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Captain's Logs

Captain Harrison Boislevesque

Stardate 21909.03

Captain's Log. Stardate: 21909.03 Commander Harrison Boislevesque recording:

We docked safely at Pioneer Station and we knew that we had managed to survive the mission as there were times I thought that we would end up having to call in extra help just so we could survive.

I decided to continue the tradition of having a post mission party, which would be house in out Ten Forwards lounge as it is the biggest open space on this ship that has a bar and food replicator facilities and to my great surprise it was a success and we were joined not only by the existing crew but we had our transfer’s and new recruits join in as they were read at the air lock when we docked.

The Sheridan had been given a new Chief Engineer called Lieutenant Commander Shi-mi M'Rour a Caitain species and if she is as good as the other Caitain officer’s that I have served with over time then I know my engineering department is in safe hands. We are also being joined by Lieutenant Luna Pond to run our Security department and as she is just swapping ships and not positions then I’m confidant that she is good and will fit in extremely well.

As for promotions there were loads to give out as there was some good work done during the mission, so Sapphire ZenZin, Ch’Kyval, Marg and Pond all were promoted to the rank of Ensign and Raven Hurst was promoted to the full rank of Lieutenant.

Previously stated we had been joined but new members to our family and we have been joined by Midshipman Yuraga Saipara to our Security Department and our medical team have been joined by two new officers called Mid Arwen Than and Shene McGill.

I am hoping that our next mission isn’t that far away from being assigned as it would be nice to get back out there among the stars and planets to explore this region and if possible make some kind of first contact with some indigenous population.

End Log.

StarDate: : 21909.15

Captain's Log. Stardate: 21909.15 Captain Harrison Boislevesque recording:

I've just come from a meeting with Admiral Jal which included Captain Simmons from the USS Ozaki and was informed of our next mission and that was a simulated combat against the Ozaki in an out of the way system, so that we aren't disturbed, we have also been reassigned some new officers to replace our Acting Chief Engineer and Acting Security Chief and they have come from the USS Ozaki, so I expect that what I discuss the mission with the Senior Command team that they won't like it being that was there last home and the crew are close friends of their's, but I know that they are highly trained officers and will fulfill their responcibilites to help the Sheridan to be successful.

Oh and I better meantion that Star Fleet Command felt that I must of done a great job in commanding the Sheridan as her that they have promoted me to Captain.

End Log

Captain's Log Supplemental

Captain's Log supplemental.

I was right that both Lieutenant Commander's Pond and M'Rour, the thought of them attacking the Ozaki even in a simulated combat scenario didn't go down well as they thought that it was bad timing for them to be involved in this mission, but in the end I think I managed to get them on my side.

End Log

StarDate: : 22001.03

Captains Log. Stardate: 22001.03 Captain Harrison Boislevesque reporting.

Well the mission to have a simulated combat scenario wne tbust as we were about 5 hours out from the system and working on a way to sneak into the area using a storm that was travelling thought the system when we had a recall noticed sent into us from Admiral Thrawn and that we needed to return to Pioneer Outpost. The thing is that if Admiral Thrawn is here then so is the most legendary starship in the whole of Star Fleet and the Federation is also here.....The Enterprise CV-07. We're not sure exactly why the Admiral is here but whatever it is it must be massive.

There is a meeting being held in the Strategic Operations Centre at Pioneer to discuss what is going on and what the recall is about, but we won't be able to physically able to be there as we will still onroute back so what myself and Cdr Brooks will need use the holographic communication system which will be a first for me as normally don't nee to use it, I'm feeling slightly apprehensive about the whole thing.

As per our old mission there had been some break out in sickbay which has meant that it has been locked down and the only way in is in hazmat suits, so I'm hoping that with Commander Brooks's help that all our wonderful medical teams can come up with a cure before we have to dock with Pioneer and turn everything over to them. As for other things that have happened there was an issue in engineering with what might be a saboteur onboard and I'm hoping that we manage to find out exactly what was happening again before we dock.

End Log