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A military is a group organized for conflict, making use of military technology in the name of a government. Militaries are frequently divided into separate services or branches with differing operational expertise. Military personnel are usually organized hierarchically, with rank often indicated by distinct uniforms and insignia.

The Kressari are notable for not possessing a military.


Military Government
Andorian Imperial Guard Andorian Empire
Antaran military Antaran government
Bajoran Militia Bajoran Provisional Government
Breen military Breen Confederacy
Cardassian Guard Cardassian Union
Denobulan Infantry Denobula
Eminian military Eminian Union
Federation Star Fleet United Federation of Planets
Ferengi military Ferengi Alliance
Klingon Defense Force Klingon Empire
Heroes of Kzin The Patriarchy
Menthar military Menthar government
Military Assault Command Ops. United Earth
Promellian military Promellian government
Romulan Guard Romulan Star Empire
Son'a military Son'a
Star Fleet United Earth
Suliban Cabal none
Talaxian Defense Forces Talaxian government
Tholian military Tholian Assembly
Vendikan military Vendikar
Vori Defense Contingent Vori government
Vulcan military Vulcan High Command
Xindi military Xindi Council

Military Academies