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Kaguyagat Mo
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Titania, RSV-88002
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 0
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Kaguyagat Mo
188 cm (6 ft. 2 in.)
106.6 kg (235 lb.)
Eye Color:
Columbian coffee brown
Hair Color:
Medium length curly, typically left loose
Weight-trained muscles / athletic (think linebacker, not lineman)
Dark Olive-Brown. Beginnings of long-term cold weather exposure starting to show on skin. Cold weather scuba-goggle type imprints on face for hours after some of his holodeck simulations.
Facial Hair:
Clean-shaven, unless it’s day 3 of an away mission
Spinto tenor, turning steely if unnerved
United Federation of Planets
Kamchatka (Pacific Russia), Makivik (fictional Tribal Republic)
(N/A) 00.00
Familial Relationships
Younger Brother: Silla
Marital Status:
Divorced. On a pilgrimage with friendship boundaries for the time being

Personal History

Power corrupts. Unlimited power corrupts limitlessly.

To a people who returned to their native lifestyle after the 21st century post-atomic horrors, coming around yet again to another forced modernization was resisted by the tribes of the Inuit. They had seen the Norsemen come and go. The Cossacks come and go. The whalers come and go. The missionaries come and go. The fur-traders come and go. The soldiers and scientists come and go. The ice come and go. Yet they remained. Over time, by bonding with more southernly tribes like the Tlingit. Dolgan, and Yakut for trade and strength, they formed the loose pan-arctic Tribal Republic of Makivik. By the 23rd century, though, readily available solar, wind, tide, and cold-fusion power generators had seduced most people. By the 24th century, instant communication in the vast wilderness, replicators in igloos, transporter tourists, and environmental activists had drowned the Inuit lifestyle into what one Inuit writer famously wrote as “Thawed Perma-lost.” The arctic tribal nations hemorrhaged it’s youth away to southern climates and societies. Time blended their peoples more, but never quite fully broke their spirits.

Named Mo, after a Korean-Inuit musician in Yelizovo who died the same day Yaga was born, Kaguyagat Mo grew up in this new 25th century arctic reality. His mother, Tapessa, and his grandmother ran a prestigious law firm in Alaska, where he would pretend to intern afternoons after elementary school. His father worked all around the world building high-rise towers, public stadiums, and municipal plazas. His paternal grandmother was a geologist monitoring the volcanoes of Kamchatka, and Yaga’s father Kallik had gotten a pilot’s license in his own youth to fly her around the peninsula. His paternal grandfather managed the commissary at a Yelizovo plant that made space-worthy environment suits for Starfleet. Yaga Mo had dove under pack ice in an environment suit, flown over Sopka volcanoes, and hiked the Itelmen paths of the Kamchatka River with his grandmother and Yup’ik family long before he was even 10 years old.

Yaga Mo grew up in these two worlds, between modern and native. He mountain-climbed, camped, skied, kayaked, and hunted the Land with tribal family, while he saw, toured, and visited all the worldly places with his parents. He could be with his father in, say, New Delhi at lunch and still spend a family evening at a Lodge beyond the arctic circle. His Inuit grandparents and Elders tried to teach that there was no difference between the past and present. They would send willing tribal children to Qasgiq camps with their father or Ena camps with their mother for long summer vacations with extended family. There they learned the traditions and customs that made the various tribes of the Inuit unique. The Yup’ik tribes were not limited to Earth. Yaga Mo had extended family, generations long, on Andoria and Dorvan V, and they spent one summer in the company of each during his childhood to keep the traditions stirred.

When an avalanche at Sopka buried his brother and killed his grandmother, Yaga Mo focused on high school sports to process his grief; parrises squares, hockey, skiing, velocity. He was gifted with natural sports ability and intellect, and his parents funded the trainers and schooling necessary to foster his sports skills. He made his way through the downhill ski championship competitions until he slowly gained minor fame, and gained an older, skilled, international adversary named Bjarne Øyvind. After high school, Yaga Mo married his tribal sweetheart, Melanie, an intern at his mother’s law firm. He was accepted to a junior college in Ottawa and was heavily recruited to play for its junior parrises team, helping them win silver in the 2415 World Junior Parrises Championship. In the downhill slalom qualifying run-up to the 2416 Olympic Games, Yaga and Bjarne were the featured first and second place competitors, swapping finishes at seemingly every other competition. That was when his invitation came to join the Makivik parrises team in the Olympics. Yaga chose to bow out of the downhill Olympic Skiing, leaving Bjarne to easy medals, but the surprise Makivik parrises team won gold that year. Yaga was offered full scholarships for law degrees from prestigious universities, and was tempted with fame in international parrises as a heavily recruited star player. His soaring popularity and changing lifestyle split his young marriage.

At that summer’s Ena, a Starfleet officer returned to her Inuit people as a rescued victim of the Krynar recovering from Enlightenment, and her tale grew large in the minds of those who listened to her. Not the least of whom, the Elders of Yaga’s extended Yup’ik family tribe. The Makivik Tribal Elders decided the galaxy was dangerous enough that Inuit culture could be lost forever, to a monster they had no tale to guide them against. They viewed all life as a circle of respect. If the bear or the orca ate you, you were still somehow part of that circle. Even the Cardassians could be viewed as adversaries in that respectful circle. The Krynar, however, were no wolf or raven trying to trick them; they were a heartless tidal wave to wash the Inuit from existence. Similarly, the Borg were a volcano of thoughtless destruction, one that would leave no trace of the Inuit behind. This reality of a new galactic circle left a broken strand in the Elders thinking. The Inuit Elders needed a new shaman guide, a new type of angalkuk, to face this new challenging future and re-tie the circle into their understanding again. Each of the three Yup’ik tribes; on Earth, Andor, and Dorvan, were to choose a candidate to take the gathered history of all the Inuit and records of who they were, and go out into the universe, showcasing that history while seeking new healing spirits for the tribes. These three candidates were the Inuksuk, ‘on the righteous path,’ and when their personal story, their Qanemciq, joined with a mythical story, the Quiliraq, they would discover their Tuunraq, or healing spirit, and could return to the tribe as a great hero, perhaps to even become a shaman themselves in time.

When Kaguyagat Mo heard the former Krynar-Enlightened Starfleet officer's tale from her own Inuit lips, it seized him. When he then heard the news she had taken her own life in deep grief, he left all thought of fame and fortune to apply to Starfleet Academy and join the defense of Earth. When the Elders heard he had done this, they also found their Inuksuk candidate from the Earth Yup’ik tribe.

The Elders felt the five-part image of the Golden Gate Bridge, the bridging metaphor itself, and his mate Melanie in San Francisco were clear, strong signs the Academy was Yaga’s first challenge. Yaga had come back to Melanie to help seek his path into Starfleet before the Elders chose him, and they felt she was a steady guide to his path, married or not. He spent as many nights studying in her Rincon Hill apartment overlooking the Bay as he did in his Law School McNeal dorm. Raised in an Alaskan tribal family of advocates, lawyers, rangers, and lawmen, Yaga was drawn to be a peacemaker, and both his arctic and sports conditioning had set him up physically to excel in those classes that favored security. He also had strong personal skills and a natural way with people that put folks at ease. By the end of his second year of the Academy he had decided on Security as his major, favoring the Legal Advocate track due to his pre-law junior college, and Planetary Xenobiology as his minor. The Elders and Melanie were supportive of the choices. He was a familiar fixture in a dozen Academy student study groups over the years, both as learner and tutor.

While he was able to continue his parrises playing on the Academy teams, and was part of the 2419 Security Parrises Team that went undefeated his sophomore year, he was unable to train at a level necessary to participate in the 2420 Olympics in either parrises or skiing. He was able to take time to attend part those Olympics with his ex-wife Melanie, and cheer his aging friend Bjarne on to bronze twice more.

Knowing from the beginning that the Academy would take up most all of his waking hours, Yaga put off the more difficult Inuit lessons and simply took time learning the ancient Inuit dialects that would be necessary for him to understand and interpret the Inuksuk oral histories after graduation. He and Melanie made overnight trips to several arctic lodges to learn the songs and dances without relying on universal translators.

Yaga’s field study semester was in the Starfleet J.A.G. offices, initially at Falls Church, then on Earth’s Spacedock. It consisted mostly of cataloging wills and probate estates of crew lost to the Borg Megasphere, working with the Administrative Services support team under Rear Admiral Benjamin Barnett. Yaga’s team fed communiques and updated info to the main teams traveling out in the Federation, bringing the formal honors or bad news, and returning assets, to next of kin on various distant planets.

An Astronomy class in his junior year seemed to resonate with him strongly enough to pursue it further, with Melanie and the Tribal Elders agreeing with his decision. With hard work that cut deeply into his extra-curricular sports, Yaga managed to add a second minor in Astronomy in his senior year. The Elders felt Yaga studied Inuit to learn who he was, Law to understand where he had been, Xenobiology for where he was, and Astronomy to understand where he was going.

All three of Yaga’s electives were spent on “Mo’s gift;” his natural piano ability & music theory.

Yaga Mo graduated in 2421 with 52 credits and a e-coind of 9.1.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security (Law)
Academy Minor(s): Astronomy, Planetary Xenobiology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Inuksuk pilgrimage spiritual study & exercises (oral lessons, making things in traditional ways, philosophizing on Inuit narratives), Piano (talented with an entertaining skill level), Hoverball in quarters/off-duty, velocity, racquetball, skiing, kayaking, skeet, working through nature holoprograms.
Short-Term Goals: Walk on the moon. Come to understand what ‘help defend Earth’ really means. Advance further in his Inuksuk training to find his next "cairn" which will show he is on the right path for his journey. See more types of stars and more planets than the only three he knows. Actually finish reading War & Peace in its true Russian version (he's having difficulties).
Long-Term Goals: To continue his Starfleet studies to eventually add a third Minor in Law Enforcement. To follow his Inuksuk path to find it's destiny. See a LOT more of the galaxy. If lucky enough, return to be a tribal leader, settle down and send others out on their own Inuksuk in his place.
Personality: Curious, resourceful, kind. Mentioned briefly during the graduation address of the Valedictorian of their Law School class, an example she said of Yaga: “We all know the social butterflies; those who happen by, by chance, to pause your work in a moment of gossipy wonder. Yaga-Mo was my first exposure to a social ant. He’d never gossip, but he’d always pause what he was doing, to help you carry your load, or help you do your work instead. I strive every day to be more like you in that regard, Aunt-Mo!”
Sense of Humor: Usually more serious. Prefers funny stories over jokes or puns. Not at all fond of practical jokes
Phobias: None crippling, though being Enlightened by the Krynar might come close
Likes: Seeing new planets & meeting new people. Children. Playing velocity with his brother. Teamwork. Terrace. Collapsing after hard work to soft music. Alder campfire smoke. Those last fried potato or wonton bits.
Dislikes: Greed.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Loners, though his journey is making him see these people in himself in an entirely different way now. Also, poorly prepared sushi will raise the rare complaint.
Bad Habits or Vices: Good restaurants. Bad restaurants. Clubs & dives. Referring to his piano skills in the third person as “Mo’s skill.”
Achievements: Seeing so many major cities of Earth. Gold medal Olympic Parrises Team, Silver medal on World Junior Parrises team. Multiple parrises and velocity trophies during the Academy. Graduating Starfleet as an officer with over 100 holos in his year-padd from other students who considered him a friend.
Disappointments: Seeing his grandfather die lonely of old age in a remote igloo.
Illnesses: Frequent bouts with a stubborn bronchiolitis over childhood. Six different mosquito born viruses; two serious. Eighteen cases of hypothermia and frostbite; three serious, one critical. Two broken bones. Numerous muscle and tendon injuries from skiing and parrises accidents.
Strengths: Gregarious with strong recognition and recall, particularly names & faces. Excellent eye-hand coordination and quite dexterous. Calmness, patience. Piano.
Weaknesses: Friends crying. Also, he seems a bit too charmed by Andorian things.
Fears: That all this Elder Inuit study turns out to be Aesop’s Fables animist nonsense in the end, or worse, makes them a joke to some Earth plunderer, and he becomes a walking museum trying to exemplify his lost people.
Prejudices: Endogamous castes.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: L.L.Bean catalog (in whatever ~25th century fashion), right down to his socks & undies.
Distinguishing Features: Rugged. His native Inuit appearance is striking enough to get second glances. His dark-skinned, vaguely Asian face appears to some Terrans as if he just stepped out of some tale, and that public image persona served him well in the limelight before the Academy.
Friends: Melanie Trevellis, his ex-wife. Bjarne Øyvind, his former sporting arch-rival. A mind-numbing number of people from the Academy.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Seeing the pure disdain in the Cardassians for all the tribal members on Dorvan V, treated as if they were mental children in a back-to-nature commune. It was even more unsettling that the Cardassians mistreated them specifically because he and the other tribal members & their children were visiting from off-world, and posed a far different threat to the Cardassians than the Dorvan colonists. Visiting his distant family only brought them into more hardship & danger.
Best Time: Having to choose to drop out of the skiing competitions at the 2416 Olympics in favor of the parrises team, then seeing fellow skier Bjarne attend and cheer the Parrises Gold Medal game, and palling around the Olympic Village with him all night afterward with the other athletes. He also received a message from him after dropping out of sports or collage to join Starfleet, and they continue to write.
Most Crucial Experience: The Inuit Starfleet Officer’s description of her Krynar Enlightenment and time as a member of the Congregation, and her suicide, which led to his forgoing the glitter-life and joining Starfleet, which led to his becoming an Inuit Inuksuk, which led him to a position on a starship.
Role Model: Benjamin Sisko. Saganites like Ann Druyan & Neil deGrasse Tyson. Mary Golda Ross. The Borg Megasphere Heros. An unknown Yup’ik poet who wrote: “God was the creator of all things, a stupid god, whose fumbles are the cause of all human sorrow and problems. God’s mate would scold and correct God constantly and tried to keep them from causing such foolishness. We are their children.” (’Rhymes of the Lost Poet,’ ~2165CE)

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 22104.28 Graduate Graduate
Security Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 22104.29 Midshipman Midshipman
Security Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 22106.01 Ensign Ensign
Security Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 22106.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Security Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 22107.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medals Tally:
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 2

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