Merian Class Light Explorer

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Merian Class Light Explorer
United Federation of Planets

Designed as a companion for the larger Vesta class much in the same way the Miranda was a companion to the Constitution or the Nebula was companion to the Galaxy class, the Merian ran into development issues due to the arrowhead shaped primary hull, which delayed production. As a "Light Explorer", the Merians were designed to be the workhorse of long-range exploration efforts, and are intended eventually replace the Nova and Intrepid classes whose systems were entering their third and fourth decades.

Though lacking the slipstream range of the larger Vestas, the Merian is designed to operate for long periods in deep space; surveying new worlds, charting nebulae, and engaging in diplomatic and Second Contact situations. Unlike her larger cousins the Vesta and the Luna, the Merian is only lightly equipped with Tactical systems due to her small size and expanded sensor and diplomatic facilities (equal to that of a Federation Consulate on smaller bases or colony worlds); the best course of action is to use her speed and agility to run from a fight she cannot win with phasers alone.

Field trials proved unsatisfactory and the first production vessels failed to live up to expectations. The production line was prematurely halted in favour of newer and more capable designs, with the few examples in service restricted to second-line duties.

Notable Vessels

Name Registry Launched Status
USS Nikola Tesla LE-20004 2400 Active