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Average Male Height:
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.) to 203 cm (6 ft. 8 in.)
Average Male Weight:
81.6 kg (180 lb.) to 127 kg (280 lb.)
Average Female Height:
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.) to 203 cm (6 ft. 8 in.)
Average Female Weight:
81.6 kg (180 lb.) to 127 kg (280 lb.)
Minimum Academy Age:
Life Expectancy:
Distinctive Features:
PRC Rated:
NPC Rated:

A Malurian in the process of being unmasked
A Malurian starship
Malurian script

The Malurians were a warp-capable humanoid species originating from the planet Malur in the Alpha Quadrant. They are believed to be extinct.


Malurians were humanoids with a reptilian-like appearance. Their tough, thick skin was coated in scales, some of which were lighter in color than the rest of their scales and were arranged in slightly more prominent rows to delineate bone structure. Their eyes were either gray or cobalt blue, and their scales had a dusty gray coloration to them. Due to the fact that the Malurians encountered by the Federation were wearing full-body disguises, it is difficult to ascertain any other distinguishing features they may have possessed.


The Malurians were a warp-capable species who were almost certainly more technologically advanced than Humans by the middle of the 22nd century. They employed large and heavily armed starships which were equipped with several weapons platforms. These starships were capable of firing up to ten charges at once. As well as weapons, Malurian starships were equipped with deflector shields, tractor beams and transporters, and carried shuttlecraft which were able to safely execute atmospheric entry.

In addition to starship technology, the Malurians had also developed dampening fields, long-range communicators, force field generators, and sophisticated mining techniques and equipment involving antimatter reactors.

To protect their alien identities when interacting with other species, the Malurians employed extremely convincing full-body suits which made them appear to be of a different species. These suits were virtually indistinguishable from real skin. Their composition and nature is unknown, but they could be cracked open under the application of sufficient force, falling away from the Malurian's body to reveal the true appearance underneath.


The Malurians were believed to have visited a number of other worlds once they became warp-capable and began exploring the galaxy, though the vast majority of the species remained on their home planet of Malur.

Around halfway through the 22nd century, a group of Malurians discovered a class M planet inhabited by a pre-industrial civilisation called the Akaali. This planet was rich in a veridium isotope which the Malurians used in the manufacture of explosives, so they decided to secretly infiltrate the society to enable them to set up a mining operation there. They were successful, hiding the antimatter reactor they employed to mine the veridium within a dampening field beneath a curio shop that the most senior Malurian used as a cover. However, over the months that followed, the unaware local Akaali began to fall ill. Believing a plague had struck their civilisation, the local people slowly started to die off.

In truth, the Akaali were being poisoned by their water supply, which had become contaminated with tetracyanate 622, a toxic industrial lubricant used by the Malurians in their secret mining operation. The Malurians didn't concern themselves with this, until their presence was discovered by an away team from the Enterprise, NX-01, a Star Fleet exploration vessel. The Malurians quickly sent a starship of their own to destroy the Enterprise, but were driven off themselves when the Enterprise transported the antimatter reactor into space and blew it up, taking out the Malurians shields with it. The Malurians swiftly abandoned the Akaali system while the Enterprise crew removed the last traces of the mining operation and provided the Akaali with a cure for the disease the Malurians had caused.

Over a century later, Malur was under observation by a Federation Science team. When this team lost contact with the planet, they sent out a distress call which was answered by the latest ship to carry the name Enterprise. Upon arriving in the Malurian system, they encountered an Earth probe named Nomad which had been launched in the early 21st century. Nomad had encountered an alien probe in deep space and the two units merged together, forming a powerful but faulty construct, intent on destroying anything it perceived as imperfect, which included organic lifeforms. The Enterprise established that upon entering the Malurian system, Nomad wiped out the four billion inhabitants of Malur and the three other planets the Malurians occupied in the system.

Though it is known that the Malurians had travelled to planets outside their own system more than a century before their system was destroyed by Nomad, the Federation seemed to believe that the species had been entirely eradicated at that time, and since they were studying the Malurians during this period it seems likely that they would have been aware of Malurian colonies based outside the system. Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume that the Malurians are officially classified as an extinct species.