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Angela McNamara
Career Occupation
Forensic Specialist
Criminal Investigation Division
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
201010161213-001 NARN
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Tyra Crawford
Eye Color:
Dark brown with green and gold flakes in it.
Hair Color:
On duty/low pony tail (or pigtails…depends on the day) and off duty/ long and flowing over shoulders
Lightly tanned but rather light for her Native American heritage
Facial Hair:
A very melodic voice with no discernible accent
USS Jefferson
Familial Relationships
Peyton McNamara
Jordan McNamara
Status of Parents:
Peyton McNamara is the CO of the USS Madison. Jordan McNamara was killed by a distraught officer while serving onboard the USS Jefferson.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Angela was born on the USS Jefferson during a turbulent portion of the mission. Her parents, the COS and CNS, quickly decided that life on a ship wasn’t suited for children. Her mother, on a LOA, took her to Luna Colony to live until she was three. After her third birthday, she lived with the Mendozas, neighbors on Luna, during missions and the school year, and with her parents during their shore leaves.

Angela lived a stable early childhood, having 3 close friends and a happy ‘family’. Maria Mendoza had retired from Starfleet after the birth of her first child, making her an ever stable presence in Angela’s life. From a young age, she thought of Maria as a second mother, while her own mother always tried to stay involved. Because Angela was a sociable child, she was well liked by most people, which helped her during the absence of her parents.

At the age of 7, Angela was dealt a heavily blow due to the death of her mother. Jordan McNamara had been attacked and brutally killed by one of her patients. It has never been discovered if this attacked was an act of revenge against Peyton McNamara, who as COS had failed to discover the identity of the murderer of the patient’s wife, or a spur of the moment attack. Regardless, the CNS, as well as her attacker and a security officer, were pronounced dead upon arrival to Sickbay.

With his mental state on the verge of collapse, Peyton McNamara left informing his daughter to the medical staff of the Jefferson, to the displeasure of the CMO and ACMO. After a great deal of debating, the two officers – who were the parents of two of Angela’s friends – agreed to break the news but only because they felt that seeing McNamara in the state he was in would only hurt the girl further. The news crushed Angela, even though it was apparent that she didn’t fully understand the situation.

During the coming months, her father pulled away from her, leaving a huge hole in her life. He was detached and in pain, needing constant therapy his depression and guilt. The replacement CNS was quick to relieve him of duty and also brought doubts before the command team concerning his abilities as a parent. After conferring with the CMO, he was approached regarding the concern, but broke down before he gave any answers. This basically cemented their argument. The result of this was that Angela was put into the custody of the CMO until further arrangements could be made.

It became evident quite quickly that her family wanted nothing to do with her, forcing the search to be broadened. When everything was said and done, she ended up back with the Mendoza’s on Luna. During this rough time period, two of her best friends had also moved back to Earth, only leaving the Mendoza’s daughter as her playmate.

It took her father 4 years to sort himself out between bouts of alcoholism and drug abuse; during this time, she had become quiet and withdrawn, while still keeping her friendly edge. He reclaimed custody of her when she was 11. However, their relationship was never fully mended, and is still strained to this day.

At 14, she was accepted into a premier school for advanced studies, where she was reunited with her three best friends. They were even closer than before, supporting each other all the way. Angela managed to get through high school with amazing grades, developing a unique personality along the way. She was bubbly, yet still managed keep the dark and slightly morbid edge from her early teens.

She entered Starlfleet Academy at 17 alongside two of her best friends – although they all majored differently. She chose a major in Science with a concentration in the forensic aspect that matched her interests from high school. At 21, she graduated at the top of her class and was assigned to the science department aboard the USS Yucatan. After two missions on the ship, she was annoyed with the lack of focus on her field of expertise. As soon as a spot opened up, she transferred, finding herself as the lab technician assigned to the CID aboard Starbase Bravo, which was a change for the former science officer.

After two years with the CID, she has adjusted well, becoming use to the job and those around her. She has become known for her eccentric and fanatical decorum, and her bubbly personality, although most people have accepted it. She even gets along extremely well with the ‘boss’, Mark Cheney.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Forensic Sciences
Academy Minor(s): Linguistics and Security Theory
Hobbies and Pastimes: Art (especially photography), yoga, cardio-kickboxing, and old earth bowling.
Short-Term Goals: To make the most of her assignment
Long-Term Goals: To have a fulfilling life
Personality: Characters personality
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic but nice about it. She isn’t into mean spirited joke but given a prank and she’ll pull it off nicely. Sharp tongued too, always has a comeback.
Likes: Arts, music, sports (usually more refined ‘sports’), blood and guts but only that comes with the job, and anything with lots of sugar and killer amounts of caffeine.
Dislikes: Psychologists
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People mishandling evidence
Bad Habits or Vices: Characters bad habits/vices
Achievements: Graduated top of her class, both at the premier academy and at Starfleet Academy. She’s also one of the most successful forensic specialists in service.
Disappointments: Not having a fulfilling relationship with her father
Strengths: Her intellect and ability to interact with others
Weaknesses: Her attention span can be a little short, and she sometimes comes off as a little eccentric/overpowering
Fears: Truly messing up the forensics on a case
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Her closet is full of unique outfits that are either blindingly bright or scarily black. No one can figure out if she is more goth or more girly.
Distinguishing Features: Birthmark on her wrist.
Pets: Mitzi, a white Pekingese
Friends: Roxanne Mendoza, Tyra Crawford, Jasmine Tyrol, and Clayton Harris

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Angela’s most painful experience was the death of her mother and the subsequent breakdown of her father.
Best Time: Her time at the Academy was by far the best time of her life to date. Because she is so outgoing, she did very well in the active environment and was quite popular.
Most Crucial Experience: The most crucial time in Angela’s life was the year or so after her mother’s death. This period shaped how Angela turned out, and who she is to this day.
Role Model: Commander Lindsey Hyte. Commander Hyte was her instructor, and mentor during the Academy. Hyte helped Angela flourish, and was always encouraging of Angie’s less than traditional demeanor and attitude.

Career History

Stardate 20810.11 - Assigned as CID Forensic Specialist, Starbase Bravo

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