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The Morgs are large sentient humanoids native to the surface of the planet Sigma Draconis VI.

The population of Morgs on the planet were primitive, but plentiful. Because they possessed no organized civilization, they remained widely scattered throughout the planet's surface.

At the peak of civilization on Sigma Draconis VI, its inhabitants lived in a culture advanced beyond 23rd century Federation capabilities.

Around 8000 BC, when a glacial age reoccurred, an underground complex was developed for the women, while the men remained above, causing a male-female schism.

  • These men would become the primitive beings known as the Morg.

When the crew of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701 encountered the Morgs in 2268, they did not know the meaning of the word "female" or "mate", and feared "the others", whom they called the "givers of pain and delight".

  • These "others" were later determined to be their female counterparts, the Eymorgs.

Below the surface of Sigma Draconis VI, the Morgs served as obedient slaves of the Eymorgs, by means of pain bands.

Following the disconnection of "the Controller" by the crew of the Enterprise, the Morgs and Eymorgs were forced to live together once again in an attempt to re-establish a civilization.

  • The status of this rejoined civilization is currently unknown.