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Jacob Maxwell
Career Occupation
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Gettysburg, CA-1863
Biographical Attributes
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
68 kg (150 lb.)
Eye Color:
Solemn emerald
Hair Color:
Although slightly unkempt, Jacob’s hair was always trimmed around the ears and always above the collar. The length of bangs fluctuated slightly from eyebrow level from time to time, and usually swept off to one side
Jacob is of, for lack of a better word, an average build. His arms were finely toned, but not muscular by any standard. He ensured that the flab deposits around his waist was non-existent or, more realistically, invisible from underneath his uniform
Slightly tanned and sandpapered
Monotonous bass for the most part, and somewhat shrill in times of excitement and panic
United Federation of Planets
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Familial Relationships
Gregory Maxwell
Alice Ross-Maxwell
Status of Parents:
Married and living together in Vancouver. Gregory Maxwell is a computer systems engineer for Daystrom Industries, while Alice is a xenobiologist in the Star Fleet Science Institute
James Maxwell, 29. Star Fleet Tactical Officer assigned to the USS Lexington, missing/presumed dead. Alexandra Maxwell, 17. She is currently in school at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Marital Status:

Personal History

Alice and Gregory Maxwell were star-crossed lovers, with Gregory hailing from a ‘blue collar family of unacceptable societal stature’, and Alice being the daughter of ‘snooty, I drink-tea-with-my-pinkie out, blue-blooded snakes in gilded robes’. With such a strong sense of support and acceptance from both families, the couple eloped to Calgary, Alberta and struck out on their own. Both being blessed with a fine head atop their shoulders, and, most importantly, a strong sense of hard work and discipline, they settled well into their new home. The two cultivated a sizeable acreage, living the ‘simple life’, and having three children.

From the moment Jacob was born, James had been a thorn in his side. He would often steal the baby’s blankets, and hide his toys, finding great amusement in the resultant wails. As the two grew older, they fought often, both with words and tiny fists, much to the dismay of their parents. Despite their seeming animosity, the two were inseparable. Together they would go out horse riding together, stealing fruit from neighbours’ orchards and scaring away the flocks of geese that claimed the nearby waterhole. They would spend entire days fishing, returning home with a scrawny trout or, more often, mutual black eyes and sheepish grins.

The two brothers, however, treated Alexandra extremely well; even too well. If heated insults and fists were the currency between the brothers, hugs and pinched cheeks were the currency between Alexandra and the two. Once, when she was 6, a neighbouring boy would pull her pigtails and make her cry. One day, the boy mysteriously developed a black eye and a missing baby tooth. Currently Alexandra is dating that boy.

James had gone immediately into Star Fleet, keen to explore the final frontier and serve the Federation. He was an extremely talented helmsman, holding the high scores on all the starship simulators in the local holosuite facility, followed closely behind by his little brother, whom he taught everything he knew. James was an exemplary student, hardworking and humble, eking out top grades in all his classes mainly with sweat and blood. He was commissioned to the USS Lexington, where he would send home letters every week, rife with teases and insults to his little brother. Jacob, who could never stand being second to his brother, set his sights to Star Fleet; he was definitely going to be a better Tactical Officer than James! The brothers shared a love for the controls of a starship, the rush they feel as the massive ships manoeuvred to their will. Jacob was also gifted with the feel for handling a starship, but his brother’s skills always remained just out of reach.

And then the USS Lexington was destroyed.

The entire family fell into pieces.

The Prairies held too much of James. The ponds he fished, the trails he rode, the orchards he raided… The entire family moved to Vancouver, and with a new life, tried to cope with the death of its eldest son.

In his heart, however, Jacob knew that his brother was still alive. Somehow he can feel that James was still breathing, still flying something, somewhere. His interest in starships and Star Fleet grew into an obsession. He blasted past his brother’s scores, and receded from his usually carefree ways. Starship simulators became more than an exercise in flying, but also in destruction. In scenarios he would usually have simply evaded, Jacob jumped in, phasers blazing. He will not let his ship, and anyone else’s brothers, ever be gunned down by another. Not if he could help it.

Now, in the Academy, Jacob will either find his brother, or be the instrument of his revenge.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Starship tactics
Academy Minor(s): Holo-graphic programming
Hobbies and Pastimes: Jacob is proficient in and enjoys practicing kendo, a Japanese sword martial art, which is the cause of the calluses upon his hands. Often without a practice partner, he would run kendo programs in the holodecks when he felt like a good workout. Most of the time, however, he runs starship simulations, from fighters to carriers, both as an exercise to sharpen his skills, and as a source of entertainment and release
Short-Term Goals: Get on a ship’s bridge and becoming recognized as a valuable officer by the command staff. Jacob knows that to be successful, one must be noticed first
Long-Term Goals: To either find his brother or obliterate his murderers
Personality: Jacob is generally good natured and kind. He was carefree in many ways, rarely taking offense to any jibes or meaningless insults. Fun-loving and boisterous, he was always up for a good time. His brother’s disappearance, however, changed his sunny disposition. His humour became more cynical, and his kindness less readily given. He became extremely touchy about his family, and retreated within

himself slightly
Sense of Humor: Jacob is quite the jokester, but nowadays a dry sarcasm laces most of his jokes. He is not against making jibes at someone else’s expense, though he usually means nothing by it. Jacob is also guilty of both making and enjoying a finely delivered bawdy joke, tempered with intelligent subtlety
Phobias: Jacob is terrified of seagulls; not any other bird, just seagulls. There was an incident from his childhood that included a two seagull accomplices, some bread he was eating, and a well planned out heist by the former
Likes: Starships, women, equestrianism, Kendo, adventure novels, greasy heart attack food, and good beer served with company and laughter
Dislikes: Boasting, wine, and snob
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Wasting food and chatterboxes
Achievements: The high score on all of the starship simulations at the local arcade holosuite near his previous home in Calgary
Disappointments: Jacob couldn’t protect his brother, or at least show him, in the least bit, that he admired and loved him
Illnesses: Numerous previously broken bones from previous childhood escapades, and a mild case of hypothermia from an ice skating incident
Strengths: The controls of most starships came naturally to Jacob. He was able to sense the limits of a starship’s acceleration and maneuverability simply by feel. He was also an experienced multi-tasker, able to engage multiple targets without losing track of individual considerations. Most of his abilities were honed from the hours playing simulators in the holosuite
Weaknesses: Jacob could not, for the life of him, fix anything but the simplest of things. He knew the theory of various mechanical apparatus, but lacked the common, hands-on sense of an Engineer. He could instruct someone to fix something better than he could do so himself. He also quite insensitive to the griping of his peers, and could not make sense of irrational emotions in others
Fears: Jacob irrationally blames himself for the disappearance of his brother, and by extension is terrified of any harm coming onto the rest of his family. He would not be able to handle his parents or his sister getting hurt; his brother’s incident nearly snapped him
Prejudices: Jacob thinks of Science Officers as rather useless on a military starship, and should stick to their research vessels and civilian facilities
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: A pair of jeans and a t-shirt; comfort over appearance
Distinguishing Features: Jacob’s face is typical enough, with a thinly defined jaw line and a rather flat nose, usually draped with a careless smile. His most distinguishing features, however, however, were his callused and abrasive hands, a stark contrast to most people this day and age

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Undoubtedly the moment he saw the line ‘James Maxwell- Missing/Presumed dead’ emblazoned upon the personnel reports of the Lexington
Best Time: The very first time he flew a shuttle craft in the Academy; it was the same as in the simulations, but completely different. Lost in exhilaration, he was severely reprimanded for not sticking with the simplistic introductory flight plan
Most Crucial Experience: Again, the moment he realized the fate of his brother. The news impacted Jacob greatly, his outlook on life became grim and cynical
Role Model: James Maxwell, a man who abused and teased him to no end, but taught him how to fly, and showed him the value of hard work and dedication

Career History

Stardate 20905.07 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 20905.07 - Promoted to Midshipman, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 20905.07 - Assigned to USS Enterprise, USS Enterprise, CV-07
Stardate 20911.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Enterprise, CV-07
Stardate 21002.01 - Enterprise Decommissioned for major refit, USS Enterprise, CV-07
Stardate 21002.01 - Assigned to USS Gettysburg, BC-1863, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21003.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade), USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21005.01 - Awarded RPGer of the Month, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21006.01 - Awarded RPGer of the Month, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21009.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21009.01 - Awarded the Starfleet Achievement Medal, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21009.22 - Assigned as Chief Tactical Officer, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21011.01 - Awarded Diamond Star, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21011.01 - Awarded Co-RPGer of the Month, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21111.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (Rank Capped), USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21112.01 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21210.01 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21212.01 - Awarded Co-RPGer of the Month, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21307.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Gettysburg, CA-1863

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