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United Federation of Planets logo.png MenkUnited Federation of Planets logo.png
United Federation of Planets
Average Male Height:
163 cm (5 ft. 4 in.) to 198 cm (6 ft. 6 in.)
Average Male Weight:
59 kg (130 lb.) to 108.9 kg (240 lb.)
Average Female Height:
163 cm (5 ft. 4 in.) to 198 cm (6 ft. 6 in.)
Average Female Weight:
59 kg (130 lb.) to 108.9 kg (240 lb.)
Minimum Academy Age:
Life Expectancy:
Distinctive Features:
PRC Rated:
NPC Rated:

A male Menk

The Menk are one of two native species on the planet Valakis. They share the planet with the more advanced Valakians, though the species has been shrinking in number due to genetic defects. The Menk are far less evolved than the Valakians, who have historically treated them as lower individuals. However, the Valakians provide the Menk with food, clothing, and other needs.

Humanity made first contact with the Menk in 2151, when the Enterprise, NX-01 picked up a Valakian shuttle and returned them to their homeworld. They shuttle had left in search of help from more advanced species, in hopes that others may be able to solve their cellular degeneration problem. Enterprise's Dr. Phlox was asked to help, but while doing so, also discovered that the Menk were on the brink of an evolutionary breakthrough, and would soon naturally surpass the Valakians. The Menk were not vulnerable to the illness its companion species suffered.

Smaller in stature than the Valakians, Menk can be identified by the round ridges around their eyes.

The universal translator was unable to translate the Menk language during the Enterprise's visit in 2151.

By 2236, the Menk had become dominant, with their population reaching millions. They had discovered warp technology in 2236, though it is unclear whether it was with or without their companion species' help. Their nation, the "Commonwealth of Menk and Valakis," became a member of the United Federation of Planets in late 2236.