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Captain's Logs

Captain Harrison Boislevesque

Stardate 22001.11

Captains Log. Stardate: 22001.11 Captain Harrison Boislevesque reporting.

There are some reports, logs and meetings that we never want to read or attend and this to me is counted under that category. It seems that it never rains but it pours like it’s not rained for a millennium and that is even more true when your career is in Star Fleet and you’re going where no one has gone before.

The holographic communication system that myself and Cdr Brooks had to use to be apart of the meeting was an interesting experience and the meeting was even more interesting, the meeting was held in the strategic operations center on Pioneer Outpost and there were numerous Commanding Officers and First Officers and high-ranking Admirals. The meeting was lead by the First Officer of the USS Artemis Commander Jennifer Braggins and she spoke about a mission that the Artemis was sent to help on a rogue planet and when she said what they found it brought the whole room to a complete silence and stand still and even now me thinking about it, I am having trouble saying the name of what they found as it conjures up extremely bad images.

The Borg have returned… yes, I did say it… The Borg have returned.

The Sheridan is going to be apart of the armada that will fingers crossed bring the worst enemy that the Federation has ever encountered we along with the Artemis, Ozaki and the Philadelphia are to engage any enemy vessels, the Copernicus is to be the monitoring ship and I feel that it will end up co-ordinating everything, but eventually will be called into the fight, there is also teams that are being put into the megasphere to sort out the defences and then a strike team will be sent in to attempt to penetrate the structure.

We have stopped close to Pioneer Outpost and evacuated all civilian and non-essential personal off of the ship and that included my family which was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do and it was even worse being that everyone was in tears as they beamed out.

What I am hoping is that this won’t be one of the last reports that I make as the USS Sheridan’s commanding officer or being human.

End Log

StarDate: 22003.22

Captains Log. Stardate: 22003.22 Captain Harrison Boislevesque reporting.

Well that was one of the worse missions that I have ever been in and hope that nothing like that ever comes up again as even thought we were told that they were Borg that we were fighting they definatly were not the Borg we have faced previously in battle, these things were different they were more like zombies. After we arrived at the destination we set apon by two Borg ships which after a fight they had hit our vental shielding and they went down to fiftyfive percent inicially an then they were dropped lower when hit by disturptor beams. It also seemed that because of our lower sheilds in that region we managed to pick up some unwanted guests and they were interested in authorising command override for the Auxiliary Bridge which was somethign that I wasn't going to let happen without a fight, so after locking out the command codes failed I had to send a security team lead by newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Pond to sort out our little issue, it was lucky that I had sent Commander Brooks down to sickbay slightly earlier as being that the Auxiliary Bridge was on the same deck, I get sickbay moved to cargo bay one and I had Commander Brooks join them to help sort out the issue.

We continued with the onslaught and it seemed to be working well as there had been many distroyed Borg ships, but there had been some casulties on our side to, I didn't know how many at the time, but there had been some exploding Federation warp cores and other explostions from damages, I would later learn that during the whole incident we lost thousands of personal and the list of ships lost was huge. The Enterprise, Beckett, Intrepid, Drake, Pegasus, Yeager, Cicero, T'Plana-Hath, Ian Fleming, Jacques Derrida, Surak, Ozaki and Philadelphia had been distroyed or damaged to a massive degree that they would never be used again. This would mean a massive change in the way Star Fleet would have to work things in the future for numerous years as it would be years before they would be back up to full strenght, even thought there were ships under construction at the ship yards they wouldn't be ready for months and there wouldn't be enought crews to fully crew them.

Going back to the battle, while we were fighting it had been noticed that the temperature on the bridge had increased something horribly and even thought training includes working in hot environments after spending years under the air conditions of a starship you do noice when things change that much, I was able to get it looked into when the computer screamed at them indicating that the main shield generators had been taken off-line which indicated that at the current moment they were extreamly vunerable, this is where I did something that could either be suggested was extreamly brave or completely and utterly stupid and could have cost me my life or worse....my command, I deceded that with all the security teams busy else where on the ship and being that our Tactical Chief was more experiance with ship command that fighting with a phaser or hand to hand combat I ordered him to take command of the bridge and I took Lieutenant ZenZin with me to help clear out our main shield generator room and get some protection back to this ship.

Looking back if I was put in this position again I would decide to send another individual as while myself and ZenZin was fighting those Borg zombie thingys, Lt Konstantin made some interesting decitions that I wouldn't have done, but I'm looking at it in hindsight, so I might have made those choices at the time. He initally due to the warp core being destabilised by the Borg ejected the core to stop it from blowing the ship to kingdom come, obviously by doing this took us out of the majority of the fleet action against the megaphere, but that didn't stop the Borg ships from targetting us as we did continue to help fight as much as we could.

One of the manoeuvres that Lt Konstantin ordered from his report was that after a small chase to do a dead stop, so that the ships that were chasing us would shoot straight over our heads, but as much as a good plan can be preparied for it didn't happen and we suffered massive failure from the attack and that left us dead in space, we ended up with no shields, no weapons and no drive systems. Some of the other ships faired better and once me and ZenZin had managed to deal with our visitors in the shield room I returned to the bridge to resume command and that was when I luckily saw the explostion of the megasphere, I did learn later the the infiltration team two didn't make it out of the area before the explotion, so that means that there were more names added to the list of honoured dead.

It took just under a week to get things sorted out to bring the ships back to either Pioneer station or back to Earth to either be decommissioned or rebuilt. I'm going to be giving myself sometime to get over what happened and I will be suggesting that ever member of the crew set up a conversation or two with our wonderful councilling team to see if they have any underlying issues from the mission.

I'm also hoping that command gives us some extended shore leave time to get things sorted as firstly the ship too a massive pounding and will take a while to fix and the crew needs to recoperate more than normal.

End log

Crew Logs

First Officer / Chief Medical Officer

Commander Daniel Brooks

StarDate: 22003.23

First Officers Log, Stardate 22003.23, Commander Daniel Brooks recording,

We were very suddenly recalled back to Pioneer for a meeting. It turned out this was no ordinary meeting. This included a full recall with us being also joined by the Enterprise. Because of the time scale it was difficult for us to make the meeting in time so both myself and Captain Boislevesque ended up joining the meeting through the hologram.

It was great to see some old faces around the table, the likes of Captain Fields and even a little bit of shock to see Commander Hawk was there. The rumours I had heard that he had come back were true. Vice Admiral Thrawn was also present which told us that the Enterprise had already arrived. It could only mean something big was about to happen.

Commander Braggins gave the briefing and sure enough it wasn’t long before The Borg was mentioned. I remember that the last encounter with the Borg was about twenty years ago. Not having been in Star Fleet at that point but I did hear some of the more scary and gruesome tales. It was the one enemy that could strike terror into the hearts of even the bravest souls. I think we had all heard of a tale or two over the years.

Once the mission plan had been discussed the meeting came to an end we knew we had to break the news to our other crew members that not only the Borg had survived their last encounter they had also had the time to build a Megasphere.

The Sheridan joined the fleet and we sped at warp to engage the Borg. Upon our arrival not only were we out gunned but also numerous Borg vessels along with the Megasphere and the situation seemed possibly suicidal which appeared on the viewscreen in front of us. But, none the less the vessels went headed with their initial plan.

The situation felt very tense as we went into the battle formation. Captain Boislevesque asked me to join Doctor Hurst in Sickbay to make sure we were ready to take any casualties that may arise from this encounter but in truth it would more likely a massive death toll. We came out here as explorers but now we are defending ourselves with the military arm of Star Fleet. To save not just us but everyone else in the nearest Quadrant from the Borg.

While I was down there it wasn’t long before I had to investigate the rest of deck six as their seemed to be an unwelcome visitor aboard. I made sure Doctor Hurst, Tahn and McGill transferred all the patients to a cargo bay so if we had any issues on the deck then at least the patients won’t be easy to get to.

I was joined by the Chief of Security Lieutenant Commander Pond and a new Midshipman D’Tor’an.

Even having two well trained Security Officers didn’t make me feel any easier taking on what ever had come aboard. The temperature was going up as we moved along the deck towards the Auxiliary Bridge that only served to me as a big danger warning.

As we investigated the corridor towards the Auxiliary Bridge, we came across our first Borg Drone. It wasn’t the usual type it was a tactical drone and it nearly got me with the first shot of his plasma gun.

I just managed to get out of the way before the Drone sliced into me with his knife. With quick thinking from Pond and D’Tor’an they disabled the Drone.

That will always be a lasting memory that I could have easily been killed if I hadn’t got out the way quick enough… to be killed or assimilated… that is a tough question…

Pond patched me up with a medkit I got out of Sickbay before we headed down the corridor. We came across the T-junction again with two Drones. Pond’s idea worked with getting rid of them.

Before we could celebrate the ship rocked back and forth. Sending me onto the deck on my hands and knees as the lights went out. There were no more noises that could be heard at this point in time apart from a hissing and cool breeze. I knew there was a hole breach so it be better if we kept moving towards the Borg. Not ideal with the emergency lights not coming back on but we pressed on as we needed to find out what the Borg were doing.

Upon gaining entry to the Aux Bridge we found numerous Borg bodies. As well as a lot of their technology wired into the Sheridan. Asking a report from the Bridge they said that the ship was in a dreadful state but the Borg Megasphere had been confided to the history books which must have deactivated these Borg Drones.

It was really quiet a strange and eerie sight to behold. I hope that it won’t be repeated any time soon...

In another note in my log the Captain had also abandoned the Bridge in his own direct challenge towards some visitors on another deck. As his First Officer I will have to point out that it was his safety in danger and it wouldn’t have helped with our battle plans if he had been taken by the Borg.

The Sheridan had taken a lot of damage from the Borg, it would seem to be on the points of maybe being towed back if she stays together unless M’Rour can work her magic.

With our fairly new crew we all worked together very well. Our new CE and COS were even more important due to their knowledge and flare. There are some rough edges but I am sure with a little time we will smooth out into an even better crew then what we already are. This mission only made us a tighter unit in the long run.

I am sure we will all work just as hard at the next mission Star Fleet wants us on. I know I’m still growing within my new working relationship with Captain Boislevesque and I only hope this continues in the right way.

End Log.

Acting Chief Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade

StarDate 22002.15

(Acting) Captains Log

Stardate: 22002.15

Lt(jg) John Konstantin Reporting.

It was with great surprise that Captain Boislevesque gave me command of the Sheridan. It will most likely be of great shock to him when I hand her back given her current state.

Moments after he left the bridge, Commander Braggins contacted us in order to ask if we were in condition to fight given our previous damage during the opening engagement. I assured her that we were, only to be proved wrong moments later when our uninvited Borg guests seemingly directed a communication from our system directly at the megasphere.

I have had Crewman Recruit Delvia from the science department attempting to find out exactly what was sent, and it seems it was a complete transcript of every communication sent or received prior to the sending including presumably all specifications and battle plans forwarded to our main computers.

Meanwhile, I have been in communication with the engineering section as they had informed me that whatever the Borg were up to it included causing the primary warp core to overload. The core itself has been ejected as the remaining engineering officers were unable to slow this from potentially destroying the ship, and it has been launched in the direction of the Borg lines in the hope of taking some of their ships with it when it detonates, either by itself or with the aid of a well directed torpedo.

Since we no longer have a primary power source, the Sheridan is currently partially adrift in the no mans land between both friendly and enemy lines. The Borg also appear to have slightly more control over some of our own systems than we do.

Since our communications compromise, we have had no further contact with the fleet. They may now consider us as unfriendly.

End log.

Security Officer

Midshipman Artemis D'Tor'an

StarDate 21901.16

Midshipman Artemis’ Personal Log

Stardate 22201.09

Boarded the Sheridan. Assigned quarters. Reported in. Was shown around Main Security, which took up most of my shift. I have yet to meet my roommate. I feel… unsure. I have been assigned to a ship, which is of course good, but I have yet to do anything useful. The ship is apparently stopping at a base soon. There are rumors as to something ‘big’ happening. We will see. I suppose I will unpack now. I hope my roommate has room in our shared closet for my sundresses.

End log.


Personal Log: Midshipman Artemis, Daughter of To'ran

Stardate 22003.18

I hate the Borg. I have decided that if there is anything in the vein of a "Do Not Resuscitate" order in regards to the Borg, I will have it placed in my file.

I cannot imagine living my life as it were after being assimilated by the Borg. I would rather be dead.

End log.

Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sapphire ZenZin

StarDate 22003.24

Personal Log: Star Date 22003.24,

I'm not sure where to start here it was an intense mission and the ship looks like it has been sat on by a giant, I guess the beginning would be the best place to start I suppose.

We encountered a strange group of Borg Drones, and I mean strange they looked almost like rotting corpses, maybe even zombie Drones. I figured that the only way to fight the strange Drones was to attack there biological components, so I asked my science team

to come up with a way to send them to sleep , they tried to make a virus that would attack the tissue and make them sick sort of like the Agolian Flu but much much worse.

I actually got to spend most of the time with the Captain he is not like my old Captain on the Hawkings but he has good droobles, and hes kinda hot wait can I say that in a log, Computer delete that last sentence. [Computer beeps]

I can't stress enough that the federation has to be more aware of whats going on and be prepared for a come back, because I have a feeling we have not seen the last of the Borg, and if you are listening to my log please note that the Borg that the Federation thought before are a completely different kettle of fish compared to this guys.

I still get nightmares of there hands grabbing me in the darkness the foulness of there breath and the warm droll that drips from there rotten mouth, maybe I need to go see someone about this otherwise I wont sleep ever again.

End Log

Medical Officer

Midshipman Tahn

StarDate 22003.10

Personal log Midshipmen Tahn recording.

My first assignment has been, well saying a train wreck isn’t quite good enough. I messed things up here, and right now I am in the process of recovering from that. It’s going to take a lot of work, and I am not sure how effective it’s going to be. I am not even sure about my future here, but it all remains to be seen. I don’t believe there is a conspiracy against me here, no one has the time for that kind of rubbish. As for me I have no complaints about the officers around me, perhaps one needs to gain more confidence in herself. My Chief medical officer, I have no idea where I stand with her, but we are going to see how things go.

This mission kept me guessing the whole time, I have logged what I could about the assimilation process, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. I really wish I could understand what was going on, and I wish I could understand people. Guess one of those things are going to happen soon, and when I eventually do I will wonder if it were all worth it. I have to be it some thought, who knows figuring out the nanites might be easier.

Last thing before I end this log. It took almost everything I had not to break down, I lack the confidence in witch I was showing. If anyone was around that had empathy, they could feel it. Talk about your real pressure under fire. Now that I have it out there, I will see what my future holds. Where is it going to take me?

End log