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Aegis Monroe
Career Occupation
Chief Medical Officer
USS Gettysburg, CA-1863
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Aegis Monroe
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Natural red
Mid length down past her shoulders
Slight but toned
Soft, sweet, melodic
Familial Relationships
Aethan (34(36) - Brother

Personal History

Aegis was born to her mother and father on the planet of Bajor, who had come to Bajor for work and a new life. Her older brother was already five years old when she came into the world. They shared their bright red hair and lovely blue eyes; a gift from their father. Most of their childhood was fairly simple and loving. Her father, was an Engineer that worked on Starbase Charlie, and he would come home when he had leave and vacation time, and constantly keeping in contact with video chats and messages when he didn't. Their mother was a school teacher on Bajor and filled their lives with stories from the past; of how far the Bajorans had come since the occupation of Cardassia and all of the strides that the planet had made once the Occupation had ended.

With her bubbly personality she as almost always in some sort of trouble; caught talking during class, drawing pictures, or reading non-classroom materials. It didn't seem to effect her grades; she was the sort of student that absorbed her knowledge easily and quickly, especially when it was given verbally. Thus, she stayed on par through all of her schooling. She was always one that cared for those around her. She made easy friends and was loyal and devoted to each one of them. Aegis also took care of those around her; wounds, sickness, and depression. She liked to help and even went as far as volunteering at local facilities where she could be taught how to help people.

When she was only nine she and some of her friends were out exploring an old abandoned building, being kids, and playing where they weren't supposed to be. Old exposed wires caught fire without the kids realizing it and the old and long uncared for facility lit up quickly. The fire raged, and soon the young kids were trapped.. They huddled in an old office, trying to break one of the windows to get out before the fire could get them. Smoke filled the room as the fire encroached she was fairly certain that she would never see her family again. Suddenly, the glass burst inward, showering the kids with shards of glass as a large hand reached in and helped the kids to safety. The fire suppression teams had been discharged to help the fire not spread and heard the screams of the children. Never again was she comfortable with fire. In fact, it turned it something that truly terrified her.

After the fire, she was taken to one of the facilities at which she volunteered at, to be checked out. Physically, other than some smoke inhalation, she was fine. Mentally, she was shaken. She entered counseling to get some help, and was referred to a doctor that was all too familiar to her; Jayla Franks. Doctor Franks was not Bajoran but she had decided to come here with her husband who was. She treated and helped Aegis with her fears but also began to mentor her, showing her a strong and capable female doctor and all that they could achieve with just effort. Aegis had a passion for all things medical and health related and Jayla seemed to see a bit of her young self in the young Aegis, and took her under her wing for better volunteer opportunities and a more immersive workload.

Through out school she was in and out of trouble for various things; mostly just getting in with the wrong crowd for a while, or just being distracted and not doing her school work. It was later determined that she was actually quite bright and just exceptionally bored during class. Upping the difficulty of her studies and putting her in higher classes settled her down rather quickly and she seemed to be back on track. She graduated with honors and was accepted into the Starfleet Academy. She knew what she wanted to do: she wanted to help people. From all her time volunteering and helping out she knew that it was her passion. Once accepted, she decided to go down the Medical path.

The Academy suited her well, though she was usually far too bubbly for most of the people that she met, she didn't let that deter her from her chosen path. Many teased her for the fact that she was always quick to laugh and didn't seem to take things seriously. However, they soon noticed that when things got a bit critical she was one of the first to jump in, serious face, and solve the problem as best as she could. She worked hard, making sure that she did both physical and mental health for her majors and minors so that she could be the best comprehensive doctor that she could be. During her internship, she found herself with a patient that was gravely wounded and severely ill. She and the team of doctors worked diligently to try to save his life, but unfortunately he could not be saved. It was her first time to face the death of a patient and it was very hard on her.

During her studies at the Academy her greatest fear came to light. The news of the destruction of Bajor finally reached her. News rocked the universe, and her entire world. She collapsed in the center of the main concourse of the Academy, food tray spread out all around her, food seeping around onto the cold tile as the news hit many of the Bajoran students harshly. Many of them were quite lost. They had lost parents, siblings, pets, whole lineages, their homes. The Academy set up many grief counselors in the wake of the tragedy and Aegis was one of the many that took advantage of it. It was not easy to get through her grief, and for a short time, her grades struggled and she took a small hiatus so that she could concentrate on her mental health and the grief of losing her entire family.

The following semester she returned to her studies - not quite the same, but still as similar as she could get. Sometimes the smile she plastered on her face was fake but slowly over time it grew more and more genuine. Eventually, she felt whole again and continued her studies even graduating with top honors in the Academy with her sheer determination; to make sure that her family would be proud of her even though they could not see her she hoped they would know. It was a few weeks after she graduated and found out her first assignment on the USS Revolution that she found out the news.

Her family, and her brother, her planet, had been restored. She had never been happier and received a call from her family as soon as they were able to function properly. She learned that everyone had stayed still in the timeline, not aged, for two years, while she had. She and her brother were now only three years apart instead of five, but she didn't care. He was alive, her parents were alive, and she promised to visit on her first leave. She held on to that promise as well.

During her years on the Revolution she met and dated a Security officer, a Human, by the name of Kazmir Llwellyn. They dated for a while, even going as far as to share a quarters for a while. However, Kazmir was lost during one of the missions that the ship went on. Caught in a fire fight, he and other Starfleet Security officers, perished. A plaque was created for the ship in their memory, but the loss hit Aegis rather hard. She had been sure that he would be the one she would spend her life with, and the one that she would marry. But fate, had other plans. She turned deeply to the spiritual side of her life, to get through it and focused more on work. It was a hard thing, to continue to return to the Quarters they had shared, and thus she requested a transfer.

An open position had been noticed on the USS Gettysburg and Aegis took that as a sign. A massive ship, known for being in danger and bloody. One that needed a good solid hand on it's crew and Medical bay. So she applied for the position and was accepted.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Internal Medicine, General Surgery
Academy Minor(s): Psychiatry, Infectious Disease
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading, Music, Baking, Writing
Short-Term Goals: Start a family, publish in a noted Medical Journal
Long-Term Goals: Discover a cure for Iverson's Syndrome. Run an efficient department.
Personality: Aegis tends to be a pretty happy-go-lucky person, not much can bring her down. Often times she's referred to as an eternal optimist. She sees the good in people and situations. It's very hard for her to get down in the dumps. She tends to come at people with positivity and a bright disposition. She tries to be the friend, the mom, the sister, filling the roles in the lives of people around her. She connects well with people and truly enjoys getting to know people. Work is highly important to her, she takes it seriously, while she's usually bright and bubbly, at work, she can be serious when it counts. If someone ever saw her down or depressed, it would be something quite rare and probably something deeply troubling her. She isn't known for consuming alcohol but instead relies on her sweet tooth to cope with difficult times.
Sense of Humor: Aegis loves to laugh and enjoy life. Easy to laugh and joke around.
Phobias: Fire
Likes: Baking, Sweets, Coffee, Working, People, Friends, Trying new things, horror movies, music
Dislikes: Sour things, itchy sweaters, hot tea, romance movies, cats
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People that tell her how to do her job.
Bad Habits or Vices: Sweet addiction
Achievements: Medical Degree, Acceptance into the Academy, World Spelling Bee Champ, Grade 11
Disappointments: The loss of Kazmir, Having to step away from the Academy briefly
Illnesses: Childhood illnesses
Strengths: Intelligence, Quick in a Crisis, Levelheaded when it counts, Friendly, Open, Fun
Weaknesses: Working too much, Forgetting to Delegate, Physical Strength, Sometimes Easily Distracted
Fears: Losing a patient, dying alone, torture
Prejudices: Cardassians
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Jeans and t-shirts, often old band shirts from various planets
Distinguishing Features: Red hair, tattoos on her arms and shoulders.
Friends: Cordelia Wainwright

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing her entire family when Bajor was destroyed
Best Time: Finding out her family were alive again.
Most Crucial Experience: Helping and volunteering at the local hospitals
Role Model: Doctor Jayla Franks

Career History

As Amelia "Blue" Tiran
Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 21403.13 Received Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Engineering Officer USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21403.13 Promoted to Ensign
Reassigned to Engineering Officer
Assigned to USS Intrepid, CA-1708
Engineering Officer USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21405.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21408.12 Transfered to USS Yeager, FSC-28018
Engineering Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21410.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21410.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Engineering Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21411.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21503.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Engineering Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21504.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Lieutenant
Engineering Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21505.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 21604.03 Transferred
Engineering Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 21611.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 21612.01 Diamond Star Diamond Star
Engineering Officer USS Ozaki, PFF-7168 21707.01 Transferred Lieutenant
Engineering Officer USS Ozaki, PFF-7168 21707.18 Gold Star Gold Star
Engineering Officer USS Ozaki, PFF-7168 21709.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Ozaki, PFF-7168 21712.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Ozaki, PFF-7168 21801.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Aegis Monroe
Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Chief Medical Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 21804.01 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Gold Star Gold Star 2
Diamond Star Diamond Star 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 8

Supplemental Information

Previous Character: Amelia "Blue" Tiran

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