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Richard “Rich” Mapp
Mapp 6.jpg
Career Occupation
Acquisition Specialist, Counterterrorism Operative
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
1/2 Human, 1.2 Klingon
188 cm (6 ft. 2 in.)
93 kg (205 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Black to Medium Brown -- Naturally Black
Short, just long enough to run a comb through on top. Varies depending on mission needs.
Solid, muscular but not overtly bulky.
Tanned, similar to an Arab.
Facial Hair:
Normally clean shaven, varies based on mission needs.
Orotund Baritone, very smooth. No discernable accent in the languages he speaks.
Familial Relationships
Mapp (Klingon), deceased Star Date 18310.23
Helena Petrovak (Human), deceased Star Date 18310.23
Status of Parents:
Both killed during an attack on Bajor when the family was visiting there. Richard was present and witnessed the entire incident.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Born of Helena Petrovak, a Terran school teacher and Mapp, a Klingon archeologist of a dishonored house, Richard spent his early years traveling the Alpha quadrant with his parents and a group of scientists on a ship that was exploring ancient ruins in a sector in the Cardassian DMZ.

When Richard was 7 years old, he and his family were visiting Bajor when there was a terrorist attack by a group allegedly made up of Cardassians. In this attack both of his parents were killed in front if him, his mother dying as he hovered over her.

Richard was then taken in by a man named Haen Ri, a Bajoran who ‘adopted’ him into his family. The ‘family’ was more of an organization. They trained operatives for a number of planetary governments and regional powers. Richard spent the next ten years being trained in all manner of security systems, asset elimination, and covert methods of acquiring the tools needed to get needed supplies and equipment.

He never actually ‘graduated’ but was recruited when he was 17 years old by an operative of Section 31. He spent the next 12 years working around the alpha and beta quadrants as a professional assassin and troubleshooter. His jobs varied from disrupting organizations by diverting their supplies and disrupting their resources to eliminating leaders of some of the groups. He never once operated to eliminate a head of state or high-ranking official, but he was known to help topple a few regimes by helping to prop up their opponents or perhaps weaken certain aspects of their own organizations.

That all changed when he met Melanie Nicole O’Malley, a reporter for FNN, during an operation. They fell in love and it was a wild romance that led to their being married a year later. Melanie was not a fan of Richard’s being an in-field operative, and as a result his activities were curbed somewhat. He was finally considering settling down and maybe getting a ‘desk job’. The two even got a pet dog. And on Star Date 20707.08, Melanie told him that she was pregnant. The two were going to settle down and start a family.

But Richard had made many enemies, and one day when the two were arriving home from an appointment with Melanie’s doctor, unknown to them an assassin lay in wait. Richard was a very cautious person. Their personal aircars were armored, the house had limited shielding, and he was constantly checking the area for threats.

But on this day Richard’s defenses were low. He wasn’t expecting an attack. And that’s exactly why it happened.

Richard entered his home through the front door while his wife collected her things in the aircar. He decided to head out the back door to walk along the shoreline near their North Carolina home, to relax. He had just closed the door when it happened.

The house exploded, sending a fireball into the sky. The house was decimated and Richard woke up in a hospital bed--several days later. He was informed about the ‘accident’, and the death of his wife and unborn child. There appeared to be little evidence as to the cause of the explosion and Star Fleet ruled it strictly as an accidental incident. The case was closed.

However Richard’s friend, Anton Foreman, a man who Richard worked with and considered a close friend, had checked over the area personally and found some discrepancies in the story. He showed Richard what he found and this put Richard, quite literally, on the warpath. He has spent the past three years tracking down everyone associated with the attack, and systematically eliminating them.

Richard is a man who will work very closely and be fully committed to the job. His only distraction is that he is also on the hunt for the people who caused the destruction of his life, and this is what ultimately brought him into contact with the SIS team. It seems that they are looking for some of the same people; and Richard’s skills in ‘bartering’ (and smuggling) are what brought him here...

Personality Profile

Hobbies and Pastimes: Swimming, running/jogging, hiking, outdoor activities.
Short-Term Goals: Find out who was responsible for the death of his wife, and deliver ‘justice’.
Long-Term Goals: Track down those responsible for the death of his parents (it’s been a goal of his since he was a child), deliver ‘justice’, and then find a nice place to retire.
Personality: Somewhat dry and stoic.
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic, but friendly.
Dislikes: Anyone who hurts innocents. Terrorism of any type.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Anyone who does not look him in the eye when speaking is immediately suspect.
Achievements: Surviving as long as he has as a ‘lone wolf’.
Disappointments: The loss of his wife, unborn child, and dog... namely the fact that he didn’t prevent it.
Illnesses: None of note.
Strengths: A very single minded focus on accomplishing his objectives. Excellent strength due to his heritage.
Weaknesses: Probably not the smartest analytical mind, and has a tendency, because of his lone wolf background, to not think of others.
Fears: Dying in his sleep, or being killed without seeing his killer.
Prejudices: Cardassians
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Comfortable, sweats, t-shirts, running shoes, usually in grays.
Distinguishing Features: A very thin scar from just below his left ear almost to his throat. Because he is not an Imperial Klingon but an augment, he looks human.
Pets: None. His only pet ever was a golden retriever named “Shirley” who died 4 years ago.
Friends: Anton Foreman, a man he’s known for about 6 years.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing his wife and unborn child, four years ago.
Best Time: His marriage to Melanie Nicole O'Malley
Most Crucial Experience: The death of his parents, which resulted in his ‘unique’ childhood and training.

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