Mission Log 3 - Stardate 242202.19 "We seek them here"

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Commander Daniel Brooks

Stardate 242204.19

Acting Commanding Officers Log, Stardate 242204.19 Commander Daniel Brooks recording

I have been assigned to be the Charon’s Acting Commanding Officer for this mission having replaced my previous Captain in the role who was killed in a freak accident. I am looking forward to how the ships’ role grows in Star Fleet under my command and influence. It is a mixture of excitement and a little bit of nerves but nerves are good as they keep you in check.

My feelings have been going from being honoured and humbled to being really proud to have the chance to lead this crew into a new era. We all have our unique skills and talents. I hope within our mission we will see a few of those in action.

We have a two officers being tested as they are new to Department Head roles and we have a new First Officer aboard who has taken up my old position in Commander Velaul, who comes highly recommended by Captain Braggins. I was impressed by her career record as well as the way Velaul pulled the crew together one shore leave I witnessed when I was on my own. I know she will defiantly win over this crew and be a great asset to us.

We had a special visit from a Captain and two guards one a large Nausicaan and a squat but burly Tellarite, neither had identifying ranks other than their leader. The uniform the Captain wore looked to be something from Star Fleet Intelligence but that can not be confirmed or denied. The Captain gave me a briefing on our mission to head out to Vinex lll a world just inside Federation territory close to the Cardassian boarder.

Vinex lll is a world that is a primitive culture that is roughly at the point to Earths 16th century with their traditions and values in religious and cultural areas. The surprising thing was one of the boarder patrol craft have picked up warp signatures in the area. Concern is that it could be the Cardassians and we are order to investigate to find out if there is any involvement by the Cardassians, if there is we will to remove them without the knowledge of the locals on Vinex lll.

There are already rumours circulating in the Federation and the Cardassian Union that war has already begun, I reserve judgement at this moment in time. I will like to see the evidence and work out what is actually going on at Vinex lll. Rumours usually are embellished hearsay, which can lead to dangerous conclusions that are completely wrong and false. I also hope that our presents in the area doesn’t ignite any further tensions.

End Log.

Stardate 242208.31

Acting Commanding Officers Log, Stardate 242208.31 Commander Daniel Brooks recording,

We have arrived and in orbit of Vinex III. So far, our sensors have picked up nothing of real use. It is a concern. Weather someone is hiding very well out here or it is just a wild goose chase thanks to some rumor started somewhere. Maybe even to get us to look like the provocateur in anything that is to unfold begin this close to the Cardassian boarder.

The crew are working hard with coming up with all kinds of solutions to try and find a possible vessel out here but once again we hit a hitch with the Charon fairly new systems. This time the torpedo tube failed in launching a probe. I can’t help but think of Midshipman Vega words that we are a cursed vessel thanks to its name and the previous missions.

Upon that the away team have beamed into an area that we can’t communicate to them. It is another concern but I have faith in my new FO to have the skills and ability to deal with anything that might come her way.

The latest intel from our sensors does now show a weak warp trail that Midshipman Vega reported in, however we are stuck stationary until Lt Daniels and his crew have sorted out the probe as they have had to go for a little space walk. Once that is cleared, we can possibly start hunting down whoever it is.

I hope in my next log we will have something more progressive to report.

End Log.

Stardate 242210.21

Acting Commanding Officers Log, Stardate 242210.21, Commander Daniel Brooks recording,

The Charon is still in orbit around Vinex III, while Commander Velaul and the away team have made contact with the villagers.

So far, lucky for us the villagers seem happy to see them but are afraid of someone who has been arriving claiming to be their ‘God’ and wanting to give them donations of food among other items. On the Charon however, our search has been less fruitful and I can tell some of the officers are starting to get frustrated about it, along with myself I must admit.

Being the Acting Commanding Officer isn’t an easy task as I have had to adjust in my role but also having the possibility of Cardassians sneaking about isn’t doing us any favors being so close to the neutral zone between us and them.

The Away Team has managed to give us a couple of clues in regards to who might be the people causing issues here at Vinex III, the good news is it seems that it might not be the Cardassians at all. The ‘God’ called Phezus which are already on our files to do with the Brikars.

With that in mind we are now refining our search in the area to see if they have a ship or some type of base in the area that they are operating from and hopefully it won’t be too long now before we find them.

End Log.

Stardate 242211.16

Acting Commanding Officers Log, Stardate 242211.16, Commander Daniel Brooks recording,

It turns out it wasn’t the ever so enjoyable, loveable and friendly Cardassians at all that had turned up on Vinex III. Lucky the away team provided us with an area to look at as we spotted an individual heading to the village, and it turns out having beamed them up to be a Brikar.

I will also note in my log that Commander Archen viewed my decision to beam the Brikar directly to the Bridge, but it was a time factor, and I didn’t want the villagers to see him disappear in a beam of light. It would only push the idea onto them more he is in fact and God which in turn would have made it even harder to remove him and his crew in the long term.

We are going to wait for the Brikar ship to leave and their details communicated to Command as well as their own Government to deal with. I know I said to them that I wouldn’t, but it was a slight of hand to make them leave under their own morals rather than being forced by someone else.

Once the away team is back on board, we can think about heading back to Star Base Alpha and find out whether I will be holding onto the Commanding Officers role or weather they have someone else lined up to take on the Charon.

I hope not as since taking over, initially I might have felt as if I shouldn’t but now it feels rather more comfortable and look forward to working with this crew into the future.

End log.

Crew Logs

First Officer

Commander Beno Velaul

StarDate: 242203.26

First Officers log, USS Charon

It is going to take me a little while to get used to being on a new ship, not only that but one so big. I almost feel like the ships I am used to serving on could fit in the shuttle bay here, but that is a little far fetched. One thing I am grateful for is the teachings of the Commanding Officers I have served under over the years. It is with their guidance that is going to ring through my mind that is going to guide me, and it will also be helpful to my new commanding officer. He is new to the big chair, and is going to need a lot of support just like I will. I am glad that I have the opportunity to serve with him, as this is the first time he is going into a mission as Commanding Officer. It is like the old statement goes, and this is the best one I can think of. The first time you do anything, you have no idea what you are doing and it's over way too quickly.

With this assignment it affords me the ability to have a few reunions, these are important to me for both personal and professional reasons. I have the opportunity to follow up with them, and their career path. Commander pond has a reputation of being the best, and she commands the best out of everyone that serves under her. Not only that but I get to show how far I have come along the way, and a lot of this was because of her influence. It is also a chance for me to test out a theory of mine, about how she can handle the pressure. This will be the mark of a great First Officer, If I were to make the big chair, it would be great to have someone to pass my torch on to. In a lot of ways Commander Pond is my equal, and there are a lot of things she can teach me. It is also going to be a great chance for me to learn one of many lessons that could not be taught in the Academy, at this time I have no idea what that is.

It is also a great chance for me to see what kind of Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Venta is going to be. I have all the faith in the world he id going to be a great one, I have taught him almost everything I know. I just have to make it a point to romaine completely hands off in the Science Department, it will also come in handy for further lessons about taking up command. I am going to have to get to know the rest of the crew in great detail, but that will come in time. Right now I will settle for finding out who is the best pilot on the ship, one that would be the most creative at the helm.

End Log

Stardate 242211.17

First Officers Log, Stardate 242211.17, Commander Velaul recording.

There is still a bit of an adjustment phase I am going through as First Officer of a new crew, and I know there are going to be a few adjustments that need to be made by both myself and the rest of the crew. I have a command style that is unlike most, and it has been working for me. There ae a few things I have to take as fact, one being that I know that not everyone is going to like me. That is just the way how it goes, as long as they respect the chain of command. I am here to lead and not be every ones friend, and with the friends I do have there is a level of separation that I need to maintain. During personal times and the hair is down having a friendship is great, but there are going to be times where I have to set that aside and do the duty I need too.

There is something else to take into account, and this is something that I doubt many do. That is the fact that as First Officer the crew as a whole are watching me, and at times looking for guidance or even advice. At al times I have to maintain a certain level of conduct, even with the hair down and as I get higher up there the more people are watching. This has not been much a of a problem for me, as I have kept this up ever since I took command of the Science Station on the Ozaki. Where I have seen a few promising Officers come through there, and unfortunately the one that had the most promise is no longer part of this crew or any other.

That brings me to something that I can never get used too, people get transferred all the time to better their career. The ones that get to me most are the ones that include letters to the next of kin, but that too is part of the package deal. I have to admit that these facts were not something I even considered when I made my quest for the big chair, and nothing has changed. I have learned a lot from my past Commanding officers, and more when it comes to my current Commanding Officer. Come to think of it, his lessons began before I was even part of his crew, and I would say he has a pretty big influence on me. Its funny on how it started, freshly made into First Officer and a bit nervous about it. Now that he has been made Commanding Officer even as Acting status, I am going to help support him and hopefully remove that Acting status.

Moving onto the mission at hand, and how it all went. There were several big success that I could see, and we made little to no impact on the developing civilization. They had no idea about who we were, or even what we were really there for. I do have to say that it was enjoyable to be around them. Even if they didn't have much at all when it came to resources, they were willing to share everything. This is a quality that not everyone has, and it is refreshing to see it. In the end they are no longer going to be terrorized by this so called god person. My away team worked together very well, and I could sense tension with only one person and a bit of nerves with another. On both accounts they conducted themselves professionally, and I might have to talk to them both and clear some air. There was nothing about it that would warrant anything formal, just a friendly chat between two people.

Over all this crew is great, and in a jam I know they will preform well under pressure. Something that they will prove as we go into any mission that will come our way, it is also going to be part of my responsibility to cultivate them so they can improve and advance. I hope that I have the wisdom to be the leader that they need, and partly of what they want. One day I will be the Commanding Officer somewhere, and not because of the fact that the Commanding Officer is on the away mission or temporarily out of commission. (Silence for five seconds and followed by a sigh) Something that happened when I was Second Officer. As soon as I knw something was wrong, stepping up without hesitation to prevent a lapse in leadership and keep everything running smoothly. This lead to saving the ship, and pulling in the crew to become an unstoppable force. I am sure they still are an unstoppable force, now they are under a new First Officer. I wish him all the success in the world, and his own command some day. Just like I wish for my good friend Luna.

(Silence for ten more seconds then a giggle) Of all the Officers I have ever served with, I would say she is my personal favorite. When it comes to being an Officer, she is completely different. Luna is that one in a billion officer who doesn't need to command the respect that others would. People give it to her freely, and the training that she gives her officers lead to a higher than average success rate. The day I make Commanding Officer, I hope my First Officer would be exactly like her or better yet her. I am going to have to learn about being the Commanding officer, and pass the torch onto someone who will remind me of where I am going to need to be. She has a fun side, and a serious side. I believe if I had stayed on my original ship, our paths would never have crossed and that would be a very sad thing indeed. There were a lot of good times I would have missed out on, and a few where we were out of uniform, and everything else for that matter. This really helped me to close the sad chapter in this life, and a topic that I only talk about with a few people. Only two are still here, and I need to move passed that.

I used to keep a wall between myself and anyone who had romantic feelings, and somehow that wall has came crashing down. It took a lot of work to accomplish this, but there is still a part of me who believes that romance is a bit of a pain. If I was with the right person, it might be worth it. Who really knows at this point. Something I am just now wiling to learn.

End Log.

Chief Tactical Officer

Commander R'Karr Archen

StarDate: 242211.17

Chief Tactical Officer's Log, Stardate 242211.17 Commander R'Karr Archen

So this mission seems to be on its last legs. With the Brikar handled, there's not much else for tactical to handle. Maybe that's why I'm looking towards the future.

Commander Brooks, put the crew in danger that could have been avoided. Transported a potential enemy combatant to the bridge, and assumed that the Chief of the Boat and myself could handle them if they were hostile. His gambit payed off, but I'm not going to be there every time. I'm only one Kzinti, genetically augmented to be the perfect warrior, but even we have limits. At least it wasn't another Kzin.

As for me, I'm leaving Star Fleet. The Mirak, lost the war with the Kzinti, and my mate and child are in danger now. I must return to the Patriarchy, and protect them from the Kzin, and my son from experimentation. Perhaps we'll return to the Federation someday, but for now, my place is with my family. As much as it pains me to put aside my career, my legacy is my progeny. So, my crossbreed son must be protected. There will be time for one last flight, but, then I'll officially resign my commission, and leave for the Patriarchy to assume my place as the head of the Archen family.

Its been a great run, but, I leave the ship in capable hands of my friend Captain Brooks, and the rest of the family I knew from the Sheridan.

End of log.

Tactical Officer

Midshipman Victoria Vega

Stardate 242208.08

Personal log Star Date 242208.08 Midshipman Victoria Vega recording:

My first assignment after graduating the Academy, and I’m not exactly sure how I’m supposed to feel right now. On the surface, the Charon seems to be no different than any other ship I could’ve been posted to. That being said, there have been plenty of people that have told me there’s bad juju when it comes to this particular ship.

Apparently the Charon, since being commissioned, has had nothing but mishaps. Her only two missions have ended in failure, and even the most recent took the life of the captain and several other officers. Based solely on those coincidences, I should be running for the hills and requesting an immediate transfer.

That might be a little premature. The third mission might actually be the charm. Perhaps the rumors about this ship being a career ender are accurate. Honestly, I don’t know. For the moment it’s trust in the rumors, but verify their authenticity.

Our mission is taking us Vinex III. For what I’m not entirely sure. Star Fleet probably has a good reason for sending us, but that’s well above my pay grade for the time being. All I can do I keep myself focused on my duties, and hope this isn’t a career ender like everyone is warning about. Otherwise, I’ll do my best to make sure I’m on the first transfer off this potentially cursed vessel.

End log.

Stardate 242208.21

Personal log Star Date 242208.21 Midshipman Victoria Vega recording:

There are times when I question if anyone can look past my green skin, especially on a day like today. During our attempt to locate an allegedly hidden vessel, our port forward torpedo tube had a mishap after one of the probes failed to launch and effectively jam the tube. In addition, our ability to communicate with our Away Team was hindered, whether by natural or artificial mean I can’t say for certain.

With the bad news threatening to create a pile, Commander Brooks was openly brainstorming ideas to reestablish communications with them. Considering the fact that a probe just jammed up one of our tubes, I offered the recommendation that a shuttle be used for that particular task. I don’t think the Commander was too fond of that idea, as it potentially made it seem like his ship wasn’t up for the task. That glare I received from him seemed to convey his disapproval in more ways than one.

It honestly made me feel like I was told I needed to be put back into place, and to even keep my opinions to myself. I’ve seen that look before from my ex-parents, when they wanted to reinforce their position with their slaves. I realize that doesn’t exactly coincide with my current predicament, but the similarities are worrying enough.

We were taught to speak up during our Academy training, and perhaps because of how hard I had to prove myself I took most of my training to heart. I understand that not every suggestion holds the same level of merit, but just being given that glare didn’t strike me as someone necessarily being a leader. I don’t know if I would handle the situation better, if the roles had been reversed. I’d just like to think I’d have given it some grace. Such as ‘Thank you for your recommendation, I’ll take it under advisement’, or something along those lines.

So, I’ve made a fool of myself. I’ll remember to not even bother giving my professional opinions unless I’ve been personally asked. I joined Star Fleet to help others, and right now it feels like everything happening results in the complete opposite.

End log.

Stardate 242209.01

Incident report Star Date 242209.01 Midshipman Victoria Vega recording:

Star Fleet Officers are typically held to a higher standard, regardless of whether they’re currently on duty or not. It’s also expected that most incidents are to be resolved by using one’s words, and not with force. And when one officer jeopardizes the trust of another, and even risking physical injury to their fellow shipmate, it becomes necessary to submit a report. It has unfortunately risen to that particular level.

This is in regards to an incident that was instigated by one Lieutenant Junior Grade Richard Lincoln. While I was working out in the gymnasium, Lincoln inquired about conducting hand-to-hand training with Lieutenant Commander Luna Pond. On the surface, it would appear this was a normal request between a security officer and his department head. However, as the training progressed it appeared to be passing the bounds of said training.

Lincoln seemed to be fighting with more force and anger that would typically fall within Star Fleet guidelines. It was also when he made derogatory remarks about Commander Pond’s family that I believed it was necessary to step in and attempt to deescalate the situation. However, despite my attempt to use words to bring this problem to an end, Lincoln didn’t seem particularly interested in ending the fight.

It was also at this time that Commander Pond seemed to genuinely believe that Lincoln was attempting to actually inflict harm upon her. Due to the fact that I am not physically capable of holding off Lincoln myself, and the fact there seemed to be very little time, I went for a phaser to help defend Commander Pond.

Another verbal warning was issued for the fight to end, and for Lincoln to release Commander Pond. Presumably as he was now at a disadvantage, Lincoln disengaged and ceased hostilities. However, he seems to believe he was in the right as he invited Commander Pond to train, and she’d accepted said invitation. Even with that in mind, I don’t believe Commander Pond would’ve agreed if she knew he would seemingly go maniacal against her and, in her judgment, try and actually inform her.

Per regulations, this report is being submitted to Commanders Brooks and Velaul for investigation of which party was at fault, and if there are to be consequences for anyone involved.

End report.

Chief Of Security

Lieutenant Commander Luna Pond

StarDate 242211.17

Chief of Security Log, Stardate 242211.17, LCmdr Luna Pond Recording

Where do I start, first we get pulled into the observation lounge to be told about this highly sensitive mission, not told details and head off to Vinex III to help.

I was very nervous about going into a Comms blackout situation, but also quietly confident in my team to pull this off.

I went down to the surface with Beno and Richard in disguise as Cardassians, meeting a community still living in the ancient past and during our time there found out that the poor village was being terrorised it would seem by this 'God' referred to as Phezus. Beno was sure we had come across this before when we served on the Ozaki, but I'm not wholly certain. I'm just glad to be working with my friend again.

Anyway during our time there we enjoyed great hospitality and Richard decided to spin the tale that myself and him were an item, this was a big shock initially even though I attempted not to show it but I'll be having words at some point as he's been acting strangely for a while now.

As I eventually discovered, it was the Briker causing all the issues and on my return I have happy to report that they have now opted to scurry off home rather than face the wrath of the Charon. Although I am going to have to have a word with the Captain at some point, as word has got to me via Harry how the Captain dealt with them in my absence and even though it was brave I wish he had been more careful.

Anyway for now I'm glad to be home.

End Log

Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Matthew Daniels

StarDate: 242211.13

Chief Engineers Log, Supplemental, Matthew Daniels recording,

Is this a Chief Engineers Log or should I have made it a Personal Log? Ah well not to worry.

So I have just completed my third mission as Chief Engineer aboard the Charon, I don't know how to begin.

Firstly, I am going to be a Father and I couldn't be happier with the idea, at least I am now, now that I am over the initial shock and the responsibility is going to be great. I have asked Aurora to move in with me for obvious reasons, mine are bigger and she is carrying our child. I love her more than anything and I would have been just as happy for her to move in without being pregnant I'm crazy about her. I am going to see about Mum and Dad coming to the Spacedock to meet the Mother of their first Grandchild.

Secondly, the ship and my position with it. I am wondering if I should have stayed in Berlin and stuck to designing the ships instead of looking after them. Though I wouldn't have met the people I now consider friends and in some cases family. But I am not overly sure I should be in the post of Chief Engineer, the first two missions were an unmitigated disaster and this one hasn't been so bad apart from the fault with the sensor pod and so on. But I'm starting to feel I am missing things and this is why the ship is the worst fault ridden ship in the fleet and I have no intention of causing the Captain embarrassment and anyone else on the ship.

I should speak to Commander Velaul about this or the Captain if needs be.

Engineering Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Cornelius Hoekstra

StarDate: 242211.17

Vinex III Away Team - After Action Report

Stardate: 242211.17

Lt (JG) Cornelius Hoekstra reporting,


The USS Charon was sent on a rather secretive surveillance mission to the Vinex system. Not much information was given to the crew regarding the reason for the visit to the system prior to the ship’s arrival. Vixen III, subject of the mission, was a planet known to be inhabited by a pre-warp civilization.


Acting Captain Commander Brooks ordered a covert away team to investigate the planet. The objective was to determine if any outside contact had been made with the local residents. Commander Velual was given command of the away team, which consisted of LCdr Pond, Lt(JG) Lincoln, and myself.


After extensive surgery to disguise ourselves, we beamed down to a remote site some distance from one of the larger cities on the planet. The planet was barren, but shortly after arriving, the team spotted a group of locals. Following them from a safe distance, we approached the city. Unfortunately, before a proper reconnoiter of the city could be performed, a group of local children discovered the away team’s position.

The away team was escorted into the town and greeted warmly by the locals, who seemed to show no suspicion of us. Over a meal they told stories of a deity named Pheezus who was expected to visit soon and required regular offerings to keep it happy. We were then offered a tour of the city and took the opportunity to collect evidence of outside interference.


The fields outside the city were plowed to a precision unexpected given their level of technology. Stories of the deity suggested that it appeared recently. Evidence found in the destruction of some of the local homes seemed to point to the deity being Brikar. The away team informed the ship of the evidence collected and the mission was concluded shortly thereafter.


While the presence of the away team may have been warranted due to the nature of the evidence collected, the mission put the team dangerously close to breaking the Prime Directive. As contact was made with the local populace, there is the potential that the away team’s presence may have some lasting impact on the people of Vinex III. The sudden discovery of the team, by children nonetheless, could have been circumvented by allowing the team to bring holographic blinds and other stealth technologies typically used for surveying pre-warp civilizations. In the future, adequate planning should be performed prior to planetfall.

End Report.

Engineering Officer

Midshipman Christian Grix

StarDate: 242211.17

Christian Grix personal log

Stardate 242211.17

"Begin recording, As first missions go this wasn't so bad, at least compared to my last one. There were several issues which we never got to the bottom of, but I am sure we will find our answers back at Starbase.

On a personal note, Not only have I met up with my old friend Matt Daniels, my new chief Engineer, But best of all I am reunited with Luna and we are getting along so well I have proposed to her and she said yes. Which makes me feel like I am the luckiest man alive.

Speaking of Matt I am concerned that he is again suffering from Anxiety and worries he is not good enough and has failed at his job. He takes everything personally, even when it is obviously not his fault.

I have made a promise to Luna that I will consult the ship's counsellor regarding my nightmares, A promise I intend to keep the next time I visit Sickbay.

That's enough for now, I am off to meet Luna at her office before we go to the lounge for a meal. End recording".

Medical Officer

Lieutenant Julia Troy

StarDate: 242208.09

Personal log Stardate 242208.09, Lieutenant Julia Troy recording,

Haven't said goodbye to my parents before the ship left starbase to go on the first full mission on the Charon since I joined at the end of the last mission. Hope that my parents made it back home, and that we can pick them up on the way back for my wedding to Surik. The facial recognition surgery is simple for me to do and it can stay perfect for up to 5 months to a year.

As soon as this mission is over with Surik's and my wedding might take place. I'm surprised that the bonding gift hasn't been sent yet. Then there is some male crew members that try to flirt while off-duty unfortunately I always bring out my big guns called self-defence and that I'm already taken. I haven't told any of them that I could teach them self-defence yet which I should. I haven't used it yet, and at least I'm prepared when the need arises.

My parents told me that changed careers to Betazoid Ambassadors to other planets. It came as a surprise and a shock to me. Apparently they they decided that as soon as I went to the star fleet academy that they become Ambassadors. I couldn't be happier for them.

There is times that I do miss my younger sister, but these missions helps keep my mind off her death. This mission has been interesting so far, and by sitting in the briefing on the mission helps to know what the warp plasma was that was above the planet was about. So I'm going end now.

End Personal Log

Stardate 242210.22

Personal log Stardate 242210.22 Lieutenant Julia Troy

Without having a CMO at the moment and once the new CMO gets here I won't be working long hours like I have which would come has a relief for me. Plus being one of the two actual counselors aboard ship that also doubles as a medical officer. Had a crewman come in that went off his dietary needs which isn't good for him.

Once we get on shore leave no matter how long it is will be welcomed. It will be truly deserved after this mission is over with. Once the away team gets back I'll be working on the first officer to get her back to her normal self again. So far there has been some changes aboard ship, and I've been mostly in sickbay, my quarters or the holodeck.

End log

Stardate 242211.17

Counselor/Medical Officers log, Stardate 242211.17 Lt Julia Troy recording,

It had been one interesting mission without any problems. So happy that the away team got back from the planet, and who knows what would of happened down there. With a few patients here and there coming through sickbay to treat as medical or counseling patients.

With the help of other doctors in sickbay the process to get the away team back to normal as quickly and smoothly as possible. Not a lot of the crew aboard knows that I could sense what is going on around the ship yet. All I can say is give them time and they will figure it out.

I swear I thought I could sense another presence on the bridge. It could of been my imagination playing tricks on me. Who knows especially with split shifts between sickbay and the bridge could play a part in it. Just can't wait for shore leave to begin.

Happy to have this behind us now

End log.