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A graphic of nanoprobes.
A graphic of nanoprobes assimilating blood cells.
Nanoprobes within cells.

The basic building blocks of Borg assimilation, these submicroscopic, self-replicating robots permeate the bloodstream and carry Borg technology throughout the body. Nanoprobes attack the victim on a cellular level, latching on to the blood cells and taking over their functions, rewriting their DNA almost instantaneously. The subject's skin turns gray within seconds, and develops a distinctive mottled pattern. This stage of assimilation leaves a subject passive and suggestible, paving the way for further alteration with cybernetic implants.

Nanoprobes are similar to nanites in that they can be programmed for a variety of functions. However, nanoprobes are limited to influencing organic structures. Examples of other ways they have been used are:

  • To attack specific diseased or virus-carrying cells in order to help a patient recover.
  • To assimilate alcohol or synthehol molecules to sober a patient.
  • To influence or disable the bio-neural circuitry of a ship.