presence from the major powers.

In 2413, the Tal'Shiar occupied and militarized the Neutral Zone under the guise of border security. A heavy Tal'Shiar presence on Nevas IV discouraged much of the smuggling and intelligence activities that had gone on prior, and the planet's population dwindled as traders and smugglers went elsewhere to do business. After the end of the Fourth Romulan Civil War, with the Tal'Shiar's surrender, the Imperial government continued a militarized presence on the planet, though they loosened much of the oppressive laws implemented by the Tal'Shiar. Traders began to return to the planet, though on a more legitimate scale than previously.

Tak Shimir is the planet's only true settlement, with several dozen mining camps also scattered about the surface of the world.