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Shene McGill
McGill 2.gif
Career Occupation
Acting Chief Medical Officer
USS Charon, RSV-88003
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Klingon, 1/2 Human
183 cm (6 ft. 0 in.)
83.9 kg (185 lb.)
Eye Color:
Bright Blue
Hair Color:
Long tight wavy curls
Slim, well-toned, Fit
Medium cinnamon, sun-kissed
Soprano, but commanding.
United Federation of Planets
The Federation Medical Clinic of the Federation Embassy in The First City of the Klingon Empire.
Familial Relationships
Ja’Dan son of Lendaro
Maggie McGill
Status of Parents:
Shene’s parents are divorced. Her father took her two brothers and returned to Qo'noS. Maggie took the girls and returned to Earth, Boston, North American Continent.
Sara McGill (20) - Sister Stella McGill (18) - Sister S’artal McGill (16) - Brother Ja’Vex McGill (14) – Brother
Marital Status:

Personal History

To fully understand Shene one must understand her parents Maggie McGill and Ja’Dan son of Lendaro. Someone once said that change is inevitable, change is at the very heart of the Universe. Shene always believed that as did most people. Most people that is except the Klingons. The Klingons want to return to the days of Honor and Glory, back to the days of an ever-expanding Empire. Back to the days of Kahless. However, that means a return to war and destruction and Shene’s mother, on the other hand, didn’t want that for her children. She wanted a bold bright future where they could be anything they wanted. The Klingons want to regress to a less enlightened time, back to the days of Blood Feuds and a more militaristic way of life.

Maggie McGill was a Blond Haired, Blue-eyed Star Fleet Officer of Irish decent. She had been assigned to the Federation Embassy on Qo'noS. She served in the Communications Office of the Embassy. She served there for several years. She met and fell in love with one of the Klingon Liaison Officers assigned to the Federation Embassy. A handsome, but very traditional Klingon named Ja’Dan son of Lendaro. The two loved each other very deeply but, many of their fights revolved around Culture Clashes between Humans and Klingons, however, the two always managed to come together on common ground. Sadly, with the arrival of each child, the rift between the two grew wider, as each of them wanted their children to experience the full richness of their respective cultures. At that time there was a movement within the Klingon Empire, to only allow Aliens to be allowed into the Empire for the purposes of Trade and Diplomacy. As Maggie and Ja’Dan did their best to ride a turbulent and ever-changing political atmosphere of the Klingon Empire until one-day Ja’Dan said that his family never approved of the marriage and would disown him if he didn’t divorce Maggie and disavow being the children’s father. Maggie knew that to leave Ja’Dan would be difficult, she felt that their love could overcome any differences their cultures or family may force on them, but things continued to get worse. After a long talk Maggie and Ja’Dan decided it would be best if they split up, she would take the girl, as they favored their mother and the boys looked like Ja’Dan. Maggie loved him and knew how important his family and honor was to him, so she agreed to whatever was necessary to keep Ja’Dan’s honor intact. Maggie loved Ja’Dan and held out hope that maybe someday they could be together as a family.

It wasn’t that Maggie didn’t love her sons, it’s just that she knew the boys would fare better staying with their father. Not to mention Klingons tended to value sons much more that they did daughters. Maggie did her best to raise her daughter with respect for both Human and Klingon culture, but it wasn’t easy. Maggie thought it might be a good idea to show her daughters the Tokyo National Museum, it had an excellent exhibit on the Ancient Samurai, she had hoped by exposing her daughters to a Human culture that valued Honor and Glory as much as the Klingons, that maybe it would help them understand and appreciate their mixed Heritage more. Maggie knew that having children with a Klingon would have its problems, the cranial ridges, the tempers, the children growing up between two cultures wouldn’t be easy. Tempers can be controlled and even-tempered with love and understanding, but the cranial ridges were something completely different. Maggie could have had her children go through cosmetic surgery, but that would mean she was somehow embarrassed by her children or Maggie could have had expensive and highly illegal genetic manipulation, but that would bring up a whole batch of moral, legal and ethical questions that she didn’t want her or her children to have to go through. As luck would have it Maggie’s Irish genes won the genetic battle and most of her children had Subtle ridges, all of them except her son Ja’Vex, his ridges were very pronounced, but that didn’t mean Maggie’s children didn’t face racial hatred and bigotry.

While many girls dream of Proms and Formal dances, finding the right boy and getting married, the fairytale ending of a beautiful young girl’s dreams. However, for Shene, those dreams were just that a dream, a dream a young Hybrid likely would never achieve, because despite her good looks there was the cranial ridges and bad temper just underneath waiting to be released. Shene was an excellent student in High School, she loved her science classes, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Ecology, all sparked the desire in Shene to unlock natures many mysteries. She enjoyed her Technology classes, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Nano Technology, Computer Programing Math was a subject she could take or leave; she didn’t understand the need for math classes as computers could do all the hard calculations, but it did come easy to her. Shene excelled in school, despite being teased. She tried to not let it bother her. Shene studied long and hard, she spent all her free time reading and studying, she knew education was what would help her achieve a bright future. Because she was a Hybrid. “Turtle Head, The Beast, Klingon Reject” were the more frequently heard names growing up, but Shene took it in stride as much as she could, but it was difficult. There were times when she wanted to smack the jerks her teased her right in the face, but she knew that would only cause more trouble. She understood Earth was one of the more enlightened worlds in The Federation, but people are people, and no one was perfect, and children could be cruel. People could readily accept a Human/Vulcan Hybrid easier than a Human/ Klingon Hybrid, Klingon Human hybrids always ended up with the telltale cranial ridge.

W hile she loved her Science and Technology classes, she loathed History Class, because it always led to some Ancient Battle or siege, which reminded her of her Klingon heritage. Some days, Shene would come home upset that the kids had been teasing her and that she wanted to quit school and her mother would tell her that children can be cruel and that she shouldn’t let them bother her, but it was easier said than done, as no one wants to be made to feel like an outsider, no one wants to feel different. Shene would tell her mother how she disliked History classes about how they seemed to remind her too much of Klingons for her liking, but her mother told her how important it was to have a great, well-rounded education and History is part of that and to be proud of her Klingon heritage.

Shene graduate top of her class and was considering several top Universities in the Federation, Harvard University (on Earth), University of Betazed, The Vulcan Medical Academy, but after giving it a great deal of thought she finally decided on Star Fleet Medical. Shene mother was ecstatic and proud of her daughter. Not to mention attending Star Fleet allowed her to keep an eye on Shene.

Shene found that her Freshman year at The Academy was brutal, especially for medical cadets, because while the average cadet had to take the core Star Fleet Academy classes like Warp Theory, First Contact, Diplomatic Negotiations, Zero Gravity Training, The Medical Cadet had to do all those along with their Medical Classes. While Warp Theory was a difficult class Xenoanatomy and Xenobiology classes were even more difficult. Not to mention Freshman year is when the Medical Cadets tend to eat each other alive, the competition among the Medical Cadets was beyond intense, rivalries came hot and heavy. Shene was viewed as an outsider by her fellow cadets because she was a Hybrid, but she was lucky she met a true friend, a fellow Medical Cadet named Kevis Radaras, an Andorian Male. Shene was having difficulty with the Andorian Nervous system, she was in the Library hoping to join one of the many Study Groups, but they were all full, but Shene knew they weren’t full it’s just they didn’t want to deal with a Klingon Hybrid. Shene had heard the other cadets making fun of her in the cafeteria, they didn’t notice her sitting on the other side of the planter. “You know Hybrids are slightly better than the full blow version of the other animals of Qo'noS.” Said one cadet to the rest and they all laughed. Kevis saw her in the library trying to job one of the study groups, Kevis saw her and felt sorry for her and introduced himself and the two hit it off and have been friends ever since.

Sophomore year was much of the same studying and lab work that seemed endless, but the competition among the Medical Cadets was only getting worse. Cadets were dropping out because of the pressure. The competition among Medical Cadets was so fierce because the Cadets wanted their choice of Assignments when they graduated, no one wanted to be stuck on some remote communications outpost along the Bolian Trade routes or in the Terran Solar System. They wanted posts near to where the action was, they wanted the danger of the Romulan Neutral Zone, they wanted the excitement of Bajor.

Junior year for Shene was truly fun, assignments to do field research and short-term residencies. She was lucky and got a short eight-week residency on Alpha Centauri, it was great because it was only a light year away from Earth and had a great Hospital there, not to mention great shopping and incredible nightlife to allow her to relax and unwind.

Senior year, the year most dreaded for Medical Cadets as short eight-week Residencies become a dreaded year-long Residency combined with full-time research, a Medical Cadet was usually assigned to a research team wherever their yearlong Residency was. Cadets are expected to keep their grades up and carry on with the Research. The bad part of a yearlong residency was if you didn’t like it you suffered for a whole year before it ended, unlike the short eight-week residencies were if you didn’t like it you just had to wait for eight-weeks and you would be off to a new one. Senior year was the most stressful year for Shene because it was when she found out that her father was killed in a border skirmish with the Romulans and her brothers came to live with her mother. It ‘s not that she didn’t lover brothers, it’s just she hadn’t deal with Klingon posturing since she was eight years old. The idea of her mother dealing with teenage Klingon boys was just a bit overwhelming.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Medicine
Academy Minor(s): Xeno-biology, Emergency and trauma surgery,
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading, Swimming and Archery.
Short-Term Goals: To be the Chief Medical Officer of a Star Ship
Long-Term Goals: To become the Director of Star Fleet Medical.
Personality: Fun-loving, easy going, enjoys a good conversation. Likes to spend time with friends. Easy to talk to. Loves puzzles and (Vulcan) Mystery Novels. To try to figure out who is the murderer when everyone has a logical alibi is truly a difficult mystery to solve.
Sense of Humor: Shene has a good sense of humor, enjoys a good joke if it is respectful and funny
Phobias: Prolonged silence, when things are too quiet, it makes her uneasy.
Likes: Good food, Good conversation, Good Wine & Spirits.
Dislikes: Rude phony people, people who lack basic manners.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Shene’s biggest pet peeve is when people meet her, they just assume that because she is Half Klingon that she must have a bad temper or that she likes Gagh or drinks Blood Wine.
Bad Habits or Vices: Shene enjoys or rather overindulges in Trashy Holonovels.
Achievements: Graduating valedictorian of her High School. Graduation top of her Star Fleet Medical Class. Passing her Academy Shuttle Pilot training and becoming a certified pilot.
Disappointments: One would think her biggest disappointment would have been her father and mother divorcing, but the truth was her biggest disappointment was in her Senior year, just before graduation she had been in a little dress shop in Paris, she had been enjoying a little shopping and relaxation before Graduation. She and her best friend Kevis had been enjoying a glass of wine at a charming sidewalk café, she had been minding her own business when someone called her a filthy Turtle head and threw a raspberry tart at her. Instead of letting it go and ignoring it, it really bothered her. She found herself flying into a rage, she wanted to smash whoever did it over the head. Shene could feel her blood starting to boil. She thought she had conquered and came to grips with being a hybrid, but clearly, she hadn’t. Kevis, said, “Who are you going to take your rage out on, you don’t know who did it.” Kevis said in an attempt to clam her down.
Illnesses: None, her mother believed in vaccinations. She did break her arm as a child.
Strengths: Her intelligence, her patience, her self-confidence.
Weaknesses: Her hatred of her Klingon Heritage, it erodes her self-confidence.
Fears: Prolonged silence, when things are too quiet, it makes her uneasy. The Calm before the storm kind of a thing.
Prejudices: She hates Klingons, despite being half Klingon herself.
Distinguishing Features: None
Pets: None
Friends: Kevis Radaras, an Andorian Male.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Shene most painful experience was when she was in the sixth grade, she had transferred to a new school as her mother accepted a Transfer to the Star Fleet Ship yard at Utopia Planitia, Shene was kind of excited to be able to see new ships being built I was a truly incredible opportunity and exciting, not everyone got to see what went into building a Star Ship. She had made friends in school with a girl named Beth Anderson. Beth acted all friendly and nice to her, the two girls hit it off, had sleep overs, went to the park, went to the movies, they were like sisters, but one day at lunch Shene caught Beth making fun of her when she thought Shene wasn’t around. Beth called Shene a Gagh loving Turtle Head and then rubbed her face in a plate of spaghetti
Best Time: Going to the Academy, knowing that there were hundreds of different species and none seemed to care that a Klingon Hybrid was among them. Sure, there were many different Hybrids attending the Academy, Vulcan/ Human, Human/ Betazoid, Vulcan/ Betazoid and dozens more, but they had it easier than Shene did, they could let their hair grown over their ears, they didn’t have to deal with cranial ridges that stuck out like a sore thumb, but this was Star Fleet no one cared what you species was, just that you knew what you were doing and could uphold the standards of the Federation.
Most Crucial Experience: Just before Shene graduated Highschool, she was feeling alone and empty. She tried to remain positive, she decided to visit New Orleans, Louisiana on Earth. On her last day in the city she was having a drink in the French Quarter that’s when she spotted a little shop that had a sign that said, “Fortune’s told, know your future, know yourself.” So, on a lark, she went in and there was an old Human woman, she had to be in her late eighties, long gray hair wrapped in a silk shawl, despite it being rather warm that day. She motioned for Shene to take a seat. “Sit my child, learn your future.” Shene was a woman of Science, she was naturally skeptical. The old human took her hand and gazed at it for a few moments. “Yes, my child you are truly troubled, your heart is torn between who you are and who you want to be.” Said the old woman. Shene felt a cold chill down her back. The old woman said, “My child if you don’t think highly of yourself no one else will. Be proud of who you are, stand tall and your future will be bright indeed.” Instructed the old woman. You have noble Irish Blood on your mothers’ side and Oh my, Klingon blood on your fathers’ side, be proud.” Instructed the old woman. Shene was truly surprised how did this old woman who she never met knew that her mother was Human and her father Klingon?
Role Model: Her mother.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 241904.28 – 241908.28 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Medical Officer USS Sheridan DD-4086 241908.28 Midshipman Midshipman
Medical Officer USS Sheridan DD-4086 242002.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medical Officer USS Sheridan DD-4086 242002.01 Ensign Ensign
Medical Officer USS Sheridan, DD-4086 242003.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Medical Officer USS Sheridan DD-4086 242011.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medical Officer USS Sheridan, DD-4086 242012.01 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Medical Officer USS Sheridan, DD-4086 242012.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Medical Officer USS Charon, RSV-88003 242102.27 Transfer to USS Charon Lieutenant Junior Grade
Acting Chief Medical Officer USS Charon, RSV-88003 242103.19 Promoted Acting Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade
Acting Chief Medical Officer USS Charon, RSV-88003 242204.01 Promotion Lieutenant
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 2
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 2

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