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Amy Martinez
Martinez 2.png
Career Occupation
Tactical Officer
USS Titania, RSV-88002
Biographical Attributes
172 cm (5 ft. 8 in.)
56.7 kg (125 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Dyed red, but after time if not kept in check her natural black hair will start to shine through.
Smoothly flows to her shoulders
Slim and Fit
Friendly feminine
United Federation of Planets
South Carolina
Familial Relationships
Ciara (née Johnson)
Status of Parents:
Both alive, living comfortably on Earth spending most of their time making sure Anna succeeds in her modeling career
Anna (23)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Growing up, Amy initially had a pretty standard childhood growing up. Amy was almost always attached to the hip with her twin sister Anna. Because of this, Amy came to rely on sister as more than just a family member, a best friend. Anna was always the one Amy could rely on, and they both hoped it would never change.

That began to change during their late teenage years, when Anna was discovered by a modeling agency. Once Anna’s career began to take off, Amy started to feel forgotten about by her parents as they focused primarily on Anna. Feeling slightly abandoned at this new change to her life, the relationship between the two sisters began to sour. Amy tried to maintain the sisterly bond, but from her position it seemed like nothing helped and Anna was more focused on becoming famous. In return, Amy singled herself out in the end and the sisterly bond was broken and Amy focused on herself, because as far as she was concerned no one else did.

During her final year of high school, Amy kept getting compared to her twin and people were often disappointed when they realized she wasn’t Anna. In an effort to keep from being identified as her twin, Amy took the radical step of dyeing her hair red, getting rid of her jet-black hair. This helped to a point, but it didn’t stop her classmates from trying to get closer to Anna, through her.

Because of everyone else, Amy started to become bitter towards her sister. It didn’t help that Anna got more attention because of how important she was becoming. Starting to become distant from her family, Amy had to find something to make herself stand out. Upon her graduation, Amy decided she could do some good for other by enlisting in Star Fleet.

Without much of a word, Amy submitted her application for Star Fleet Academy. Being accepted, the young woman began her new life as a Cadet. During her first year of the Academy, Amy got a taste of the various departments for her basic cross-training of the various departments. Upon her second year, Amy had narrowed her choice of focused training between Tactical and Security. Having more confidence, and skill, behind a weapons console it was determined that Tactical would be where she was to focus her training.

As Amy was adapting to her new life, which was made significantly easier because she wasn’t constantly compared to Anna. It was also during this stage of her training that she eventually heard from her parents, after not speaking to them since she joined the Academy. Unfortunately, she was driven further away because instead of being asked how she was doing they wanted to let her know of Anna’s new success.

Amy even tried at various points to try and connect with her fellow cadets, during her time at the Academy. Her bunkmate, Bethany, seemed to understand what Amy was going through and for a while the whole in Amy’s life, of losing her sister and best friend, began to heal slightly. Despite Bethany’s attempts, Amy never really grew attached to her bunkmate or her fellow classmates. Amy respected them and treated them like colleagues, but considering how much she’d felt betrayed in the past Amy didn’t plan on letting anyone that close to her again.

One of the instructors, Commander Jenna Carranza, took notice of Amy’s situation. While her grades were decent, Commander Carranza took notice of the Cadet’s lack of social interaction. Having been a former member of the Academy Administration, and a senior instructor, Jenna wanted to do everything within her power to help the younger woman and tried to give her the chance to expand, and hopefully learn to interact with people again.

With the final year, Amy took up the advanced Tactical class that was offered by Commander Carranza. It was different that it was based more on tactics that were more viable on star bases. It wasn’t as popular of a class, but Amy decided it was a benefit to receive as much training as she could. However, Amy didn’t realize what the true reason that the senior instructor took an interest in her, and why she was offered the class in the first place.

During her training, Commander Carranza helped Amy to learn to better interact with her fellow Cadets, and potential crewmates in the future. It was a difficult process, because Amy still relied on herself primarily because she felt it was harder to fail by other people’s inaction. Luckily, Jenna was patient and continued to guide Amy, as it was her reason for teaching in the first place. It was a grueling process, but Amy started to understand what the Commander was trying to show her. She realized that the people around her could be helpful, and that ostracizing them from herself wasn’t beneficial to her or Star Fleet. While Amy wasn’t ready for a friendship with anyone else at the moment, she was more open to accepting help from others, and hoped she would be able to rely on Commander Carranza’s advice in the future.

Feeling like she was ready to take on the universe, Amy finally graduated from the Academy and waited for her assignment to arrive. During the ceremony, she wasn’t surprised to see that her family hadn’t attended. However, just as the whole event came to a close, she caught a glimpse of a woman wearing the same face as her. Without confirmation, Amy knew it was her twin. She instinctively started walking towards Anna, but before she even got remotely close, she slipped into the crowd and wasn’t found by Amy. Hopefully, one day after settling into her assignment Amy plans to reunite with her sister as she was touched by her appearance.

Following her graduation, it seemed like the cogs of the administation weren't moving and Amy found herself on Star Base Alpha awaiting her transfer orders. Spending some time in The Drunken Tribble, Amy ended up interacting with a man that gave her a vibe that didn't give her the easiest feeling. Luckily there was another woman at the bar that helped run interfernce for her with the man known as Jack Crab. At the end of the night, Amy survived and the next day received her transfer orders to the USS Sheridan, DD-4086 .

Amy reported to the office of the Chief Tactical Officer's office, but met with an individual that was completely unexpected. The ship's First Officer, Commander Daniel Brooks, met the new officer as the actual tactical chief was attending a meeting on Alpha. The young woman was welcomed aboard the Sheridan, but also learned that the ship most likely was leaving dock anytime in the immediate future. Things weren’t as they seemed, however as the original crew of the Sheridan had been transferred to a new vessel, the USS Charon, RSV-88003 .

Instead of being transferred as well, Amy was to be apart of the team that would help oversee the Sheridan’s decommissioning process before it would head toward the breaker’s yard. This left the young woman in assignment limbo, as the officers that oversaw the final ‘mission’ of the Sheridan, would eventually receive their new orders. Amy feared that she would be relegated to overseeing the funerals of old ships, but eventually the new orders came in and she would report to the USS Titania, RSV-88002 .

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Tactical
Academy Minor(s): Weapons, Star Base Tactics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Amy usually spends time alone. Usually, she can be found reading a book on her PADD. She doesn’t openly seek out interact with others, but she won’t verbally argue when they want her to join
Short-Term Goals: Wants to fit in with her fellow crewmates on her first assignment.
Long-Term Goals: Rebuild the relationship she had with her family, primarily her sister Anna as she used to be close with her twin.
Personality: Amy’s a kind person, but when she’s being compared to Anna it’s almost like a switch is flipped.
Sense of Humor: Amy likes to believe she’s a funny person and sees humor in a variety of different things.
Phobias: Amy doesn’t feel like she’s scared of a whole lot.
Likes: Feeling accomplished based on what she’s worked hard to accomplish, and anyone that doesn’t compare her to Anna.
Dislikes: Being compared to her sister Anna.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Being compared to her sister Anna.
Bad Habits or Vices: Amy has a bad habit of pushing people away whenever they try to compare her with her twin sister.
Achievements: Other than graduating the Academy, Amy doesn’t believe she’s accomplished much of anything during her life.
Disappointments: Amy was most disappointed when her sister’s career took off, because it separated the two of them and destroyed their sisterhood.
Illnesses: Standard childhood illnesses
Strengths: Whenever she’s alone, Amy feels like she’s better at doing her work.
Weaknesses: While she’s not terrible at working with others, Amy isn’t as efficient because she’s always had to rely on herself and not others.
Fears: That she might not be able to reestablish the sisterly relationship she had with her twin.
Prejudices: People who like people for just being famous, and not for the person they are.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Amy doesn’t have any specific type of clothes she likes to wear, but she’ll just wear anything that’s just comfortable.
Distinguishing Features: Nothing about Amy really stands out, but if someone knew of her original hair color it would be a noticeable difference.
Pets: None
Friends: Currently has no best friend. Her best friend used to be her twin sister Anna, but because of how she felt betrayed by her becoming famous Amy hasn’t replaced her. Part of it is because she wants to rebuild that relationship one day, and another is because she doesn’t want to risk feeling devastated again in the future.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing her sister, Anna, to her modeling career
Best Time: Working hard to get through the Academy and graduating, setting herself up for the future.
Most Crucial Experience: Getting a brief glimpse of her sister attending her graduation ceremony, as it told Amy that there was a chance for them to reunite.
Role Model: Amy looks up to herself, because she had to primarily rely on herself. However, as of recently she’s begun to look up towards Commander Jenna Carranza, a senior instructor at Star Fleet Academy, who took Amy up under her wing.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 241801.31 – 242101.31 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Tactical Officer USS Sheridan, DD-4086 242102.01 – 242102.26 Midshipman Midshipman
Tactical Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 242106.01 Ensign Ensign
Tactical Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 242106.03 Transferred
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1

Contact Information


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