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Marko Yeet
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Geronimo, CR-75250
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 0
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Marko Tanai Eras Yeet
246 cm (8 ft. 1 in.)
295 kg (650 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Therapod dinosaur, big and bulky.
Dark leather
Bass and raspy
United Federation of Planets
(N/A) 00.00
Familial Relationships
Darcani Yeet
Tamali Yeet
Marital Status:
Mated to Daliah and Saraiah.
Tamali (eldest child from Daliah) and Kazan (youngest son from Saraiah)

Personal History

Marko was born on Pakwah to a loving gamma male and an equally great female. They were not high on the social ladder as others, but they were very well off. The one flip side was that Tamali was an aged woman when Darcani mated with her, and Marko would be the only one of her legacy. She fell asleep for the final time when Marko was only 7, and she fell asleep holding his hand as she breathed her last. His father told him to gaze upon her and remember that death is part of the natural order of existence. What stuck with him was the physicians and nurses who tended to her. He remembered asking the Doctor if death was part of the natural order, why did they work so hard for her? The response he got would shape his future forever. "Even when the inevitable is death, we still nurture, comfort, and honor all who we call our patient." It was at that moment he swore he would be a Doctor.

During his training in the hunting parties, he learned more about how to track something down, hunt them, and then be able to bring them back to the nest alive for the potential mate to be impressed. Marko was also very charismatic, and he enjoyed being trained as a healer in a hunting party. That did mean he had to carry more stuff in terms of first aid, but that only fueled the fire within the young wannabe-physician. During a hunting trip with others, a bad storm caught them underfoot, and the ground gave way. All of them began a tumble, and several would end up wounded. Marko, by instinct, took control and managed to bring them all back alive. He tried to downplay his role, but others spoke on his behalf. No one but an Alpha, in their opinion, could have done such a feat. As a reward, he was allowed to travel to Earth with some of their health officials to a conference. It would be on Earth, by chance, that he would spend the rest of his youthful life.

On Earth, he met Humans for the first time, alongside other species who looked upon him with suspicion and with fear. He was told not to take it personally as his kind are still strangers to the humans. "Only a handful joined Star Fleet, so be ready for exciting reactions." It just so happened that he found himself in a situation that would introduce him to his best friend during his free time. It would seem that no matter how advanced a civilization is, children will still be the hell spawns they always were. He saw from his great height that others were picking on a kid, and he was outnumbered 4 to 1. Seeing how wrong it was, he advanced to try and get the children to stop. It was at that point he understood why his kind is so feared. In a powerful voice, he commanded them to leave the boy alone. Unfortunately, all they saw was this 6'11 tall, 550-pound dinosaur with razor-sharp teeth coming after them. Helping the boy up, Marko was introduced to Shelly Jennings, a boy named Shelly. Apparently, his parents were not as loving as Marko's parents, and out of spite and revenge, he called his oldest son Shelly.

The friendship between Marko and Shelly would be one to last. Shelly taught Marko everything he needed to know about humans from a teenager's perspective. The first peculiar thing was their relationship to food. He had heard of how humans and other cultures "cook" their food, while Marko's kind did not have an open fire to separate themselves between their meal and their mouths. He had also witnessed the various fruits of Earth, but sadly none of that could sustain him. He required meat, and lots of it, to keep himself healthy. That was one problem with his kind being in Star Fleet. The idea of eating raw meat was completely taboo on a Star Fleet vessel, so it often led to them eating alone. However, they had learned that there was plenty of meals on Earth that required consuming raw meat. Such meals like a tartare or sashimi were considered "acceptable" among human standards, thus were able to be easily programmed into the replicator or enjoyed among the more humanoid company. However, that did not prevent the fact that they still required A LOT of it.

It was at 18 did things take a considerable turn for the worst for him. Shelly and all of his other friends opted to join the Academy, and Marko wanted to go with them. However, since Marko is what he is, he would not be allowed until he turned 35. That was ridiculous to him! How could he wait that long without his best friends? Defeated, Marko had to watch his friends go off into new adventures and new opportunities while Marko was left behind. Not since his mother fell asleep did he enter such a wave of depression. His time on Earth done, Marko went back to Pakwah, a much more depressed child than anything else. He still participated in the hunts, in the day-to-day struggles of life, and honed his craft as a healer. Sadly, something was missing in his world.

He got his first clue when he encountered, at the time, an impossible task. He wanted to be considered a much more appealable mate, so he set his target for a particularly hard-to-reach bird that only nested in the rockiest of terrains, something that legitimately required mountaineering skills. It involved a level of pain, exhaustion, and resilience that would somehow fuel his desire to become proficient in his skills. It took a few years, but he did obtain them. The second clue came when he started his attempt up the mountain, and he met one obstacle after another, one difficult path after another. It frustrated him, annoyed him, and it made him cry many times. That being said, he always got back up and continued on, always having cheerfulness in the face of adversity. It very quickly became an almost religious experience to him.

Marko then realized what was truly missing in his life. The more miserable he was, the more he enjoyed it. The more impossible the task before him, the more his cries to the heavens came from a place of comedic tragedy rather than despair. The fear of failure, the soreness in his bones, the aching muscles, everything was screaming for him to stop. All of that stimuli provided an odd sensation in his heart, that could only be described in a single phrase. He loved it. He genuinely loved it. He loved the feeling of frustration and misery as much as his father loved his mother. Marko would pick himself up, after almost falling to his death and, after taking a few breaths, cry, "I'm still alive!" When he encountered a rather vicious predator, being inches away from death, he managed to triumph in his conquest against nature. When the beast fell, all he could do was scream out, “NOT TODAY, BECKETT!!”

(To his grave, Marko wouldn’t know why he shouted out the name of the famous President of the Federation. It seemed to fit in that instance.)

As he reached the peak, he found himself getting whipped by a vine that he did not account for. It smacked across his face and gave a slight nick on his cheek. Instead of feeling bad for himself that he was in pain, it gave him the same amount of joy as when he was just surviving. That gave him a bizarre feeling indeed. Normally, when he was expecting something bad to happen, he would not have bothered more with the emotional side of it. Instead, he stopped, felt his wound, and he laughed. Looking at the source, he smiled, gave it its dues and uttered the phrase, "Some day, you are going to be someone's dinner, and my only regret is I will not be here to laugh at you." Eventually, he got his prey, and he came back a fully acknowledged Alpha. His father, a Gamma, was, of course, proud of him, and when he came of age, he expected many grandchildren from him.

However, Marko said he wanted to join Star Fleet, and it would be rude to make his father raise any young in his stead. Apparently, that did not matter because the males raise the young anyways, and as a male, it would not matter. Besides, the fact that Marko is an Alpha means that he can pick who he wants to mate with. With that statement, Darcani noticed a change in his son's mood. When Marko left, it would seem like he was begging to be killed by this particular hunt. However, when he returned, he was smiling, in happy spirits, much more at ease with life than ever. Not even before his mate's death did Darcani see such joy in his son. Everyone assumed that Marko had to become himself, an Alpha, to find true happiness again. However, no one considered that it was because, in truth, Marko embraced what he always was, a sommelier of all the unholy impossible challenges life throws his way.

The years ticked until the magical moment came; he was finally of age to join Star Fleet. He went to Earth with a group of diplomats to take his exam at the Academy itself. He passed with flying colors, but due to the availability of Medical Cadet slots, he had to wait a year. That did not bother him. Such honors did not go unnoticed, as he was allowed to stay on Earth until he was at the Academy. Since he was of age, he went on a hunt for an elusive creature just because. When he came back and presented it to a female by the name of Daliah, she accepted his offering. She was much older than him by about 12 years, and she staked her claim as being the mother of his eldest born. Unbeknownst to him, there was a second suitor who also desired him, Sariah. She was much closer to his age, and it did not take long before she carried his second child. Sadly, he did not have time to have other mates, but he did have time to watch his children be born.

They were but a month apart, and Marko could not help but feel proud. However, there was also a deep dark feeling about him. He knew for a fact that he just signed the death warrant of his youth. He was a father, and through his own father, Marko would be raising a daughter and a son. He was also mated to two females, of which he would also be responsible for providing. Mercifully, everyone understood that Marko's fate was sealed, and they all accepted that on trips back home, Marko would gather more mates as an Alpha should. All of that terrified him, which only fueled his masochism. What genuinely made him feel horrible was that he had to leave his new family behind to head to Star Fleet. And so, aboard the USS Concord, he reported in as a Cadet and made his way over to Star Fleet Academy.

His adventures in Star Fleet Academy were modest. Being a quite literal "gentle giant," Marko gained the reputation of being both feared as looking like a dinosaur and respected because of his polite behavior. He was also known to be old enough to be a reluctant father figure to the much younger Cadets. A generation separated Marko from his classmates, and there was no possible way Marko would treat them as his own peers. Then again, he did build a small party with his friends. As an Alpha, he naturally acted as the de facto leader of the group. Marko was not relegated to just being around humans. He had a Vulcan, an Andorian, a Betazoid (who Marko suspected was more curious about the rare empaths in his species than him,) and even a few Trill. They ate together as often as they could, and during survival training, they all hung to Marko's side. Needless to say, Marko's team never lost weight if the phrase "Only eat your rations and not off the land!" was not ordered.

He also was reunited with his old best friend, now a man named Lieutenant JG Shelly Jennings. Shelly was assigned to the Academy as a range instructor. Thankfully, the two did not have any conflicts as Shelly already made preparations when he found out Marko was coming. It did take a little bit to get used to the fact that Shelly and Marko had to have that division on duty, but they were free to be themselves off duty during breaks. It was also Shelly, much to Marko's insistence, who was the first human to see the children Marko fathered during their Spring Break. Marko also insisted that Shelly be known as Uncle to show just how close Shelly and Marko are as friends. That made a boy named Shelly very, very happy. But, of course, Shelly had also been married and had some children of his own. Frank, George, Bill, and Tom, quadruplets. Yes, Shelly still hates his name.

Of course, even beyond all that, Marko was still a seeker of the impossibly frustrating at heart. He enjoyed the challenges brought before him, much to the amazement of the other instructors, including Shelly. The more frustrating and challenging the task, the more Marko seemed to enjoy himself, even if he became nothing more than a weeping Cadet in the privacy of his mind. The Betazoid knew that Marko thrived on the challenges, and a word with the Psychiatric evaluation provided much insight into the mind of Marko Yeet. Somehow, he was able to tap into a sense of comedic willpower, providing him with an above-average level of determination while finding cheerfulness in adversity.

Even though he had an almost romantic relationship with adversity, Marko never had indications about actively putting himself into an adverse situation. In fact, if was not for the fact that his instincts are to endure physical hardships, he sought to avoid them. In close-quarter training, he showed no signs that he enjoyed himself until it got to the point where the more Marko was in trouble, the more he desired it to fuel his will to survive. As soon as the threat no longer existed as a threat, he wanted to heal his opponent rather than to commit to the final act. His surgeon instructors also commented that the challenges of surgery under fire made many cadets uncomfortable. Yet, with Marko, it only focused his attention because deep in his heart, he remembered what the doctors did for his mother, and that's what fueled that part of him. Needless to say, he was given a pass for all of the evaluations; all that waited for him was to be sent to his final exam to see what kind of physician Marko really was.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Medical
Academy Minor(s): Surgery
Hobbies and Pastimes: Hunting, and doing impossible challenges.
Short-Term Goals: Find a best friend on his assignment that he can be himself with.
Long-Term Goals: Return to his mates and offspring to see if they still view him as their father.
Personality: Very outgoing and sociable, often will do impossible challenges for the sake of the torture it involves. But, like others of Marko's species, he does his absolute best never to be rude, no matter the circumstances.
Sense of Humor: Very open, sometimes dark, often times masochistic.
Phobias: None.
Likes: All of the different cultures and beliefs of the various populations of the Galaxy.
Dislikes: People who make Jurassic Park references to him or call him "Chomper."
Pet Peeves or Gripes: He hates when people refuse to learn about other cultures based on ignorance and laziness.
Bad Habits or Vices: He gets way too excited over the possibility of being under extreme physical or mental stress to the point of desiring more.
Achievements: Becoming one of the few of his kind to join Star Fleet.
Disappointments: Having to leave his adopted family behind to join Star Fleet.
Illnesses: None.
Strengths: A genuine do-or-die attitude that matches his physical strength and toughness.
Weaknesses: He is a sucker for humans with the genetic stereotype of "gingers."
Fears: Failing in his duties.
Prejudices: Prize Hunters.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Whatever fits his stature.
Distinguishing Features: A walking and talking dinosaur-looking creature is not easy to miss. Structurally speaking he is the average height and weight of the average height and weight of his kind.
Pets: None.
Friends: A boy named Shelly Jennings, Lieutenant JG, Star Fleet Academy Staff.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Watching all of his Earthling childhood friends go off to the Academy without him. They were the only ones who accepted Marko for what he was biologically and wanted to play with that did not involve hunting or demonstrating his prowess as an Alpha. Being sociable and having friends is something Marko has always wanted. In a blink of an eye, all of that was taken away from him. He hated being separated by those who he loved, even if fate and duty said otherwise.
Best Time: The best time was when his best friend, a boy named Shelly Jennings, then a Lieutenant JG, and his family joined Marko and his family over for the first spring break for the first time. Shelly's children were all young as well, and many of them, including Marko's father, all enjoyed a week of fun. Darcani would watch all of the children while the parents would go to the beaches and enjoy their time together. It was curious to many to watch Marko being with two females, but they did not find it different. In fact, they were surprised humans only chose one mate. It did not take long after that explanation that eventually, the two mates of Marko and the wife of Shelly to join in a trio of spousal dominance. Shelly felt lucky; Marko got it in stereo.
Most Crucial Experience: When Marko was in the Academy, there was one cadet who really did not like Marko. That Cadet went by the name of Park Quin-Jun, otherwise known as John. John would always tease Marko to the point to where it was downright bullying. Insults were thrown, strange looks were given, and all kinds of manner of spreading rumors and slander about Cadet Marko Yeet. His friends, who were very protective of their over-sized companion, wanted to press charges against the Cadet, but Marko always refused to press any charges. During a trip to the Sahara on a desert survival course, Marko was partnered up with John, who opted to go his own way instead of being anywhere around Marko. After making his way to the next check point and not seeing any trace of John, Marko went looking for him. The much older Cadet turned back and found John about three hours in the wrong direction. Even though John had treated him subhuman, Marko treated him for dehydration and sent up an emergency distress signal to get John evacuated right away. When asked by the other cadets why he saved John’s life, Marko only had one response. “I’m a healer, he’s a patient, it’s my duty.”
Role Model: His father, Darian. It was expected for the males to tend to the young. Darian took that as his vocation in life. Raising Marko alone was enough to satisfy honor as Darian was a Gamma. But the fact that Marko would, later on, be acknowledged as an Alpha, have not one but two mates and two loving grandchildren who he can raise on his Star Fleet officer's son's behalf, and still have the same fatherly pride as always gave Marko a sense of pride. It was not from an egotistical sense, but rather proud of his father that it always sends Marko into tears whenever he thinks about it too long. Darian never gave up on him, no matter how much it pained him nor the amount of suffering he endured. It was always that thought that always made Marko question why he was a masochist. Perhaps it was because no matter how much Darian suffered from the loss of his mate, he still was able to smile and express the kind of love and caring that Marko would always strive for.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 22107.03 Graduate Graduate
Medical Officer USS Geronimo, CR-75250 22107.04 Midshipman Midshipman

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