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An example of one of the most valuable starbases within the Federation is Narendra Station. A staging post for expeditions deep into an area of the Galaxy that has, until now, only been mapped by automated survey probes — the Shackleton Expanse.

Starbase 364 "Narendra Station"
Narendra Station Schematic

Formally designated as Starbase 364, Narendra Station has officially been operational since 2371 though was operated by a skeleton crew until 2420. Named in tribute to the Klingon colonists who were massacred during a Romulan sneak attack against the outpost on Narendra III in 2344, the starbase also serves as a reminder of the pivotal shift in Klingon-Federation relations which occurred in the aftermath of the assault. During the attack, the Star Fleet vessel USS Enterprise-C, commanded by Captain Rachel Garrett answered the colony’s distress call, managing to repel the attacking Romulan ships and saving the outpost from total annihilation. The action came at the cost of the Enterprise-C and its crew, a gesture of bravery and sacrifice which was not lost on the Klingon Empire’s High Council.

Narendra Station is home to both Star Fleet and Klingon personnel, pursuing missions and goals relevant to their individual governments as well as joint tasks that serve to further support continuing collaborative efforts. Given its location and relative isolation from more populated areas of Federation space, the station’s command staff is granted a broad authority to dispatch the vessels in its charge on missions of exploration as well as diplomacy. The Starbase also serves as a first line of defense against threats to Federation and Klingon security that might emerge from the unexplored depths of the Shackleton Expanse or points beyond.

Notable Areas

  • "Wasted Space" - Large Bar and Restaurant on the Station's Promenade.
    • Mala Ren - Speciality drink named after a Star Fleet Engineer from the 2370s. It is red, gives off green mist, and it is almost as potent as Romulan Ale (near-instant drunk upon drinking one glass).

  • Narendra Memorial - Memorial to the crew of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-C, lost with all hands in defence of Narendra III against Romulan aggressors in 2344.
    • Note: Does not include Lieutenant Tasha Yar as a member of the crew.