Mirak (Star)

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fs-sc-19 61 Ursae Majoris 21507.04

Mirak, known in the species' native tongue as "Oranth", may refer to either the star system, the system's primary star, or the species' homeworld.

Planetary System

The system is host to the star and planet known as "Oranth", which is linked to the Mirak species.
It inhabitants consider themselves founding members of the Mirak Star League, a now-defunct governmental organization.

Star Fleet Cartography's star chart number fs-sc-2 15 29 980 84 21506.05 depicts the relative position in space of Mirak (Oranth), within the The Patriarchy Sector.


Located in the Alpha Quadrant, the Mirak star is approximately 63.6 light years from Sol (Earth)

It is a yellow dwarf star with a stellar classification of G8, and an average temperature of about 5,880 degrees Kelvin.