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Jessica McFadden
Career Occupation
USS Gettysburg, CA-1863
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Jessica Angela McFadden
Played By:
Hobritz, Mike
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Below shoulder length and loose off duty and always regulation on duty.
Slim, athletic and described as banana shaped.
Husky, flat and with an air of authority.
United Federation of Planets
Los Angeles
(N/A) 00.00
Familial Relationships
Albert McFadden
Harriet McFadden (Nee Kelso)

Personal History

Born to Harriet and Albert McFadden, the first of two children.

Harriet worked as a Yeoman, prior to the arrival of Jessica and later Damon. She would look after her children while they were young and eventually returned to a clerical position at Starfleet Academy.

Albert was a Star Fleet Engineer, working mainly in the Sol System. His speciality was construction and would occasionally dabble with some design work. Not an ambitious man at all, happy to move along at a steady pace. A command post, except a supervisory position during construction contracts, was never something that Albert desired.

Jessica had something of a troubled childhood, more particularly in her early schooling years, suffering at the hands of bullies. She became withdrawn and would seldom seek any form of companionship. This was wear a love of reading came from, sitting in her room and disappearing into the pages of books. In addition to her interest in engineering, she enjoyed studying the Vulcan’s and how they had once been violent and so on, but they had overcome that. The Vulcan’s had taken up a path driven by logic and had learned to suppress their emotions. It was through reading about the Vulcan’s, that Jessica fought to overcome her anxieties in school life, of course it was a struggle in the beginning.

From a young age, Jessica was goal orientated and worked hard to achieve what she wanted in life. Her Father’s lack of advancement was something of a mystery to her and something she would later come to disapprove of, seeing such talent as a waste. However his engineering skill was something to be admired and was the main reason Jessica would pursue her own career in that department. However Jessica was far from not being ambitious, the exact opposite of her Father in fact. Command was definitely something she wished for her future.

McFadden might be described as socially inept, but that is not the case, she just would prefer her own company. Much of her free time was spent alone and with her head in a book, commonly engineering journals. This was something that had never changed, not even at the Academy, her fellow Cadets soon got the measure of her and would stop even trying to get her out and about. She excelled in any studies that she undertook and would always show pride in her achievements.

Another aspect of her life Jessica would take seriously, was her physical fitness and would exercise as often as duty permitted.

Star Fleet

Upon graduation from the Academy, Jessica was assigned to the USS Avenger. It was a dream come true to get the assignment she’d sought and wanted nothing more than to become the Chief Engineer. Through the passage of time Jessica would serve indirectly under Tyra Crawford, first as the ship’s First Officer and later as the Captain. McFadden took it upon herself to learn as much as she could about Crawford and liked what she found to the point of their being something of a hero worship, great admiration at least.

A diligent worker as always, Jessica knuckled down and carried out each assignment she was given without issue, unless she had to say something she felt was necessary of course. After the prerequisite time was served, she earned her promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and then set her goals a little higher, she want to be the Chief Engineer of the Gettysburg. Following the departure of Lieutenant Schwartz, who had been her Chief for some time. Which coincided with the transfer of Lieutenant Amelia Tiran, who was the only other person with the rank to take over Engineering. Jessica thought her luck was in and the job would be hers for the taking, however that was not the case.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Engineering Propulsion & Design, Operations Management
Academy Minor(s): Security Procedures and Enforcement
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading and Keeping fit.
Short-Term Goals: To become a Chief Engineer.
Long-Term Goals: To advance into the command track and command her own vessel.
Personality: She is not unfriendly as such, but does not come across as friendly either. She is to the point and will gladly help others in need, though her delivery methods might leave something to be desired. Might even sound Vulcan in some ways. Her appearance will usually be clean and pristine.
Sense of Humor: Not really in possession of one, they’re childish.
Phobias: None she is aware of.
Likes: Reading, Designing & Exercising with a love of keeping fit.
Dislikes: Bad work practices, laziness & lack of recognition from others.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Men hitting on her, if she desires a relationship, it will be on her own grounds and only should it be needed.
Bad Habits or Vices: Might ignore people if she feels they do not deserve a response.
Achievements: Overcoming her childhood anxieties, doing well at school and graduating the academy.
Disappointments: Not getting top of the class at the Academy. Being passed over for a Chief Engineers billet.
Illnesses: None.
Strengths: Will stand up for others, not letting anybody get her down. Attention to detail.
Weaknesses: Perhaps one of her strengths is a weakness too, when helping others who she thinks are in need and they do not.
Fears: Failing in her career and not getting a command.
Prejudices: People who are related to people with influence.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Tight fitting, often made to measure clothing and somewhat formal colouring.
Friends: Technical journals

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Never anything physical, emotionally it would have to be the bullying at school.
Best Time: Leaving school and joining the Academy.
Most Crucial Experience: When she realised that her Father had wasted his talents and that she could achieve what he didn’t want.
Role Model: No particular individual, there are a number of people she has the same amount of admiration for.

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