Mission Log 1 - Stardate 24103.17 "The Ship Must Be Crazy"

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Captain Harrison Boislevesque

Stardate 242104.14

Commanding Officer’s log, Star Date: 242104.14

Captain Harrison Boislevesque reporting.

This is my first official report as the new commanding officer of the USS Charon; I was doing some research on the name of the vessel and it has had a small but proud history. The name starts being used in Earth’s Greek mythology as Charon was the son of Erebus and Nyx (Night), whose duty it was to ferry the departed over the Rivers Styx and Acheron those souls of the deceased who had received the rites of burial. As for the naval side, the name has been used in Earth’s British Navy since 1778, where it was used to name two times two deck gun boat, they then used the name as a mail packet. The name returned in 1856 as it was the name for an Albacore-class wooden screw gunboat, so it saw military use again. Unfortunately the name was dropped in 19th century until the 23rd century as they then used the name for an Apollo class cruiser and now there is us, a Luna class reconnaissance vessel fresh out of the dock and let loose in the galaxy. The name Charon is also the name of the biggest moon that is orbiting Pluto in the Sol System

The mission that we were ordered to go one is one that shouldn’t cause much issue, as it’s a simple mapping of a new star system that has been picked up by an unmanned probe, the Taybor system is on the edge of Federation Space and being that this vessels main aim is to explore what is new and help map all the scientific anomalies or part of interest, we were a logical choice and being it is going to be a simple one it’ll give us plenty of opportunity to test all our new systems making sure that everything is working correctly.

We have also been assigned some new colleagues one in the form of out Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Matthew Daniels, a human male from Earth, he seems a capable officer as there is a mixture of reports in his file, which makes him in my opinion someone who isn’t a complete ‘yes sir’ individual.

Where some individuals have come our way, we have also lost colleagues, unfortunately we lose Doctor Raven Hurst to a new assignment, which is a complete shame and one that I really wanted to argue against as she was a wonderful Doctor and a real tribute to this ship and her crew, but I decided that her expertise was needed else where and I was selfish in wanting to keep her expertise just for the Charon, I do have a replacement in mind for the good doctor, however I am thinking of using the mission to really see if the individual is read for that kind of responsibility.

Everyone that I have talked to since we left Star Base Alpha is thrilled to have a new ship to play with, but the person who I know trumps everyone else in regard to this is our Chief Science officer, Lieutenant Sapphire Zenzin, there is so much scientific equipment on this ship that she will be in her element for many many months.

End log.

Commanding Officer’s log, Star Date: 242105.06

Captain Harrison Boislevesque reporting

We arrived in the Taybol system without incident, which was what I was hoping for being that this is a new vessel and that had been tested by the corps of engineers before being released to command.

I took a tour of the ship on numerous so that I could continue getting to know my new command and I can personally guarantee that it is so so much bigger than the Sheridan that as I was trying to do it from memory I did actually get lost and had to get the computer to show me the right direction to my destination.

There are defiantly a few departments that have some good stuff to use, during my orientation of the ship, I made sure to look around the arboretum and stellar cartography for example. The arboretum was something to be seen and I doubt that I would be able to do it real justice in my descriptions as there are so many different kinds of plants, flowers and trees in the one area, I don’t know how they survive in the one environment and naturally there are from all over the galaxy, so that there is something for everyone. As for the stellar cartography that will help when it comes to sorting out some galactic mysteries or looking at interesting phenomenon and I believe that it will help greatly in the mapping of our current mission.

I asked for Lieutenant Mori Lunori to join me in the Ready Room, as I wanted to make sure that she was ok with the fact that her ex-lover is now her department head, as the last thing I want to see happen would be for her or him for that matter to get so uncomfortable with the situation that they request a transfer or when they are close together that the atmosphere could be cut with a knife that it becomes unworkable.

As for the mission, lets see how things work out and if we manage to find something interesting.

End log.

Commanding Officer’s log, Star Date: 242106.20

Captain Harrison Boislevesque reporting

Well that mission didn't go as planned, basically there was a screw up in the computer memory core and a holodeck program took over control of the ship. It looked like PO2 Eleona Knight had been running San Azure High holo-novel program during her free time on the way to the Taybor System and from what I was able to work out the program is about girls school and there is some kind of hierarchy and this Anastasia Curkova has proclaimed herself the queen bee and the role of the player is to put her in her place and I guess take over the role as the queen bee, well when Ms Knight finished with the program, she might not have shut it down properly as there was a mis connection and this Miss Curkova took control of the ship.

Initially blocking me and Lieutenant Mori Lunori into the ready room and from what I learnt from my department head and it's believed that she caused havoc around the ship, but injuring a petty officer in the holodeck by bringing in the Joker from the batman holo-novels, thankfully the injury wasn't that bad and the petty officer was fixed up by our wonderful medical department. Engineering had a fun time, as it seemed as though there was some miss communication or at least Miss Curkova got the system to indicate that there was an issue with the warp core and the only way of not getting blow up was to eject the core, which our Chief authorised the ejection of the core, however it seemed her accidently forgot to do a couple of things, firstly check with engineering that there was an issue with the core and secondly he didn't check about what path the core might take when it was ejected because the core crashed into Taybor 1 and exploded on impact, which left us stranded out here and we needed to request a tug ship in order to tow us back to the Sol System and Star Base Alpha.

It also seemed that there as an issue with some fake injuries that have accursed to Lt Zenzin in the science labs, herself and another science officer, indicated that they double up in pain, their hearing became distorted and they also change colour to a greyish one, but after they were put into a containment field, it was noticed that they health issues flickered and it was realised that it was fake and they managed to get the scientists back to their rightful colour and state.

Now we are back at Star Base Alpha and I've already filed my official mission report, but I still have to talk to the Admiralty about things which I am not looking forwards too as you know how some of them get when things don't go the way they are hoping for, the only thing that I am looking forwards too is getting back down to Earth to see the family as I have missed them like crazy.

I do wonder thought what our next mission will be once they had fixed this ship.

End log

Crew Logs

First Officer/Chief Tactical Officer

Commander Daniel Brooks

StarDate: 242103.02

First Officers Log,
Stardate 242103.02
Commander Daniel Brooks recording,

I wasn’t expecting this but I am recording this log from my quarters on a new ship we been assigned to. I mean a new ship, it’s freshly out of space dock and it is unusual for us for most of the crew to be reassigned together.

It still has that new ship smell about it. I guess we will be doing a shakedown cruise before long. It been interesting getting use to all the brand news systems that are aboard this ship. We are now on a Luna Class Reconnaissance Science Vessel called the USS Charon NCC-88003. The Sheridan that was a Sun-Tzu class Destroyer vessel and some how the move to that vessel never really felt as right. Maybe I’m more of an explorer at heart.

While others may feel more at home on a Destroyer, I find myself happier and more excited to be on this ship. The early part of my career was on the USS Copernicus an Einstein Class Galactic Science Cruiser and ending up as their Chief Medical Officer as well as Second Officer there for a short time. Captain Fields who Commands the Copernicus joined from the Academy around the same time as myself and worked her way up through the ranks through Security to Chief of Security, FO and now CO. It also reminds me of Commander Lee Ander who passed the CMO role onto me, someone that I didn’t think I would be able to live up to.

In other news with regards to the change of ship, we also have a change of Department Head roles for myself. We have passed the role of Chief Medical Officer over to Doctor Hurst who deserve it after all the pressure I put her under. Myself, not just First Officer of this lovely new vessel but am also the Chief Tactical Officer. Bearing in mind all First Officers need to know about all the departments even through my weakness is still in engineering I asked while we were changing ships that I could do some advance courses in Tactical and Piloting. I am really pleased I took the courses as I passed third in my class. Being the CTO through is a challenge in itself as it can be at odds with the oath I took as a doctor. I will however, have a chance to speak about this decision with my CO as I know my opposite number on our sister ship doesn’t need to do this.

In other personal changes we have a new Department Head joining us as Chief Engineer Lieutenant Junior Grade Matthew Daniels, the rest of the Senior Officers remain the same with Lieutenant Commander Pond as our Chief of Security, Lieutenant Zenzin as our Chief Science Officer who will probably be in her element here. I know Lieutenant Hurst who is now the Chief Medical Officer will feel freer to do what she needs to with me no longer breathing down her neck. While T’Kol on the other hand is carrying out slightly different duties here then on the Sheridan.

So, here we are. Awaiting our new adventures. Seeking out strange new worlds and exploring like we use to. It’s going to be exciting.

End Log.

First Officers Log supplemental, Stardate 242106.13

We arrived in the system already to go with our survey when all of a sudden, the computer seemed to have a life of it’s own. Within this revelation we ended up with a girl stood on the Bridge in 24th century clothing around nineteen/twenty with a little dog that every time it barked the doors to the Ready Room opened and closed. It was a very surreal experience. Lieutenant Daniels decided to eject the warp core as the ‘girl’ who began to call herself Anastasia wanted to fly the ship at very fast speeds around the system which consisted of asteroids.

Once the warp core was ejected it just left us with thrusters and impulse engines which were both offline. I tried my hardest to talk to the girl in a way that she might understand how dangerous a game she could be playing but it seemed too fall-on deaf ears and I was soon transported off the Bridge to the Deck 11, Hydroponics. This kind of worked in my favour as it was on the same deck as Engineering. Rather than trying to tackle this Anastasia head on again, I thought there could be another easier route by dealing with it from another angle. With the fact the captain was still in the Ready Room, I can only hope he will be able to escape and maybe distract her ladyship enough so she doesn’t see what we are doing down here.

End Log.

Stardate 242106.18

First Officers Log,
Stardate 242106.18,
Commander Daniel Brooks recording,

Some how one of our Engineers managed to get the secondary core online and wipe out the main core into a default setting severing the link between a holodeck running a holonoval that was connected to our main computer core.

We have now managed to get a tow back to Star Base Alpha as we have no warp core thanks to our Chief Engineer deciding to eject it. He has been working in our best interests but I am sure his report on his reasoning will be carefully picked through, not just by myself but Captain Boislevesque and even Star Fleet Command.

This mission has also put me in a mind of having to revaluate how to deal with a situation like this if it ever happens again.

The Charon hasn’t really proven herself yet, but I am sure the next mission will and at least it has given her a bit of a run out to the outer edge of the Alpha Quadrant.

Maybe we will come back some day to this part and actually get chance to take part in a proper survey of the area.

End Log.

Tactical Officer

Midshipman Amy Martinez

Stardate 242103.02

Personal log
Star Date 242103.02
Midshipman Amy Martinez recording:

After originally receiving my assignment orders, after graduating, I figured things were going to be pretty dull. However, within a few days of being attached to the Sheridan everything was shaken up. Captain Boislevesque called for the crew still on the base to Airlock Three. With an impromptu meeting we found out that the Captain was assuming command of the Charon, and requested to transfer his crew on the Sheridan over.

I didn’t do terrible during my time at the Academy, but I never expected to receive a posting to a starship that had just come off the assembly line. I was never close with any of my classmates, so I hopefully won’t have to worry about someone feeling slighted about the assignment. This wasn’t something I asked for, and I would’ve been content with serving on the Sheridan.

On the Bridge, we were also informed on a few senior staff changes. For the most part, the newly filled positions weren’t really significant towards me. The one odd mention was that Commander Brooks was also serving as the Chief Tactical Officer, in addition to his position as First Officer. The Captain made a mention of Brooks taking a little additional training, but given that the Commander was a doctor that makes my four years of Academy training a joke.

I could see someone filling in administratively, but an officer from a completely different department taking over without going through the full training belittles the individuals who did. That all being said, I’m just a green officer, so as far as the Charon is concerned my opinion counts for very little right now. I’m not saying it’s my goal to work up to that position, but it should be filled by someone who actually earned it.

On a personal note, I unintentionally met one of my fellow crewmates back on Star Base Alpha. While at The Drunken Tribble, I ran into a man named Jack who emitted vibes that brought my shields up. I worked up a persona based on my sister and got a random patron entwined in my white lie. Turns out Luna was actually the Chief of Security of the Sheridan, although to be fair I didn’t know. Wearing a civilian dress usually doesn’t scream “Star Fleet”.

I was genuinely shocked to meet her outside of Airlock Three, as I never expected to see her again. I’ll be honest seeing the heavy pips on her collar, made me feel extremely guilty for dragging her into my problem. Sure, Commander Pond said it was all fine but I don’t feel completely relieved by that. The Commander probably thinks the matter and all well and closed, but I’d feel better by finding a way to repay her kindness.

I’m sure I can think of something, yet right now I’d say the first thing to do is get settled in on the Charon.

End log.

Stardate 242104.14

Personal log
Star Date 242104.14
Midshipman Amy Martinez recording:

The Charon finally received its orders for our very first mission. Personally, I already believed it wouldn’t be glamorous and action packed. Considering the ship is brand new, a shakedown cruise to the Taybor system makes sense, I guess. Based on the fact that it’s only been observed via long-range probes, Tactical officers like myself won’t be prominently apart of this particular mission.

The science geeks onboard are going to have a wonderful time. I’m expecting a dull time, except now that Lieutenant Lunori has called me to the Bridge. Instead of working the actual tactical console I’ll be relegated to my most hated position, the helm. A station assignment might’ve been less frustrating, as there’s not really a helm on a stationary object.

On the Bridge, I initially believed things were just going to get duller by the moment. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this ship doesn’t like its crew too much. After Lunori entered the Captain’s ready room, the doors slammed shut. Considering that the computer is supposed to regulate the closing of the doors, it’s a little shocking.

That on itself shouldn’t be too concerning, but eerie sounds are coming from the walls. Sounds like the engineers are going to have their hands full as well. It’s nothing I can help with and feel useful. Hopefully, everything gets back in order soon.

End log.

Stardate 242105.27

Personal log
Star Date 242105.27
Midshipman Amy Martinez recording:

What was supposed to be a simple milk run of a mission has turned into something completely different. The malfunctions we’ve been experiencing on the Bridge seem to be the result of something resembling a holographic character. I wish the program in question was familiar to me, but it wasn’t a program I ever entertained during my teenager years. Anna, however, did and that was enough for me to tune it out.

The main character is Anastasia Curkova, but the only thing I know about her is that my sister always portrayed that lead role when she ran the San Azure High holonovels. Given our rocky relationship, I don’t know any more about the program than that. However, that’s not the pressing question at the moment. How is a computer simulation that’s supposed to be based in a teenager’s holonovel able to take control of a ship like the Charon?

I guess that’s going to be something the engineers are going to have to figure out. Although since we no longer have a warp core, as it was impacted Taybor I when it was ejected, I’m sure they’ve got plenty of other items on their agenda to sort out.

Despite my initial attempts to subdue this Anastasia character, and losing control of my station when she got bored of me, I’ve attempted to offer a suggestion to Commander Brooks. Perhaps the Waverider isn’t entirely capable of helping us with out current dilemma, but it’s better than not suggesting anything and risking tumbling into an asteroid field, I guess.

I’m still highly doubtful of our First Officer, given his medical background and how that doesn’t facilitate well into a Tactical let alone a Command background, but perhaps he might be able to at least break through this hologram who’s got it’s grasp on this ship. If taking a phaser and shooting her would end our problems, I wouldn’t hesitate. However, as it stands that doesn’t look like it’s going to solve anything other than letting me blow off some steam.

End log.

Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Matthew Daniels

Stardate 242103.02

Personal Log,
Stardate 242103.02
Lieutenant JG Matthew Daniels

How do I start this? Chief Engineers log? Personal log?, ah, I'll say recording! Not sure what the stardate is,.....Ah yes, two two one zero three point two eight! I think. So anyway, I've reported for duty on the USS Charon, thought the name sounded familiar when Captain Booz, Boisle...The Captain called out the name. I worked on the ship during her construction days; the only way I knew the ship back then was by her naval construction contract number. Luna class, a great design without a doubt. Not sure why the name Charon has been assigned; the name means nothing at the moment, though I will do some research when I get time! It feels strange the idea of serving on a ship; suppose I got used to being static for so long, but I had to get out of that rut I got myself into after the Borg attack. The crew seem great so far, and I accidentally groped the Chief Science Officer when we met during my reporting in. Way to go to me, I guess. **Sigh** The problem is, well it's not a problem as such...in the way that she is not a problem, nor does she have one. She's a lovely looking woman, and I just hope I didn't look ridiculous or worse to my crewmates. Would flowers and an apology be an idea?

I've started to go over the ships construction logs, primary shakedown cruise reports; I'm not sure if my new boss wants to do his own, though I would advise it. It's not that I don't trust the shipyard chaps at Utopia Planitia, not by a long shot, I know some ships crews look down on us!, them...oh uhm, there I am tied up again I really need to get used to this new life, I really don't like the us and them approach to life. I think I'll arrange a meeting with the engineers and anyone interested in working in the ship's bowels, perhaps daily meetings? Nah, that'd be too much! Weekly perhaps.

Anyhow not sure what else I can add at this point, but watch this space!

Stardate 242103.08

Personal Log, Stardate 242103.08

Lieutenant JG Matthew Daniels

Well, things seem to be going somewhat well, I've made efforts to meet my staff, some of which have reached out to me. I'm hoping I can gain their respect in the long run, I know it has to be earned, but I feel it is not beyond me.

I have to wonder if Command does not trust me though, I'm not talking about the Captain or First Officer. I've had more dialogue so far with Commander Brooks and he seems like a nice chap so far. No, I have an Ensign onboard who the S.C.E has assigned and I must admit I am put off a bit by his presence, I might have to talk to Commander Brooks about the situation. I know the ship is brand new and all, I am also aware of the importance of her role in Star Fleet, this is the first I've heard of having such a team on a ship.

Another Officer I have met is Jack Crab, quite an interesting career to say the least, but I must say I feel he has been ignored over the years. Several years ago, around eleven actually, he was demoted from Lieutenant Junior Grade to Ensign, and since then, it appears that his career has flatlined and that nobody has really taken an interest in his advancement. As an Officer, I feel that...well...I have a duty of care, like all other Officers. Aren't we meant to give appraisals and sit down periodically with our team to discuss issues and the chances of advancement and such? Well, I am considering him for a bit of a supervisory role. We shall see how that goes!

Be right back!

Stardate 242106.26

Chief Engineers Log,
Stardate 242106.26,
Matthew Daniels recording,

So, where to begin?

Everything on the mission started off fine; we began our shakedown, and so on. Finally, we approached our destination and at which point things began to change.

The computer appeared to take on a...mind of its own...

We attempted to stop the ship from doing the stuff it was doing, the captain was trapped in his ready room, and the helm seemed to me to have been hijacked. I doubt it would be impossible for an enemy agency to gain control of a starship via remote control, not much of a programmer myself; Lieutenant Phoenix would be the man to ask about that one.

So here's me at that point, worried that the ship was being stolen or even used as a weapon. I think it was understandable why I came to that conclusion? Anyhow, I called for the core to be ejected, and wham, its destroyed, necessitating us to be towed back to base. Hardly the crowning point of my career, I think that is the saying, whatever, it doesn't look very good, and I am certain to be the laughing stock.

I've been considering my choices since we started our journey back to base and wondered if I asked for a ship assignment for the right reasons? Did some odd sense of glamour blind me at serving on a starship? Then, of course, I could look at going back to the Berlin Facility, but would that be running away from my responsibilities?

Yeah right, why would Star Fleet want me around anyway? I might be out of the service soon, I wonder if the freight companies could use me if that happens? I haven't got much of a resume...

It would be a shame if I had to leave the ship though, I've met a couple of people while I've been on board. Captain Boislevesque seems like a nice chap, has a certain amount of understanding, I think. I've not had much to do with the man, but he does command the crew's respect, which is always good!

Commander Brooks, yeah, he's a nice fellow, reasonable amicable, and I suppose you could say approachable. But I think he'd be the sort to back you if you're in the right and tear you a new one if you need it and then leave it at that.

The Pond sisters are a tonic, beauty and intelligence rolled into one, well two, but both amazing people to around. But, there is something about Aurora, the younger sibling; she's been on my mind since I met her in the mess hall and ended up wearing a drink. I don't know how to describe the feeling I get when I see her, which is only intensified when I'm in closer proximity. It's...like something is pulling me towards her and I feel like my heart will burst! But it's good, strange hmm.

The Chief Science Officer, Miss ZenZin. Similar only in appearance to Aurora, lovely yes, welcoming yes, nice to be around definitely. Not seen much of her recently, was hoping we could meet up for a cuppa on the station. Ah well no harm in hoping...I hope!

Is that the time, I'm up at the crack of dawn, bye...