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David McCullum
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Career Occupation
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
David McCullum
Played By:
Ethan Harkness
191 cm (6 ft. 3 in.)
96.2 kg (212 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark Green
Hair Color:
Dirty Blonde
Tightly cropped and close to his head. Not all that different from his time in the corps.
Mack has a very solid medium build. While not particularly heavy, he is built from years of military training and regimen. Keeping himself in shape has been a goal both for personal and (formerly) professional reasons for quite some time.
Light tan. Nothing overly-darkened, but nowhere near pale.
Gruff, but jovial
Vegas 3
A small human colony near the Vega star system
(N/A) 07.17
Familial Relationships
Peter McCullum
Jean McCullum
Status of Parents:
Marital Status:

Personal History

Ever since a young age, David McCullum had a penchant for two things: flying and getting in to trouble. As a teenager he made sure to get his primary pilot’s license as soon as he could possibly under Federation guidelines. From there he was hooked. His natural feel for astronavigation and relative bodies in a vacuum made him a very likely candidate for Starfleet Academy. That was, he could’ve been a great candidate for Starfleet Tactical Command if he could do things like follow orders, not goof off, and generally take him seriously. After a particularly hedgy incident with the colony governor’s homestead, he was given a choice: lose his pilot’s license or enlist…he chose the latter.

The Starfleet Marine Corps did exactly what local government hoped it would: it set David straight. At least it did initially. Learning that he would need to be the best of the best, David got his act together and began rising through the ranks before he finally got shuffled through Officer Candidate School and earned his fighter wings. David was a natural, earning the call sign “Mack” before he shuffled through dozens of squadron commands and engagements. Earning a campaign medal for the both Romulan Wars as well as the wars against the Borg and the Krynar, “Mack” continued to prove his prowess and skill by earning multiple Aces throughout each campaign. His career pinnacled after being names CAG for the USS Empire in the Fifth fleet, which was the moment he announced his pending retirement. His wife, Wendy, had contracted a severe case of Iverson’s disease. “Mack” spent the last few years with his wife before she passed. She had been with him nearly every step of the way, many times putting herself in danger to follow him on his assignments. Ultimately “Mack” gave her the time away she needed and now finds himself on the cusp of not knowing what to do with himself everyday.

Personality Profile

Hobbies and Pastimes: Whittling, cooking, and camping when he can find time.
Short-Term Goals: Find new hobbies and new and interesting people to annoy.
Long-Term Goals: Feel fulfilled from his retirement.
Personality: “Mack” is a relatively quiet person, but when he has something to say…it is typically of consequence. Either that or it is going to be humorous to someone…typically him.
Sense of Humor: Prevalent. Mack tends to keep the jokes and the humor flowing as part of his natural talk-track. There are very few thing he takes ultra-seriously.
Phobias: Sudden loss of altitude?
Likes: Flying. Freedom. Keeping things casual. Ring Dings. His family.
Dislikes: Boredom. People who have no sense of humor. Airsickness. Bureaucracy.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who are all business
Bad Habits or Vices: Dad jokes. Can take things not seriously enough at times.
Achievements: Numerous medals, promotions, and rank that coincides with being a damn good pilot. Also can look “spiffy” in uniform.
Disappointments: Not spending enough time with his wife before her passing.
Strengths: Piloting. Atmospheric and spatial maneuvering. Usage of ship-based tactical systems for defense and offense. Making it look easy. Crash survival skills.
Weaknesses: Taking a joke too far…using far too much corn in his humor.
Fears: Literally dying of boredom.
Prejudices: Mack has never trusted younger people. He values street smarts and experience highly over book smarts.
Friends: Jackson “Trio” Delmar

Supplemental Information

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